'Mr, Negativity and Other Tales of Supernatural Law' ships this November

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[Mr. Negativity]"What-Me, Negative? Yeah, Right."

We all know someone like him: a person who is able to see the dark lining in any fluffy white cloud, someone who can put a damper on any celebration. But this particular guy has such an extremely negative attitude that he begins to actually repel everything and everyone around him.

Meet "Mr. Negativity," one of the most challenging clients yet for the law firm of Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre. This character is featured in the title story from Exhibit A Press's new trade paperback collection: Mr, Negativity and Other Tales of Supernatural Law, by Batton Lash, scheduled to ship in November.

This collection, the first from Exhibit A in two years, is in the same classy format as Sonovawitch! And Other Tales of Supernatural Law and The Vampire Brat, And Other Tales of Supernatural Law.

Mr. Negativity collects issues 31-36 of Supernatural Law and issue 3 of Mavis, World's Greatest Secretary. Lash was nominated for the 2003 Harvey Special Award for Humor for the issues in this collection, and Supernatural Law #35 was nominated for Best Single Issue. That issue features a critically acclaimed silent story, "Words Can't Do IT Justice."

Among the other stories in the collection are "Trail of the Trial of the Mummy," in which Wolff & Byrd travel to a small Nevada gambling town where a mummy has come to life in a casino; "Huberis, the Dybbuk," in which a misogynistic demon gets religion and sues to be accepted at a church; and "The Co-Inkydinks," in which Wolff & Byrd must enter the dreams of comatose horror writer Steven Gink. In the added bonus Mavis issue, the firm's secretary splits into three personas, creating a few identity issues to say the least!

Supernatural Law has been called "a comic for people who don't read comics." As Exhibit A editor and co-publisher Jackie Estrada notes, "The self-contained stories in the series appeal to people who like a good read, with great plot twists, interesting characters, wacky humor, and satirical pokes at pop culture. And people who have followed the series for years enjoy the 'back story' of the characters' personal lives."

Estrada also notes that the issues in this collection are the first in which the graytones were "Photoshopped." Prior to issue 33, Lash used the traditional "zip-a-tone" method for laying in patterns and tones. For this book, he has gone back and "remastered" the tones for Mavis #3 and issues 31 and 32 as well.

Mr. Negativity sports an introduction by Tom DeHaven, author of the cult favorite Dugan trilogy of novels that take place in the world of comics and pop culture: Funny Pages, Derby Dugan's Depression Funnies, and Dugan Underground. The 196-page book lists at $15.95. More information can be found at www.exhibitapress.com.

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