Marvel Releases First Covers, Art for Mr. and Mrs. X

With X-Men Gold #30's "Wedding of the Century" finally in stores today, Marvel Comics has revealed its previously solicited X-Classified title to be Mr. and Mrs. X, starring Gambit and Rogue married in holy matrimony.

Now, the publisher has provided a first look at upcoming covers and interior art for Mr. and Mrs. X #1-3, along with creator bios for writer Kelly Thompson (Hawkeye, Rogue and Gambit) and artist Oscar Bazaldua (Spider-Man, Star Wars: Rogue One).

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The big wedding twist was spoiled a day before the Wednesday release of X-Men Gold #30, as Kitty Pryde decided not to go through with her nuptials to Colossus. The issue's surprise came when Gambit took the opportunity to propose to his longtime on-and-off girlfriend, Rogue, who said yes.

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Thompson recently penned the adventures of the newlywed couple in the Rogue and Gambit miniseries, which explored their previous relationship and set the stage for Gambit's surprise proposal in X-Men Gold #30. Bazaldua's interior art for Mr. and Mrs. X show the couple's first issue will include an outer space adventure.

Mr. and Mrs. X debuts in July from Marvel Comics.

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