MPAA Vs. Beastie Boy Over R Rating For Holocaust Doc

Has the Motion Picture Association of America gone too far in protecting America's youth from documentary A Film Unfinished? In giving the movie about the holocaust an R-rating, they've unleashed the fury of Beastie Boy Adam Yauch.

Yauch, founder of Oscilloscope Laboratories, Unfinished's US distributor, was clearly upset by the MPAA's decision:

This is too important of a historical document to ban from classrooms. While there’s no doubt that Holocaust atrocities are displayed, if teachers feel their students are ready to understand what happened, it’s essential that young people are given the opportunity to see this film. Why deny them the chance to learn about this critical part of our human history? I understand that the MPAA wants to protect children’s eyes from things that are too overwhelming, but they’ve really gone too far this time. It's bullshit.

In response, an MPAA spokesman offered up a boilerplate statement:

The Board’s role is to apply ratings based on the level of content in the context of the film. The appeals process is part of the system and is in place for filmmakers who disagree with the Board’s assessment.

A Film Unfinished, an award-winning documentary about a Nazi propaganda film about Jewish life in a Polish ghetto, will be released in New York later this month.

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