Movers And Shakers: 15 Comics Characters Who Literally Move The Earth

Rockslide fighting the Hulk

Geokinesis, sometimes referred to as terrakinesis, is the ability to control the Earth with one’s mind. This could manifest itself as the ability to control dirt, stone, sand and/or lava. These characters can create vast pillars of stone, instant cracks in the ground, make stone golems, release tidal waves of lava, engulf people in sand and more. They are attuned to the soil beneath our feet and are able to control it at will. Other characters on this list might be able to change the Earth through the use of gadgets and devices.

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This list features both heroes and villains who are able to manipulate the Earth. It is the character’s skill in manipulating the land around them that determined their placement. Each person on the list demonstrates supreme skill transforming what’s under their feet. These are the characters who truly rock!

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Elysion DC Legion of Super Heroes
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Elysion DC Legion of Super Heroes

Born on a planet full of criminals, outlaws and prisoners, Elysion became one of the top soldiers in the dangerous group known as Terra Firma. Since Elysion was gifted with the powers to manipulate the Earth, he was the perfect choice to lead the Terra Firma squadron on their missions to terraform planets. His team would alter the landscape of these planets to prepare them to be invaded by his leader Praetor Lemnos.

Elysion was thwarted on several occasions by members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, including Lightning Lad, Shadow Lass, Atom Girl, Saturn Girl and Braniac 5. On one such occasion, Braniac 5 and Atom Girl defeated Elysion by playing his strengths against him. Braniac 5 threw a rock at Elysion who, naturally, shook off the attack. However, Atom Girl was hidden inside the rock and expanded to full size to surprise Elysion and take him out of commission.


Terrax Marvel Comics

Terrax, originally known as Tyros, was a dictator of a moon city in the far reaches of space. He came to power because of his control over stone. He could create golems that would patrol the city and do his bidding. Tyros caught the attention of Galactus and was soon recruited by way of the Fantastic Four to be a herald for the Devourer of Worlds. Galactus then rewarded Tyros with the Power Cosmic.

Now a herald for Galactus, Tyros’ power was increased to unfathomable levels. He changed names from Tyros to Terrax the Tamer and, for a time, was Galactus’ best herald. He conquered world after world after world, but Terrax had no loyalty to Galactus. Terrax’s natural evil disposition caused him to defect from Galactus. However, this caused Terrax to temporarily lose his godly powers over rock and stone. On separate occasions, he regained his power through Doctor Doom and Phoenix.


Doc Seismic Image Invincible

In the pages of "Invincible," Doc Seismic was a C-list villain who battled with the titular hero. His arm gauntlets emitted energy waves that mimicked the effect of an earthquake. In one battle, he and Invincible fell into a crack in the Earth. Due to Doc Seismic’s large ego, he chose death over being defeated by Invincible – someone he considered inferior to him. He used his gauntlets to break the rock that was keeping him from falling to his doom.

After Doc Seismic’s apparent death, he fell into an underground cavern and became the leader of a group of lava monsters. His new life as the ruler of Magmanites fed his enormous ego to the point where he thanked Invincible for sending him underground. Most recently, Doc Seismic was forced by Volcanikka into a transformation of mere man to superpowered foe with control over lava. In addition to his new lava powers Doc Seismic now found himself able to manipulate fire.


Dust Marvel Comics

First appearing in "New X-Men" #133, Sooraya Qadir, codename Dust, is a mutant who was born in Afghanistan. She was rescued from slavery by Wolverine and Fantomex and later enrolled Xavier Institute. Over the years, Dust helped her fellow X-Men by battling against William Stryker, Nimrod, Skrulls, and even entered the arena against the Incredible Hulk! After the tumultuous "Schism" event that divided X-Man against fellow X-Man, Dust followed Cyclops and was assigned to keep the streets of San Francisco safe.

Sooraya’s mutant power allows her to turn every single molecule in her body into grains of sand. She can spread herself across large swaths of land while still retaining her intellectual faculties. When she is in her sand form, she can release a devastating sand blast that can rip the flesh from a person’s body or even destroy metal! Dust gains increased power to block telepathic abilities and magic while she is in her sand form as well.


Petra Marvel X Men

When Petra was a child, her family was killed in a horrific rockslide accident. Petra was mysteriously spared any injuries. After the accident, Petra was shuffled from foster home to foster home. She ran away and would hone her powers by creating caverns with her powers for shelter. Petra was discovered and bailed out of jail by Moira MacTaggert. She was then sent to rescue several X-Men on the mutant island Krakoa. Unfortunately she was killed in action on the rescue mission.

Petra’s skill in geokinesis was vast, as she could control dirt, stone, lava and sand. She could make weapons out of stone, create dust clouds and entrap people inside pieces of rock. Petra could even fly by standing on top of a rock and lifting the rock through the air. Using her powers, she could create earthquakes or change the consistency of the Earth from solid to liquid and back again.


Crystal Marvel Inhumans

Debuting in "Fantastic Four" #45 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Crystal is the younger sister to the Inhuman Queen Medusa. When she was a child, she was forced to flee from her home and search for her missing, amnesiac sister. Crystal was involved in an on-again, off-again relationship with Quicksilver. She even had a daughter with the speedster named Luna. Years later, Crystal was forced to take Ronan the Accuser’s hand in marriage as a political gesture to form an alliance between the Krees and Inhumans. She soon became a beloved leader even though she was initially against the marriage.

Crystal holds power over the four base elements of air, water, fire, and Earth. As a geokinetic, she can create earthquakes that go quite high on the Richter scale. Her power over soil even extends to being able to manipulate the metals naturally found in the earth. Crystal has even demonstrated that she can lift up an entire city, Attilan, for short periods of time.


Magma Marvel

As a child, Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla, also known as Alison Crestmere, was thrown into a pool of lava. This caused her mutant power to activate. Later in life, she was found by the New Mutants team and brought to be part of their school. Magma primarily was on the New Mutants team, but briefly was part of the Hellions and Young X-Men. A recurring issue she must deal with is whether her true identity is Amara or Alison, because she eventually learned that she, along with everyone else in her hometown, was actually mind-wiped by Selene.

Magma’s powers allow her to have the utmost control over molten rock and can cause tremors in the ground. She can bring forth lava from deep in the Earth’s core. In order for her to use the full extent of her powers, she transforms into an energy form that looks like living lava. Amara is able to create fire balls out of lava and can even heal her own wounds by self-cauterizing.


Red Volcano DC

Created by evil masterminds Professor Ivo and T.O. Morrow, Red Volcano is one of four android siblings. The other three include Red Torpedo, Red Inferno and Red Tornado. Red Volcano was initially created to help Ivo bring to life the golem known as Genocide. Red Volcano is a ruthless robot who tortures and murders anyone who gets in the way of his goals. He even killed the adoptive parents of Red Inferno and decimated the town Inferno was living in.

Red Volcano wears a cape that is made of molten rock. As his name suggests, Red Volcano has the power to force volcanoes to erupt. As with most of the other entries on this list, he can move and shape the ground at will. The merciless android is also able to generate massive amounts of heat, can fly and possesses a genius mind. His robot form gives him super strength and invulnerability to most attacks.


Rockslide fighting the Hulk

Not much is known about Santo Vaccarro before he enrolled in the Xavier Institute. However, he proved himself to be a reliable and valuable hero and eventually became a full member of the X-Men. Rockslide heroically tried to fight against Hulk during the classic "World War Hulk" epic, but was bested in battle. During a rescue mission to save Magik, Rockslide reformed himself into a magma creature who was resistant to magical effects.

Unlike other characters on this list, Rockslide is unique in that his physical being is comprised of rock and stone. He is a psychic entity who uses rocks to keep the shape of the body he chooses. There have been instances in which Rockslide’s body is destroyed, but he is able to reassemble himself back together. He can throw stones from his body as projectiles as well as cause a bodily explosion in offensive maneuvers. Rockslide also is gifted with superhuman strength and durability.


Geo-Force DC

Brion Markov was part of the royal family ruling over the country of Markovia. After his father, King Viktor, was killed, Brion was given superpowers to fight against those attacking his country. During this battle, Brion was discovered by Batman. Brion later joined the Outsiders where Batman trained him to become a true superhero. Over the years, Geo-Force would join various incarnations of the Outsiders and briefly was on the Justice League roster. Brion is the half-brother to Terra, who in turn is most famous for her role in the classic "Judas Contract" storyline in "Teen Titans."

Geo-Force is a master of many forms of geokinesis and Earth manipulation. If he suffers injuries in battle, Brion can envelope himself in lava and soil to heal his wounds. In addition to controlling lava, dirt and stone, he is also able to control the Earth’s gravitational field. Geo-Force can create force fields, make objects more dense, and even fly because of his control over gravity. His use of gravity even gives him super strength and durability.


Rictor X-Men

When Julio Esteban Richter was a child, his mutant powers activated and he leveled several city blocks. He was kidnapped by an anti-mutant terrorist group who tortured him and gave him the name Rictor. The X-Factor team was able to save Rictor from his captors, and they invited Julio to join their team. He accepted and became a loyal and trusted member of X-Factor for many years. Rictor was one of the majority of mutants who lost his powers after Scarlet Witch initiated M-Day. He has since regained his powers.

Rictor is a terrakinetic with a specialty in causing seismic waves. He can create massive earthquakes that emanate out of his fingertips. The seismic energy he produces can effect inorganic and organic matter in the same way. This contrasts with many of the other characters on this list who can only control inorganic matter like lava or dirt. Rictor is also known to be a proficient hand-to-hand fighter.


Avalanche Marvel X-Men

Dominikos Petrakis was discovered and recruited by Mystique to be part of the Brotherhood of Mutants. The first mission he was part of was to kill Senator Robert Kelly. Afterwards, he was part of the government-sponsored Freedom Force team who engaged in black ops missions. During the events of "X-Men: Schism," Avalanche was offered a chance to redeem himself and join the Jean Grey school, but declined. Most recently, Avalanche was lobotomized by Red Skull and forced to go on a mindless destruction-filled rampage.

In many ways, Avalanche is the evil counter to Rictor. Avalanche is also a mutant who controls seismic waves that create earthquakes or cause objects to shatter. He has honed his skill to such a degree that he can push objects around without breaking them. His powers also allow him to create tidal waves out of bodies of water. Avalanche is even able to use his seismic waves as a mode of transportation.


Sandman Marvel Spider-Man

William Baker, more commonly known as Flint Marko, was a petty criminal who found himself caught in an accident involving nuclear radiation. The effects of this radiation gave him the ability to change every part of his body into sand. Soon Sandman graduated to becoming a full-time super villain. He is one of Spider-Man’s oldest and most dangerous foes and was one of the charter members of the Sinister Six.

Sandman is one of the most supremely powerful geokinetics in the Marvel universe. His control over sand allows him to become super strong and dense. He can also create clones out of sand to do his fighting. On top of this, he is famously able to transform his appendages into different weapons like hooks or clubs. Sandman is also able to produce violent blasts of sand and gather sand to make himself giant. Recently, he has honed his skill to such a degree that he can turn into glass.


Daisy Johnson Quake Marvel Inhuman Secret Avengers

Early on in life, Daisy Johnson was unaware who her real parents were. After an incident that activated her powers, Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. debriefed her on her true lineage: she was the daughter of an Inhuman! Daisy proved herself over and over again to be one of the top agents working in S.H.I.E.L.D. Daisy is a fan-favorite character currently portrayed by Chloe Bennet on "Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." television show.

Daisy, also known as Quake, has the power to create earthquakes in inanimate objects and living organic materials. In one instance, she used her powers to vibrate Wolverine’s heart and make it explode. While Quake does use arm bands to aid in her powers, she can cause earthquakes without the use of them as well. Her Inhuman ancestry gives her super-powered speed, strength and reflexes. As a long-time agent working for S.H.I.E.L.D., she is an expert in spy craft.


Terra DC Teen Titans

Tara Markov is the half-sister to Brion Markov, Geo-Force. Much like her brother, Tara, was given her geokinetic powers through scientific experimentation. Tara was sent away from Markovia to live in the United States because she was the illegitimate daughter of the king. Due to the traumatic experience of being rejected by her family, Tara soon found herself working for Deathstroke the Terminator. Acting as a double agent, she infiltrated the Teen Titans organization. After being seemingly betrayed by Deathstroke, Terra collapsed an entire building complex on herself. Despite her treachery, she was still celebrated in the Titans Tower. She is one of the more tragic figures in the DC Comics universe.

Terra wields supreme, expert control over all the elements in the ground. She is able to manipulate the soil in almost every single way other characters on this list can. Terra can make constructs out of rock, cause earthquakes, erupt volcanoes, move lava and even create portals in the Earth. It is her robust and varied skill that makes her the best and most powerful geokinetic character in comics.

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