Move over chromium: Check out the googly-eyes-enhanced cover for the new anti-Michele Bachmann comic

Finally, a cover gimmick that Real Americans can get behind. That eye-catching image above is of the cover to False Witness! The Michele Bachmann Story #4. Written by Bill Prendergast with art by Kevin Cannon, Danno Klanowski, Lupi McGinty, and James Powell, it's the latest in a series of satirical takedowns of the Minnesota Republican Congressperson, mostly using her own outlandish quotes as ammo. This issue focuses on her religious views, and as such it features the disembodied head of Jesus Christ floating around like the Wizard of Oz with actual plastic googly eyes pasted on top. God Bless America!

The issue retails for $4 and can be purchased at BiasedLiberalMedia.com, but be warned: Only the first 500 copies will be googly-eye-enhanced. (Via Talking Points Memo, who have an extensive review.)

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