Mousers attack in Mondo's TMNT action figure series

As fantastic-looking as Mondo's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1/6th-scale action figures are, they've been missing something: enemies. However, that changes with the introduction of the Mousers.

Longtime fans of the franchise will recall that the Mousers were introduced by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird as the robotic creations of Dr. Baxter Stockman, intended to seek out and destroy sewer rats. However, his assistant April O'Neill discovers that the bipedal mechanical terrors are actually being used to tunnel into banks and clean out their vaults.

The Mousers have since appeared in animated series and video games, and now here they are in the Mondo TMNT line.

Standing about 4 inches tall and featuring 20 points of articulation, the jawed menaces come in packs of two, priced at $50. Mondo is also offering a $55 exclusive version, available for just 48 hours (ending Wednesday), which comes with three miniature rat figures (Crawling Rat, Standing Rat, and Dead Rat).

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