"Mouse Guard" Continues Sell Outs

Official Press Release

Fort Lee, NJ -- Jun 30, 2006 -- Archaia Studios Press (ASP) announces today that both the 2nd printing of MOUSE GUARD #1 and the 1st printing of MOUSE GUARD #2 have sold out. This brings the total number of #1's sold to 13,000 copies. Issue #2, which had a print run of 10,000, sold out in about two weeks. MOUSE GUARD #3 arrived in stores in the first week of June and is close to blowing through its 13,000-copy print run. Fans and retailers will be happy to know a 3rd printing of MOUSE GUARD #1 will be in stores the week of July 10 and a new printing of #2 is in the June 21 Diamond Dateline Previews Plus.

"You know," said creator David Petersen, "I can't thank retailers and fans enough for buying and enjoying my labor of love. MOUSE GUARD took many years to come to fruition and it's a pleasure to see such a positive response to something I've worked so hard on. I hope as the series continues and the traitorous plot is revealed that readers' enjoyment will continue. I know I'm enjoying telling the guardsmice story."

"We're very fortunate to have such a wonderful book as MOUSE GUARD," said Mark Smylie, publisher at ASP. "As a relatively new publisher of other creators' work, it's a thrill to come out of the gate with such a small-press hit. And we're excited that interest in and growth of MOUSE GUARD is ever increasing. With the success of MOUSE GUARD and our other titles like the Harvey Award-nominated THE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS, we're quite pleased with how ASP is growing. Thank you to our fans and supporters!"

MOUSE GUARD is the story of a band of mice trying to survive in a hostile medieval world, to prosper among harsh conditions and vicious predators. In the 1st issue, we met three members of the Mouse Guard on a mission to find a grain peddler who has disappeared on his journey from one protected mouse hold to another. In MOUSE GUARD #2, while Guards Saxon, Kenzie & Lieam are off searching for the missing grain mouse, another of the Guard, Sadie, is dispatched to a shore outpost of the mice territories. Conrad, the mouse posted there, has failed to stay in touch with the outside world for far too long…

And in issue #3, as Saxon, Kenzie & Lieam move on to Barkstone, the map-holding grain peddler's destination, they hold hope that what appears to be a traitorous plot against Lockhaven is little more than a…misunderstanding. Unaware of information Sadie carries with her to Lockhaven, or of the fate of fellow Guard Conrad, Saxon, Kenzie and Lieam find themselves in a city where they are not the law, where they can trust no one, and where bad soon turns to worse.

Each issue of Mouse Guard releases bi-monthly and is 24-pages, full color, 8"x 8" and retails for $3.50. It is recommended for ages 10+.


Mark Smylie founded Archaia Studios Press (ASP) in 2002 as the home for his epic fantasy comic book, Artesia. Artesia ($24.95, ISBN: 1-932386-00-9), winner of ForeWord Magazine's Best Graphic Novel of 2003, and its sequels -- Artesia Afield ($24.95, ISBN: 1-932386-02-5) and Artesia Afire ($24.95, ISBN: 1-932386-08-4) -- are available at finer bookstores and comic book shops everywhere. Artesia: Adventures in The Known World (ISBN: 1-932386-10-6, $39.95, full-color), a new RPG based on Mark's creation, expanded ASP into the world of gaming. In 2005, Mark expanded ASP to publish a line of creator-owned titles, including Robotika (by Alex Sheikman), Mouse Guard (by David Petersen) and The Lone and Level Sands (by A. David Lewis and Marvin Perry Mann). More information can be found at http://www.aspcomics.com.

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