Mouse Guard #4 - No Time to Catch Your Breath

David Petersen pulls off an interesting trick with the latest issue of his series, Mouse Guard (from Archaia Studios Press), as he manages to put out an issue that is basically exposition for the overall tale (which involves traitorous mice putting together a secret army), but also managing to fill the issue with some interesting action. It's difficult to do, and Petersen does it well, and when you couple that with his always excellent artwork, this is yet another strong issue of Mouse Guard.

In this issue, the bad guys had trussed up two of our three main Mouse Guard members, Kenzie and Saxon, and left them for dead. A strange hermit named Celaware, though dragged the two mice to his home to interrogate them.

Meanwhile, the third member, Lieam, has disguised himself as a member of the bad guys to see what their plans are.

Celaware and Kenzie and Saxon have great interactions, especially seeing Kenzie and Saxon try to find a way out of their situation. Like any good soldier, they try to use anything they can turn into a weapon. It's a bit over the top what happens to Celaware's home, but the basic interactions (and just regular action!) were quite good.

Lieam, meanwhile, I had a slight problem with. As I don't mind him being discovered, but the way in which he was discovered just seemed dumb, like Lieam was just a dummy - which he isn't (I would have preferred him just doing something reckless). However, I love the mystery of the bad guy. I have my bet about who it is (and I think other readers of this series are probably guessing the same thing), and if so, it is a nice idea.

All in all, yet another strong issue of Mouse Guard, but, of course, always the greatest thing about the series is Petersen's artwork, and it is quite excellent once again.

Buy this series, people!!

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