The 10 Most Powerful WildStorm Characters Ever Created

When Image Comics was formed in the 90s by former Marvel superstar artists, each founder created their own imprint and universe to feature their own characters and stories. Jim Lee created the WildStorm universe, whose name is derived from its two biggest teams (at the time) - the WildC.A.T.S. and StormWatch.

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When Lee became the Co-Publisher of DC Comics, he brought the WildStorm universe of characters with him, though they haven't hit as well in the DCU as they did with Image Comics. So since The Wild Storm continues to grow in the DC Rebirth era, we'll be taking a look at 10 of the most powerful WildStorm characters ever created.


After DC's Flashpoint event launched the New 52, the reboot merged aspects of the DC, WildStorm, Vertigo, and Milestone universes into a new shared continuity. One of the first WildStorm characters to appear in the regular DC titles was actually a villain of the previously mentioned WildC.A.T.S. team - Helspont.

Helspont was introduced as the leader of the alien Daemonite army and put up against Superman, who he gave a concussion too with a backhand. Helspont is incredibly powerful due to his possession of an alien Acurian body, which grants him super-strength, durability, and enhanced psionic abilities that made him a match for the strongest character in the DCU.


Mr Majestic

Mister Majestic was created by Jim Lee and writer H.K. Proger, and is pretty much the most obvious Superman pastiche of the WildStorm universe, though his moral compass is not comparable to the Big Blue Boy Scouts. Still, Majestic was once considered the most powerful character in the WildStorm universe.

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Majestic is a High Lord of the alien Kherubim race, who play an important role in a number of WildStorm events. While his alien heritage alone makes him a formidable foe, he was also experimented on and enhanced by another alien race and pushed past his own potential. Characters that meet his strength-level in the WildStorm universe are even ranked as "Majestic-Class" heroes.


The WildStorm universe features an interesting number of Superman analogs, with The High first appearing in the pages of StormWatch #46, which had recently been launched in a new direction by Warren Ellis. The High featured similar powers to Superman, but his ability to regenerate his body from nearly any damage puts above some of the other strength-based WildStorm heroes.

These abilities were actually turned against The High and the rest of the planet after his body was experimented on by I.O. (International Operations), the WildStorm universe's premier spy agency. The High was cloned into an army known as Reapers, who kicked off the world-ending event known as Armageddon.


Apollo (alongside his pre-New 52 husband Midnighter) was arguably one of the most successful WildStorm transfers into the DC Universe after Flashpoint, which is surprising given his obvious similarities to Superman, like a few other characters we've already discussed on this list.

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However, Apollo's unique take on his solar-based powers and elevated storylines have managed to separate Warren Ellis' addition to the WS universe from other similar characters. While his strength levels match up with some of the other heavy hitters on this list, it's his additional energy-based abilities that put him ahead.


Angela Spica was a young computer genius when she discovered the first Engineers' nanotechnology notes, which helped her create the advanced techno-organic blood that flows through her body. Angie's used this nanotechnology to become the new Engineer, and made her a founding member of a team known as the Authority.

Angie's liquid metal blood coated her entire body and allowed her to do many powerful things, from flying and shape-shifting to adaptable survivability and technopathy. While her powerset was diminished after her introduction into the DC Universe, a fully powered Engineer remains one of the most powerful WildStorm characters we've ever seen.


The Authority was assembled by a former leader of the StormWatch program, Jenny Sparks. Sparks was actually the Spirit of the 20th Century, one of a long line of Century Babies. These Century Babies live for 100 years and spend their time influencing the events of humanity. As the 20th Century was the age of electricity, so too were Jenny's power's electricity-based.

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After the death of Jenny Sparks, the Spirit of the 21st Century was born and became known as Jenny Quantum, and she has an incredible power set that remains largely undefined, as does the century she lives in. Quantum is able to manipulate reality on a quantum level, meaning she can do pretty much anything, though her youthful age hasn't yet revealed her true limits.


T.A.O. stands for Tactical Augmented Organism, which is a fancy way of saying that TAO is a genetically engineered living weapon. TAO was originally drafted on to the second iteration of the WildC.A.T.S., which were led by Mr. Majestic, though he was later disintegrated after it was revealed he had manipulated a city-wide gang war.

Of course, TAO (now known as Tao) returned and managed to power up in a big way when he absorbed the powers of the Orb (more on that later). Tao's abilities would grow exponentially until he was defeated by the combined forces of a few other powerful WildStorm characters we'll talk about soon.


Adrianna Tereshkova/Void is one of the founding members of the fan-favorite WildC.A.T.S. team and has bonded with an Orb of Power, fragments of a celestial entity that grant various abilities. Adrianna bonded with the Orb while in space as a Cosmonaut, and her main abilities included precognition, Omni-teleportation, and even time travel.

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The Void entity eventually released the soul of Adrianna and soon found a new host in Nikola Hanssen, who used her Void powers to destroy and then recreate the entire WildStorm universe during a crossover event with Captain Atom from the DC Universe.


The WildStorm universes' Earth comes with an eternal protector known as the Doctor (no, not that Doctor). This position as a shaman of the Earth is passed down from one Doctor to the next over the years, with the new Doctor absorbing the abilities and knowledge of their predecessor.

Jeroen Thornedike was still a new Doctor when he joined with the Authority, but he still had access to generations of experience and the ability to alter reality using magic, essentially making him as powerful as his imagination allows. The Doctor is also gifted with fifteen additional senses he has acquired over the years, granting him complete enlightenment.


The most powerful character ever created in the WildStorm universe comes directly from Jim Lee, though he was initially a college student who downloaded the wrong file. On that file was the Creation Equation, which gave Max the ability to create reality through sheer willpower, meaning he could alter anything about reality as long as he believed in it.

During the Armageddon event, Max saved billions of people by "Rapturing" them away from danger. Faraday and the Creation Equation were also key components of the Worlds End storyline that saw Faraday and his allies face off against the Orb-powered Tao, with Faraday and Void (both the entity and the Void-powered Spartan) again proving their extreme levels of power.

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