The 10 Most Physically Strong Members Of The Justice League, Ranked

This list was practically impossible to make. Do you have any idea how many physically strong characters are in the Justice League?! A lot, okay! A lot. However, after combing through countless comics, scouring through numerous fan message boards, and puzzling through hours of mental debate, we have come to the resulting conclusion.

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Bear in mind before plunging ahead that these rankings are based on several versions of these characters. Different iterations of the DC Universe exist, and they had to be taken into account. Read on if you want a ranked list of the physically strongest (not most powerful) members of the Justice League.

10 The Atom (Ray Palmer)

Ray Palmer has the ability to shrink down to minuscule sizes. He can be the height of a penny, a flea, or an actual atom. However, he maintains a superhuman level of strength when he shrinks down to tiny size. His physical strength is nowhere near Superman's (who is higher up on this list), but it is still impressive.

He can knock down men a hundred times his size when in a tiny state. Ray Palmer proves that strength can come in small packages. Picture a molecule taking down a mountain. That's the Atom in a nutshell.

9 Hawkgirl (Shiera/Shayera)

Did you know there are three Hawkgirls? If you didn't, congratulations on your newfound knowledge. Thanks to an Nth metal belt, Hawkgirl possesses superhuman strength. Given that she uses melee-oriented weapons, it makes sense that she has the strength to wield them.

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In the DC Animated Universe, Hawkgirl is frequently portrayed as a physically strong character. In fact, she's one of the heavy-hitters on the team. She goes on the offensive when other heroes (cough, cough, Batman) need to fight from the sidelines.

8 Hawkman (Carter Hall)

Like it or lump it, it is a scientifically proven fact that men possess more upper body strength than women. It is unfortunate and hardly fair, but that's what we have to work with. As such, Hawkman is stronger than Hawkgirl.

They both gather their strength from their Nth metal belts and costuming. Given that Hawkman has that upper body strength going for him, we're going to put him a notch above Hawkgirl in the strength department. But hey, if it counts for anything, we think Hawkgirl's ferocity would put Carter to shame in a fight.

7 Aquaman (Arthur Curry)

We just know we're going to get Aquaman fans here (by which we mean Jason Momoa fans) complaining that Aquaman should be higher on this list. However, we're not trying to say Aquaman is not strong. He's a heck of lot stronger than many other DC heroes not on this list.

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It's just his unfortunate lot in life to be in a group with such powerful friends. Aquaman's Atlantean strength is a birthright, which automatically places him a rung above the Hawk-people and the Atom. His strength is undeniable, but it also pales in comparison to these upcoming Justice League members.

6 Firestorm (Ronald Raymond)

The Firestorm Matrix gifted Ronnie with a bunch of cool abilities, and one of them is superhuman strength. Using the Matrix in such a manner can turn Firestorm into a being of immense physical potential.

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The whole basis of Firestorm's abilities revolve around matter manipulation. If he were to upgrade his own matter, thereby enhancing his physical strength, Firestorm becomes a regular powerhouse. It's a shame not many people outside of avid comic fans know who Firestorm is. He's an interesting (and darn physically strong) character.

5 Red Tornado

Red Tornado's strength comes from the fact that he is a highly efficient and powerful android. His body, not bound by fragile human limitations, can achieve amazing feats of physical wonder. For example, using his android capabilities, Red Tornado can create cyclones. What, did you think he was called "Red Tornado" for nothing?

These cyclones not only affect the weather, but he can actually use them to achieve flight. We'll tell you one thing for sure: we would not want to get in an arm wrestling match against the Red Tornado.

4 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman's origin is different, depending on which version of her story you are reading. However, in nearly every iteration, she is crafted by the Greek gods and goddesses (specifically Zeus or Aphrodite depending on the version you're looking at).

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When you have a pantheon of gods in your corner, you can bet your physical strength is going to be off the charts. Ignoring some of Diana's weaker iterations, Wonder Woman is a veritable powerhouse. She can take on Ares, the Greek god of war, or she can fight a horde of enemy soldiers. Her strength is matched only by her formidable fighting skills.

3 Captain Marvel (Billy Batson)

Gary Frank Shazam

Before you ask, no, we're not talking about Marvel's Captain Marvel. We are actually talking about DC's Captain Marvel. Many of you might know him as Billy Batson or, better yet, as the "Shazam" guy. Billy got his powers from the Wizard Shazam, who imbued him with several gifts.

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The most relevant of these is the "Strength of Hercules." Thanks to that, this guy has nearly god-tier levels of strength, with some versions of Captain Marvel being able to move celestial bodies in outer space. He has often been compared to Superman in terms of how strong he is.

2 Martian Manhunter

With his steady voice and calm demeanor, you might not give the Martian Manhunter a second thought in a contest of strength. He should not be overlooked. Even Superman has stated that he believes J'onn to be more powerful than himself (though this statement probably takes into consideration all of the Martian Manhunter's abilities).

J'onn J'onzz is one strong dude, with the ability to lift and destroy large objects in a single hand. Those big, green pectoral muscles aren't just for show. Of course, we suppose he can shape-shift himself to look more muscular.

1 Superman

Who else did you think was going to be at the top of this list? Superman is known for his strength. Superhuman strength is basically his number one ability. Even if it wasn't, his strong deeds should speak for themselves. His strongest iteration is definitely Superman Prime, from DC One Million.

That Superman spent some vacation time in the sun for a bit and emerged with almost infinite strength and power. (we all know what solar energy does to a Kryptonian). Superman is the pinnacle of physical strength for both the Justice League and the DC Universe.

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