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Mighty Morphin’ Powerful Weapons: Top 15 STRONGEST Power Ranger Weapons

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Mighty Morphin’ Powerful Weapons: Top 15 STRONGEST Power Ranger Weapons

The Earth’s champions against evil and all its nasty minions, the Power Rangers are constantly fighting in the name of good and righteousness; putting their lives on the line to keep the planet spinning one more day. Fighting monsters left and right like they do, the Power Rangers, despite their incredible might, occasionally need a little extra oomph when going into battle. Every Power Ranger team, whether they come from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive or Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, has unique skills and weapons that they bring to the table.

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It’s not easy being a Power Ranger. Every time you think you’ve won, some new pesky creature rears its ugly head. And with every generation of monsters, the power the Rangers face grows and grows. To that end, they require an ever-growing arsenal of their own to contend with these new and dangerous threats. From all manner of stylized blades and energy-summoning weapons to good old fashioned rocket launcher-like cannons, the  have utilized some incredible weapons; a few of which are easily some of the most iconic weaponry in pop culture. Here at CBR, we’re going to take a look at 15 of the most powerful weapons that the Power Rangers possess.

15. SABA


When the White Ranger was introduced in the second season of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, in episode #77, “White Light” more specifically, a new hero joined the forces of good. The White Ranger would prove to be one of the most powerful Rangers, but his trusty sword Saba gets the mention here.

An enchanted and sentient sword, Saba has the ability to fly, shoot laser beams from his eyes, control the White Tigerzord and even speak. Over the course of the many episodes he’d be featured in, Saba adopted a personality of his own, becoming a brother-in-arms with his owner Tommy Oliver; the two were a formidable pair. Perhaps Saba’s true claim to fame was making every kid wish they had a talking tiger sword.



Arguably the most iconic weapon in the Power Rangers franchise, the Green Ranger’s Dragon Dagger (also known as the “Dragon Flute”) is the weapon that first introduced to children the concept of being able to summon an awesome Zord via the power of music. Playing an enchanted melody, the likes of which most people who grew up in the 90s’ can easily sound off, the Dragon Dagger was the Green Ranger’s signature weapon.

Capable of not only summoning the Dragonzord from the bottom of the ocean, the Dragon Dagger, though small, was mighty. Able to go toe-to-toe with most Ranger weapons, the dagger could fire green concussive energy blasts, and could even charge up for even greater power when coupled with the Red Ranger’s Power Sword. While not the strongest weapon in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, the Dragon Dagger will forever live on in the hearts of many.


Red Ranger Power Sword

Another iconic weapon and, if it wasn’t for the Dragon Dagger, the Red Ranger’s Power Sword would probably be the most memorable weapon of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. While not as flashy as many other weapons later on in this list, the Power Sword’s strength is formidable.

Considered, at least by Zordon, the key to the rest of the team’s weapons’ powers, the Power Sword’s devastating slashes are a force to be reckoned with. Even years later in Power Rangers Super Megaforce, notwithstanding his already impressive power, the Super Megaforce Red Ranger falls back on the early Red Ranger power, and by association, the Power Sword. It’s a testament to the Sword, that despite it’s apparent simplicity, is a weapon held in high regard by many Rangers and villains.



An axe, guitar, and portable hand cannon, the Black Ranger’s Power Axe can do it all. The centerpiece to the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’ Power Blaster, the Power Axe is one of the few Mighty Morphin’ weapons to receive iconic status years later, appearing most notably again in the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive episodes Once A Ranger.

The Power Axe is a mighty weapon, and while like the Power Sword it might lack certain garnish that other weapons have, that doesn’t detract from its overall effectiveness. It was capable of splitting the earth with one swing and sending out devastating shockwaves. Additionally, the Power Axe’s strength is such that it allowed the Black Ranger to not only defend against, but also deliver a critical blow to Thrax, the son of Rita and Lord Zedd, and one of the most powerful villains to ever beset the Power Rangers.



The strongest weapon in the Mighty Morphin’ arsenal, the Power Blaster was a fusion of all their weapons, including the Power Sword, Power Bow, Power Lance, Power Daggers, and the Power Axe. When all these weapons came together, the Power Blaster was formed and would deliver an awesome energy blast.

The Power Blaster succeeded when the Rangers’ weapons individually couldn’t make the cut. Stronger than any one weapon by leaps and bounds, the Power Blaster would destroy a fair amount of Rita and Lord Zedd’s monsters. Still, despite it’s power, there were moments it wouldn’t be enough to destroy a monster, allowing said creature time to grow, leaving it a problem for the Megazord to contend with. The Power Blaster would be used multiple times by the first Power Ranger team, before getting replaced by the Power Cannon.



While the Power Blaster and the Power Cannon were certainly great weapons, as the Power Rangers evolved, so did their powers and their weaponry. Power Rangers Zeo, the follow-up to Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, introduced an entirely new world for both fans and characters to explore. Like their predecessors, each Zeo Ranger had their own unique weapon. While they were all remarkably powerful, more so than anything the Mighty Morphin’ Rangers wielded, the Zeo Sword was perhaps the strongest of all their base weapons.

Used by the Zeo Ranger V Red, the Zeo Sword, like the other Zeo weapons, had multiple functions and uses. Whenever the Zeo Sword powered up, it could let lose a fiery discharge, an energy blast that could hit multiple opponents at once or just one. As the attack would hit, red lighting would dance off the sword’s fallen opponent(s).


Zeo Blaster

Just as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had their Power Blaster and the Power Cannon, one step up from them was the Zeo Rangers’ Zeo Blaster. True to form, the Zeo Blaster was the fusion of all the Zeo weapons and was capable of delivering devastating punishment to many a monster.

Unlike the original Power Baster, the Zeo Blaster was a lot more visually provocative, with triangles and sharp edges coming off it left and right. Additionally, rather than firing a beam of energy, the Zeo Blaster would fire off a single ball of power. Though the Zeo Blaster may not garner the fame of many other weapons on this list, its raw power and ability to get the Zeo Rangers out of trouble, proved an invaluable asset.


Sword of Darkness

As many a Power Ranger fan knows, the Green Ranger didn’t start off as a good guy. Rather, when he appeared in the first season of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and was put under Rita Repulsa’s spell, he was as evil as they came. To aid in his plot to destroy the Power Rangers, the Green Ranger came armed with both the Dragon Dagger and the diabolical Sword of Evil; originally stolen 10,000 years earlier from Zordon by the Knasty Knight and Rita.

Already sporting the ability to take on multiple Rangers at once, the Green Ranger’s prowess was further accentuated by the Sword of Darkness. The Sword’s power was so great that the Power Rangers were forced to summon the Megazord just to stand a chance against the Green Ranger and his fearsome blade. Eventually, the Red Ranger destroyed the Sword, freeing Tommy from Rita’s spell.


Spin Sword

One of the most diverse and capable weapons in any Power Ranger teams’ arsenal, the Spin Sword from Power Rangers Super Samurai is a handy weapon unlike most others. From the moment they morph, the Samurai Rangers come armed with their Spin Swords and, while it may look like there’s nothing fancy about them, that’s just not the case.

The spin swords have different modes, and depending on the power-up the Ranger using it undergoes, the sword changes to that end too; each Ranger can execute their own signature elemental attacks or morph the sword itself to better suit his or her needs. Each Samurai Ranger has their own special attack, assisted by the standard black disk, but when combining the Back Box with their respective Power Discs, their Spin Swords’ power increases astronomically, making it capable of even taking on foes like Master Xandred.


Turbo RAM

The only mobile “power cannon” in any Power Rangers iteration, the Turbo R.A.M. from Power Rangers Turbo is as powerful as it is clunky and wacky-looking. Assembled by bringing the already comically big Turbo weapons together to form the Turbo R.A.M., this weapon takes on the appearance of a racecar.

When the Turbo Rangers are in need of their weapons, the Turbo R.A.M. delivers them post haste. However, the Turbo R.A.M.’s shining moment came was when the Red Turbo Ranger launched the weapon into the mouth of an already enlarged Goldgoyle, obliterating the seemingly unstoppable monster from the inside out. Though the Turbo R.A.M. was destroyed in the process, it was the only “power cannon” weapon to ever successfully defeat a fully-grown monster.



How do you enhance the Samurai Rangers’ Spin Sword even more? By turning it into the Fire Smasher, that’s how. Aside from just powering up the Spin Swords with their elemental powers, the Power Discs can morph each Ranger’s personal weapon, and none was more powerful than the Red Samurai Ranger’s Fire Smasher.

Already imbued with great power, the Fire Smasher’s power went onwards and upwards. In the final Power Ranger Super Samurai episode, the Red Samurai Ranger used the Double Disk to create two Fire Smashers, going into Dual Mode, creating two of the super large weapons, and amplifying the power to the point where they could land critical blows on Master Xandred, the strongest opponent they ever faced.



Why have just a bazooka, when you can have a bazooka that can also turn into a glorified stabbing weapon? To any who have pondered that mystery, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy made sure to offer an answer. Considered as a last-resort option, the Quasar Launchers were the strongest weapon in the Lost Galaxy Rangers’ arsenal. Not only were they missile launchers, but also they had the ability to charge up, becoming energized and then stab/ram monsters into oblivion.

The weapons could be even further enhanced when the Lost Galaxy Rangers would power up, by way of yelling “Crystal Power Up,” strengthening the weapons, and their designs, via the Lights of Orion. When that would happen, nearly all their already souped-up energy would be channeled and fired off in single shots.


Sentinel Sword

From energy blasts to fiery plasma tornadoes, the Sentinel Sword packs a fearsome punch. Acting as both a weapon but also a restorer of power, the Sentinel Sword was originally the sword Excelsior, before merging with the Sentinel Knight. Excelisior’s power was so legendary that Thrax personally quested after it, afraid of the weapon’s might. To Thrax’s dismay, the sword merged with the warrior Sentinel Knight, creating the Sentinel Sword. At any one time, the Rangers can use the weapon in battle, but also release the Sentinel Knight to do battle at their side.

The Sentinel Sword can boost the power of the Red Ranger, activating the Red Sentinel Ranger power, in which he essentially fuses with the Sentinel Knight, the two becoming one, and are all but unstoppable as their power skyrockets.


Ptera Thunder Saber

If there was a way to turn a Power Ranger into Thor, the Ptera Thunder Saber was it. An obnoxiously powerful weapon, the Ptera Thunder Saber from Power Rangers Dino Charge is one of the flashiest blades out there. The personal sword to the Gold Cybersaur Ranger, the Ptera Thunder Saber is full of multiple uses.

Depending the blade’s stage, the power geometrically increases. While it can be used as a rifle, the Sword sticks mainly to slashing techniques. Though the techniques may vary, the one staple is lightning. Summoned from the sky itself, the Thunder Saber can actually charge the power of the lightning, doubling or even tripling it! Enhancing the Cybersaur Ranger’s speed to nearly imperceptible levels, when he unleashes his “finisher” move, reality itself warps momentarily. The blade can take on multiple forms, increasing the Thunder Saber’s might past anything that’s reasonable as it literally disintegrates enemies.


Super Mega Cannon

The Super Mega Rangers are arguably the strongest Power Ranger team to have existed. Granted, more Power Rangers shows are on the way, but until then, the Power Rangers from Super Megaforce and their ability to harness the power of any Ranger before them, will keep them at the top for a long while.

That said, it stands to reason they should also have the strongest weapons too. The double-barrelled Super Mega Cannon, which just so happens to be modeled after a red pirate ship, is their ultimate finisher. Its power blast can wipe most foes that standing in its way. Equipped with two modes, the machine gun mode and the cannon mode, each of them more powerful then all five Super Mega Blasters combined, the weapon is so strong one Ranger alone cannot wield it (or at least is not supposed to).

Let us know in the comments which Power Rangers weapon you feel is the strongest!

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