The 25 Most Powerful Marvel Gods, Officially Ranked


Most stories focus most of their attention on the heroes who we can identify with the most. Characters like Captain America, Spider-Man, Moon Girl, and so many others give us avatars inside these stories where good triumphs evil. While these heroes are larger than life, they still aren't like some of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. It has its own gods that either have had a hand in creating the universe or continue to dictate the rules of its reality. These gods give the larger-than-life characters a frame of reference. At times, they also give our heroes obstacles that overwhelm them and raise their stakes.

Marvel Comics have contributed to the large tapestry of mythology while combining myths from around the world into its lore. Gods like Thor and Loki come from Norse mythology, but have become their own entities under the Marvel brand. This cleared the way for creators to inject the United States' own history, to play along with already established mythology. Each comic you read is another piece of the American Myth which makes the gods all the more necessary and important. Here, we analyze the different gods that have appeared in the universe and rank them for their incredible and terrifying power.

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Arguably one of the most captivating characters in the MCU, this God of Mischief can do a whole lot more than he's given credit for in the films. Loki's role as the Trickster God in the comics has had him thwart some of the most powerful beings in the universe, like his brother Thor and his frenemy, Mephisto. He is a character that uses his cunning and strategic ways rather than the usual one-two punch you might expect out of a hero or villain. His powers aren't only limited to creating illusions, though.

As an Asgardian and Frost Giant, Loki has utilized his magic to overcome some extreme situations. In Thor #191, he used his magic to turn himself into a giant when he fought against Lady Sif. He's also managed to put up a fight with his brother because his reflexes happen at the speed of thought. His strength is also not to be trifled with, as Thor #147 showed us that Loki can bring down a building with the swipe of his fist. If that wasn't enough, he's been beheaded once and survived. He picked it right up, placed it back on his neck, and continued whatever dastardly plan he had in Thor #344.


Thor is the son of Odin and Jord, also known as Gaea, and is considered Asgard's greatest warrior. His power is immense, but when coupled with his legendary hammer Mjolnir, he is extremely difficult to defeat. Still, that hasn't stopped his opponents from trying, which has at times brought him near death, like during The God Butcher arc by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic. He's always overcome these feats because of his power and relentlessness to always fight back, even when the circumstances seem dire.

Thor is so powerful that during the Siege storyline, after Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers nearly successfully invaded Asgard, he stopped them. Unfortunately, Sentry swooped in later to topple the city of Asgard, but he was ultimately defeated by Thor. Also, as the Norse god of thunder, Thor has the ability to use different aspects of storms such as lightning, rain, wind, or whatever else as weapons. His durability is also something to behold. In Thor #300, he withstood the energy blasts from the Celestials. He's also been able to fight off the Frost Giants for months at a time without needing to rest or eat in Thor: The Trial of Thor #1. In his Warrior Madness state, Thor's strength and stamina can increase exponentially, but it also takes possession of him in a way. It's a blind fury that will attack everyone around, including his friends and allies.


Unlike the MCU, Hela is not the daughter of Odin. In fact, she is allegedly the daughter of Loki, God of Mischief, and Angrboda, a witch and giantess. The Norns, the three Asgardian goddesses of fate, warned the Asgardian gods about the potential threat that Hela would prove to be. This is why Odin, the ruler of Asgard at the time, decided to put Hela in a position where she wouldn't be able to live up to that destructive potential. She was made goddess and ruler over the spirits of the dead. She then ruled over Hel and Niffleheim where Asgardian spirits go when they are no longer on the side of the living.

Her magic and might have proven to test Thor and Odin time and time again. She's even overpowered the Valkyries in an attempt for power, but not in the way you think. In New Mutants #77, Hela turned the Valkyries into Fire Demons after she saw a chance to gain power when Odin fell into his Odinsleep. As the Asgardian Goddess of Death, she holds power over the lives and deaths of the gods of Asgard. During the moment of an Asgardian God's death, Hela is the one who must separate the spirit from the body to bring them to the afterlife. Her magic has also given her the ability to do things like create illusions and perform time travel according to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition #6.


This Norse mythological being was adapted by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to their Marvel Universe. He is similarly important in his role for Ragnorok, an apocalyptic event in both Marvel Comics and Norse mythology. While Norse mythology has this be the fiery destruction of Earth, Marvel's Ragnorok event destroys Asgard in its cycle of annihilation and rebirth. Here, Surtur is portrayed as a demonic looking being with horns and fiery skin. He literally has shorts made out of fire in some of his designs.

The reason Surtur is so powerful in the Marvel Universe is that he has nearly destroyed Asgard and Midgard countless times. He nearly destroyed Asgard after he crossed the Bifrost in Thor #177 when it seemed like all hope was lost. During that time, Odin was placed in a capsule and sent to the Sea of Eternal Night, a realm where if someone enters they will sleep for eternity. Thankfully, they woke Odin, and while that stopped Surtur from destroying Asgard, it came at the cost of Odin himself since he fell with Surtur into an interdimensional rift. He also nearly burned everything in the Nine Realms by using his city of Muspelheim along with the energies of the Manchester Gods' own cities. Surtur will do anything to raise an apocalyptic hellfire.


Odin, aka the All-Father, is a god of extreme importance to the realm of Midgard, as well as Asgard. His origin story is murky because it's only been told by Odin himself throughout Marvel history. He is the son of Bor, a warrior whose power may exceed that of the Odinforce, and Bestla, a giantess. He also had two other brothers who died young in a battle against Surtur. From that moment, Odin's power increased tenfold because he took the powers of his fallen brothers for his own. His strength, speed, agility, and other physical attributes are beyond what any human is capable of doing. His greatest power though is his Odinforce.

With the Odinforce, he was able to use incredible amounts of magic energy to perform some unbelievable feats. In Journey Into Mystery #104, when Loki decided to release Odin's two biggest foes, Surtur and Skagg, to send them to Earth, Odin is warned of the incoming threats to the planet. With his Odinforce and a simple gesture, he transported all of humanity to another dimension so they'd be safe. In Thor #172, he was also seen as being able to read minds from across the universe. These are just scratching the surface as to the many things that Odin can do with the power he's endowed with.


Bast, the Panther Goddess wasn't always a Wakandan deity. Before she reached out to Bashenga, leader of a tribe in the land that would become Wakanda, she was worshipped as a god in the mountaintop city, Bastet. She is a child of Ra himself and the eldest of the Ennead, extra-dimensional beings worshipped by the Egyptians. Later on, she would bestow Bashenga with the title of Black Panther when the vibranium that crashed on Earth began to change men from neighboring tribes into Demon Spirits. This allowed Bashenga to defeat those spirits while also uniting the tribes around to form the nation of Wakanda.

She has also been known to overpower Mephisto, the Marvel Universe's Devil. When Mephisto tried to buy T'Challa's soul to save the souls of Wakanda's citizens, T'Challa agreed. Apparently, it had been a trap set up to get Mephisto, who was sent to her realm where he was overpowered by souls linked to Bast. Her history on Earth is vast and influential as the Wakandan nation whose King or Queen is given their powers by the Panther Goddess. Considering Wakanda is the most technologically advanced civilization on Earth with their vibranium technology, it's no surprise that Bast would be on this list.


Oshtur is an Elder God of Earth who ended up leaving the planet before any of her other siblings turned into malevolent demons. While no one knows how long she was absent from Earth, she has been seen exploring the universe for some time. In her explorations, she met Hoggoth who became her companion before the two decided to escape to a mystical dimension rather than stay in the traditional one they inhabited. She is also responsible for the mystical aspects of the Earth. Her son is the Sorcerer Supreme Agamotto, which we got a chance to see in action in Marvel Legacy #1.

In Marvel Tarot #1, Ian McNee is examining the very First Tarot Deck and by divining each character on a card, he got to look at their origin stories. Here, we see Oshtur was longing for a child after watching some children play and she gives birth to Agamotto. She teaches him about the mystical arts and then lets him go off on his own path. Later, Agamotto, Hoggoth, and she formed the Vishanti, three supernatural beings who help the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth in the planet's protection from any mystical threat. She has so much mystical power that she can lend it out to beings on Earth, which sorcerers like Doctor Strange have used to enhance spells that involve protection, paralysis, levitation, and other types.


Dormammu is the Lord of the Dark Dimension. In fact he is of the few beings that Odin himself considers to be equal in strength and power, which he mentions in the Avengers/Defenders War event. He's stronger than Lucifer, Marduk, and Mephisto. He has also been known to corrupt Odin's spells against his will. The magical might that Dormammu wields is potentially equal to beings like Agamotto, a son of the Elder God Oshtur, who along with his mother and Hoggoth created the Vishanti. Dormammu is considered to be the Vishanti's biggest bad by them.

Dormammu has even used his power to challenge beings like Eternity. In Defenders #3, he actually enters the essence of Eternity and absorbs his infinite power. The fact that he was able to harness that much magical energy shows how powerful Dormammu can be. His sorcery over the Flames of Faltine also demonstrates his raw power which he used to burn the Celestials once. His power is also strengthened and replenished from beings worshipping him throughout various dimensions. In his dimension, he can banish anyone that enters if he so chooses, but he usually likes to fight them instead. He is a constant threat to the Vishanti and the universe as a whole.


Atum is a primordial being created by the Demiurge, the life force of Earth's biosphere, and Gaea, aka Mother Earth, to stop the other Elder Gods who were perceived as a threat to the new life brewing on Earth. The other Elder Gods had degenerated into demons. They waged wars and lusted for power. Atum was the first of the new gods to be created on Earth that slew the Elder Gods in his form as the Demogorge. This form is the reason why Atum was given the title of the God Eater. When his mission was completed, he flew up, released the energy he received from slaying the Elder Gods, and retreated to the sun until he was needed later.

As a god, Atum has led a very interesting life. He has protected humanity along with Gaea since man and dinosaurs both inhabited the Earth at the same time. Set, who derived his power from dinosaurs, didn't want the dinosaurs to die out the way Gaea was allowing. Gaea needed Atum once again to stop humanity's extinction. He emerged from the sun and immediately decapitated Set. Unfortunately, it wasn't a killing strike and the two fought for the next million years, eventually killing off the dinosaurs in their battles. Atum has also led the Egyptian gods as Ra for a while until he returned back to his God-Eater form much later. You might also remember him from Secret Invasion as a part of the God Squad which fought against the Skrull gods.


The Phoenix Force is a sentient being that is a manifestation of the universal force for life in Marvel Comics. It has awe-inspiring power and is one of the oldest cosmic entities in the universe. It is also the nexus of all of Marvel's psionic energy. The purpose of the Phoenix Force is unlike many other gods listed here. It will find, destroy and replace any part of the universe that it deems as unworkable. Essentially, whatever is no longer following the process of evolution is considered no longer needed in the universe and the Phoenix Force will destroy it.

The Phoenix Force has the power to defeat Celestials, cosmic beings that played a hand in humanity's key evolutionary events, with the help of other Avengers as seen in Marvel Legacy #1. Together, they defeated a Celestial known as the Fallen. When the Phoenix Force made a copy of Jean Grey thousands of years later, it went through a period where it became the Dark Phoenix. It was an entity hellbent on destruction. Its power was so great that it once devoured a star from the D'bari system in X-Men #135 and before that. The firebird rose up into space and attracted the attention of Eternity, as well as being seen from all over the universe.



Chthon was one of the first Elder Gods created by the Demiurge, the sentient life force of Earth, but was among the ones that turned evil and became a demon. Narrowly escaping the might of Atum, aka the God-Eater, in his Demogorge state, Chthon was banished to another dimension where he would hide out for a while. There was a pact made shortly after by Chthon and the other surviving Elder Gods that they would not interfere with each others' territories and stay separated. However, Chthon still managed to make his influence felt on Earth despite that pact.

Before he fled to his own dimension out of survival, Chthon had left behind indestructible scrolls with all his knowledge. This bound him to the Earth if he ever wanted to return. Those pages were collected by humans and turned into a book called the Darkhold. This book can control the will of others, summon the Darkforce, and give someone access to limbo. That along with his demon spawn N'Gaari have caused the Marvel Universe a ton of grief. He's also powerful enough to take control of Scarlet Witch like he did during the Secret Empire event and in Avengers #187. However, Chthon is capable of this because he made Scarlet Witch his vessel in the latter Avengers issue.


This being was a member of the Eternals of Earth who destroyed his own body while conducting a scientific experiment with cosmic energy. Not only did he destroy his body, but he also obliterated Titanos, the home of the Eternals of Earth. As his body perished, his consciousness merged itself with time and the universe. Due to this, Kronos became a being that stretched for millions of miles and kept expanding, according to the Marvel Universe Wiki. Since he is no longer confined to his body, Kronos has a number of powers and skills that have been said to match that of Zeus, Galactus, and Odin by Thanos in Thanos Annual #1.

His intelligence was super-human which is most likely why his mind was able to bind itself to the concept of time. His cosmic awareness and telepathy also gave him advantages in his battles to try to destroy the universe. He can also control the souls of dead mortals and has used them to animate artificial bodies, which he can create out of inanimate matter. With Kronos' consciousness bound to time, he can command the flow of years in small and subtle ways, but the limits of his control over it are unknown.


Galactus, aka the Devourer of Worlds, is the only survivor that came out of the sixth incarnation of the Multiverse. The reason he survived was that at the end of the universe's life, the Sentience of the Universe merged itself with him as Galan to create who we all know as Galactus. The only way for Galactus to continue replenishing his life energy was to literally devour an entire planet. He is a plague on the universe that would strike fear into the hearts of civilizations who may fall prey to his overwhelming hunger. He also is the bearer of the Power Cosmic, a limitless god-like source of cosmic energy.

Galactus doesn't just devour species of small cosmic stature. When he is hungry and determined enough, Galactus can actually devour cosmic entities like the Celestials. The reason he did this was because the Elders of the Universe decided to reignite existence by causing a new Big Bang by killing Galactus. Instead, Galactus decided to consume five of them during Steve Engelhart and Marshall Rogers' first 10 issues on Silver Surfer. Also, if Galactus dies, there is a whole new threat to worry about. That threat is Abraxas, a cosmic being bent on the destruction of the universe, who appeared in Galactus the Devourer when Galactus was killed by the Silver Surfer.


Death is an entity that was born with the beginning of the universe. The physical form that we've come to know her in is just the way she manifests herself to the beings she wants to use. She is actually a fundamental force of the universe. As powerful as she is, she has always gotten others to do her own dirty work for her. One of the most famous examples of this type of relationship is the one she has with Thanos. He fell in love with her and together they went on to destroy many other worlds and kill many species along the way.

However, no matter how many beings Thanos killed, Death would never seem satisfied by the Mad Titan. She has had many others fall in love with her to continue the death and desolation that she enacts on the universe. She is another wielder of the Power Cosmic, which she can use to manipulate reality, time, space, and many other essential foundations of existence. Her power also comes from the number of souls that have died throughout the Marvel Universe, which means every soul belongs to her. She also has the power to grant life back to beings she has respect for like she has for Deadpool and others.


When two Shinto Gods entered the dark void Amatsu-Mikaboshi inhabited and ruled alone, they started to populate the realm with other living beings. Those beings became popular amongst the people of Japan and they were worshipped like gods, which infuriated Mikaboshi. When he tried to destroy them, he was banished to a netherworld called Yomi where he remained for years. However, that wouldn't be the last time he'd pop up in the Marvel Universe. He has battled against beings like Thor and Hercules.

When Asgard fell, Mikaboshi decided to take advantage of that situation to expand his reach by taking over Olympus and vanquishing the Olympian gods. Mikaboshi overpowered the Olympian gods and had full control of the battle against them for a time. He also was chosen to be a part of the God Squad during Secret Invasion to fight against the Skrull Gods Kly'Bn and SI'gur't. Mikaboshi was able to help because he had an ability to duplicate himself, which was key to the God Squad's victory. He can also reshape his limbs into razor-sharp blades and can take the form of a fire-breathing snake. Mikaboshi also has also been able to destroy the Demogorge, who was known to have devoured the Elder Gods of Earth.


Eternity is a being of extreme power, encompassing the consciousness of all living beings within the universe. His children are other independent entities that represent concepts within their respective universe. They are Empathy, Entropy, Eulogy, Expediency, Epiphany, Enmity, and Eon (who was eventually killed and replaced with Epoch). Eternity is one of many abstract concepts throughout the universe that have become characters for stories featuring Doctor Strange or any other cosmic ones. If a character like Eternity makes an appearance, then you should probably pay attention because some universe-shattering events may be afoot.

While Eternity is a manifestation of the universe, he is a part of a larger version of himself that's called the Multiversal Eternity. It can be a little confusing. Eternity is the universe, but he can also manifest himself as different life forces within that universe if he so chooses. In Strange Tales #146, he took on a human form to help Doctor Strange in his fight against Dormammu. Strange returned the favor by freeing Eternity after he was caught in Nightmare's clutches in Doctor Strange #182.


Oblivion is another abstract entity that came into existence when the universe was born. He appeared alongside other beings that embodied concepts of the universe like Eternity, Infinity, and Death. While Eternity and Infinity might be two different parts of the same being, Oblivion may also share that same type of relationship with Death. He also resides in a pocket dimension known as the Outer Void, which was revealed in Quasar #25 when Quasar slipped into it during his fight with Maelstrom. Oblivion's purpose is to stop any expansion of the universe, as he represents non-existence. This makes him clash with Infinity on occasion usually through the use of an avatar of their choosing.

During Quasar #19 to #25, Oblivion chose Maelstrom, an Inhuman/Deviant hybrid, to serve as his avatar to destroy the universe. Fortunately for everyone in the Marvel Universe, Infinity also had her avatar, Quasar, battle it out with Maelstrom, which led to Eternity, Infinity, Death, and Oblivion coming to an agreement amongst themselves. In the end, he decided to let them strike whatever new agreement they needed to. Like so many other villains, Oblivion will inevitably break that pact and find some new way to bring nothingness to the universe.


Not much is known about the Nemesis' origins, but she is one of the more interesting cosmic entities in the Marvel Universe because she is part of the Ultraverse. She was actually speculated to be the sentient personification of all the Infinity Gems put together. Supposedly, Nemesis grew tired of its existence and decided to shatter its essence into the Infinity Gems. She was put back together by a set of events curated by Rune, a cosmic vampire, in the Malibu/Marvel Comics crossover Avengers/Ultraforce. 

Her power doesn't seem quantifiable and we never really got a glimpse of just how far she could go. The control she had over the mind, time, space, soul, reality, and power gave her the power to alter whatever she wanted on a universal scale. This would make sense, considering what Thanos was capable of doing when he gathered all of the Infinity Gems and used their power to wipe out half of the population of an entire universe.


Infinity is speculated to be Eternity's other half; much like her brother, she must fight to protect the universe from ever being destroyed by abstract entities like Death or Oblivion. She made her debut in Quasar #24 and went on to help Quasar ensure that the universe wasn't destroyed by her brother Oblivion and his avatar Maelstrom. That's why Quasar became the Protector of the Universe under her leadership.

Unlike Eternity, she doesn't appear as frequently in the comics. For whatever reason, she's less inclined to interfere with whatever is happening in the universe. Still, her powers are incredible, which is probably part of the reason she tries to stay on the sidelines. She can alter reality, time, or space however she pleases, since she was born along with the rest of the universe. She is an entity that represents the concept of infinity which grants limitless abilities. She, also like her brother, can exist all over the universe simultaneously, which grants a perspective not many beings can behold. Infinity is also the source of the Quantum Bands' power, which are objects which can create wormholes to perform quantum jumps and so much more.


These cosmic beings only made a handful of appearances in series like Avengers Infinity and Avengers Forever. Their presence is felt when the Avengers were fighting against the Servitors, a group of robotic-like entities, who had killed off a Rigelian Colony and laid waste to their Solar System. Thor along with a team of "Cosmic" Avengers investigated them and found they had destroyed other Solar Systems as well. They fought briefly when a group of Celestial-like beings called the Walkers began to construct a colossal ring-like device after they destroyed a bunch of planets.

This is when the Infinites appeared from the Dimension of Manifestations as a hand larger than the galaxy ready to activate the ring-like device that was constructed. The Avengers knew they were outmatched and turned to Eternity for help. The Avengers linked up their minds to Eternity who agreed to aid them. Eternity, the Avengers, and the Infinites all had a dialogue where the latter group divulged that their experiments were meant to realign the energies of the universe. When they found out about mortals, they were devastated by their own actions that caused so much death and destruction. One of them even sacrificed their life-force to restore the galaxies that they destroyed.


Gaea was one of the first Elder Gods created on Earth before any other life would inhabit the planet. Along with her sister Oshtur, who fled to the heavens, she wasn't affected by the degeneration that plagued the other Elder Gods who turned into demons. She had a role in saving the planet by creating Atum, who turned into the Demogorge, who destroyed and devoured the other Elder Gods and went mad after being corrupted. She was also a major player in evolution by allowing the dinosaurs to go extinct and make way for humanity to thrive on the planet.

During the Chaos War, Gaea revealed to Hercules that she was the true font of creation. She also told Hercules that she was the power source from which all the Earth gods gathered their power from. She also has many other powers like manifesting herself into different beings depending on her objective. When she ended up in a relationship with Odin, her identity was of a woman named Jord. This would mean that Thor's mother is actually Gaea, aka Mother Nature. That nickname is also very telling of her power as she can control and manipulate any Earthly creations she wishes to play around with.


Beyonder is considered to be one of the most powerful beings in all of the Marvel Universe. During the original Secret Wars event, he was driven by a need to investigate desire and created Battleworld. He kidnapped heroes and villains alike to have them engage in secret wars amongst themselves on Battleworld. The Beyonder promised them that those who survived would be granted whatever they desired. Just before the wars began, the heroes watched in horror as planets and solar systems were obliterated by the Beyonder.

He has the power to reshape reality however he pleases. His power is said to match beings like Eternity and the Living Tribunal. In Secret Wars II #2, he actually scanned the minds of the entire Earth, which showed how great his psionic powers are. He also has the ability to change states of matter at his own discretion. Beyonder even erased any memories humanity had of him in Secret Wars II #3. Since he has nigh-omnipotence, the Beyonder had limitless power before retcons limited it. Still, in recent iterations, he has the ability to warp reality on a whim. However, with his almost limitless psionic powers, the Beyonder can simulate virtually any power.


For a being like the Living Tribunal to ensure that the balance of good and evil in the multiverse doesn't shift in either direction, he must exist in all universes at once. That kind of power is overwhelming. The truth is he does exist in all the universes at once, but to the human perspective, he may seem like different beings altogether. He has the power to obliterate a planet with inhabitants if he believes it will preserve a mystical balance. With a single bolt, he can make a sun go supernova and destroy an entire solar system.

In New Avengers #30, it was revealed that the Living Tribunal is the embodiment of the entire Marvel Multiverse. His look is very much representative of that fact as the Living Tribunal has the faces of three different beings that are all itself. The interesting bit about these faces is that they all represent different voices that must come together to make any decision that the Living Tribunal commits. The three faces represent equity, necessity, and revenge. However, when the forces of good and evil become imbalanced in one universe, he lets the abstract entities of those universes deal with the matters themselves as it isn't of any multiversal significance.


This character is as powerful as he is enigmatic. While we do know that the Fulcrum is all-knowing and all-powerful, not much more is known about the character. Some have speculated that he is actually another manifestation of the Marvel Multiverse's god who took the number one spot, but seeing as he appeared as a separate entity in Eternals it might not be the case. His appearances have been super limited, only making three throughout Marvel Comics' entire history, but it's quite clear that the Fulcrum is important to beings like the Eternals as they visit him right before they decide to take on a new body or move on to their version of the afterlife.

The place where the Eternals visit the Fulcrum is in a Limbo-like territory where he has actually taken the role of a bartender. Supposedly, he has a great sense of humor. He also makes some quality cocktails and how could he not, considering he's serving some of the most powerful beings in the universe. It is also said that he created characters like the Celestials and so many others that were foundational to Marvel Comics as a whole.


The One Above All made his first appearance in Sensational Spider-Man #40. He is allegedly responsible for the creation of everything. That isn't limited to one universe. In fact, the One Above All very much earned the title he goes by because he is responsible for the entire Marvel Multiverse. He's also essentially the Living Tribunal's boss which if you remember from earlier in the list is a being that also oversees the Marvel Multiverse. It is because of this that his power and knowledge is unimaginable.

In Thor Annual #14, Thor discusses the existence of the One Above All by saying that it's "humbling" to know that while the Living Tribunal is one of the most powerful beings in all of the universe, the One Above All who created everything must be greater "than that of all His creations combined!" During his first appearance, the One Above All comes to Peter Parker as a beggar to comfort him after the web-head falls into a spell of depression. He doesn't understand why his life is one tragedy after the next, but the One Above All reminds Peter of all the good he's done and the people he's saved. It was a touching issue that introduced us to the true God of the Marvel Multiverse who gave Peter the advice he needed to live a long and happy life in Sensational Spider-Man #40.

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