Hoarfrost Heroes: 20 Powerful Ice-Based Characters, Ranked

Ice creation, manipulation, crafting and utilization is arguably one of the coolest superpowers around, pun intended. There's something appealing about being able to use sub-zero temperatures to incapacitate foes. Though ice is oftentimes obstructive in the real world, seeing heroes and villains do ingenious things with cold powers is a joy to witness. There's also nothing more satisfying than getting a clutch freeze on an opponent during a Pokemon battle, either. Yes, ice is a power most people would find great use for, even those who don't naturally have powers based in it sometimes invent ways to manipulate the chilly forces of the world around them. Visually, ice is appealing too, with the techniques of some of fans' favorite ice characters becoming staples of how the powers are used.

Traversing around on ice slides, freezing and even shattering foes, there are several ways to use ice powers that have been displayed across all kinds of media. There are characters who use ice in all kinds of places including videogames, comics, film, TV and anime. Ice isn't just a means for attacking, either, with chilly beings using the preservative nature of the element to protect themselves and others. Whether someone is preserving something in freezing temperatures or constructing shields and armor from frost, the application of ice in safety cannot be overlook. Who puts their aptitude for wielding the cold to best use, though? Wrap up warm and join CBR as we venture into the Tundra to find out a little more about the most ingenious ice wielders!

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A lovable and endearing entry to the list, the Ice Climbers bring a firm teamwork ethic to any fight. Appearing in several of the Super Smash Bros. games, this partnership comes wrapped up warm and ready to bring the heat.

One of their abilities involves firing off ice, that travels along the floor of the stage they're on towards an enemy. Should the ice make contact with a foe, it encases them, allowing the Ice Climbers to put a world of hurt on their vulnerable opponent. If one of them falls in battle, the other will continue on in their honor.


Nico Minoru is the resident spellcaster of Marvel's Runaways team. In both the comics universe and in the Runaways TV show, Nico harnesses the power of ice. The drawback with Nico's power is that she cannot cast the same spell command twice. Therefore, she needs to know various ways to describe ice and its effects in order to use it consistently.

On one occasion, she accidentally summoned a dense but gentle snowstorm in her mother's office. She was investigating her mother's sinister acts as part of The Pride at the time. It took her a while to figure out a command to properly get rid of the snow, but she managed to escape undetected.



No stranger to the frost of Norse mythology, Billy began his superhero career as Asgardian. Effectively cosplaying as Thor and wielding magic, he was part of the Young Avengers. The son of the Scarlet Witch, Billy has always had a good command of mystic forces.

On several occasions, Billy has had to utilize spells that involve freezing temperatures and ice. Using them to incapacitate foes and obstruct danger, the young sorcerer's affinity for the mystical gives him limited command over the elements. Wiccan is also seen to become the sorcerer supreme in some alternate futures, speaking further to his magical aptitude.



Rogue has been on the X-men for a long time now. She's been a regular member of the team, a teacher and even the leader of several incarnations of X-Teams. During her tenure, she has absorbed the powers of heroes and villains alike. One of her fellow X-Men, who she lends from several times is Iceman.

Not only does she borrow her friend's powers, she uses them to accomplish great things. During Avengers Vs. X-Men, Rogue was able to defeat longtime rival Carol Danvers with a combination of her own powers and the powers of Iceman. It's no small feat to stop the future Captain Marvel.


Idie Okonkwo

Idie is a student of the Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning, previously of the Jean Grey School under Wolverine. Her powers involve two extremes of temperatures. Idie can command searing hot flames and can also generate freezing blasts capable of making ice constructs. She has used her powers to reinforce fellow X-Man Iceman's defenses on a few occasions.

A conflicted young woman, her view on the world is much the same as her powers in their conflict. Although a very nihilistic person, she is capable of great compassion and values her friends greatly. Whiel she often doesn't mind what happens to herself, she is very concerned with the safety of Broo and the other students.


Freeze Man Megaman

Freeze Man is one of the bosses in Mega Man 7, and much like his name suggests, he deals in ice. He isn't the first to wield the power however, as he is preceded by Ice Man, who he holds in high regard.  Freeze Man's mastery of temperature is what gives him his chilly arsenal.

His ability to control temperatures comes from his conception, as Freeze Man was not always a combatant. He was originally created as a means to generate a source of non-polluting energy. It wasn't until later on that he was modified by Dr. Wily to fight.



Mandarin commands a great amount of power, which he draws from his ten rings. He's used them to give a world of bother to his longtime foe, Iron Man. The versatility of his power rings, when combined, make him a very formidable foe or a useful ally, as long as there's something for the Mandarin to gain, of course.

One of his rings, sometimes referred to as "Zero" has the power to project and control ice. Mandarin can create projectiles, shield himself from harm and freeze opposition with the Zero ring. when used in tandem with the other rings, it can be part of an impressive arsenal.


The Incredibles Frozone

Frozone quickly became a fan favorite in the first Incredibles movie, and not just because he's incredibly cool. Ice puns aside, Frozone provides dependable support not only to longtime friend Mr. Incredible, but his family too. Before all that, he was a superhero in his own right, too.

As seen in Incredibles 2, Frozone is on call for any dangers presented to the family's children when Mr. and Mrs. Incredible are not present. Trustworthy and competent, this ice cold hero can use ice to transport himself and others as well as form ice constructs. The only thing he can't do, is find his super suit!



Calvin Rankin has been both a villain and an ally to the X-Men since his first appearance. He's even been a fully-fledged X-Man for a bit. His powers mimic all of those held by the original X-men roster, and he prides himself on his ability to apply them in the field, simultaneously.

One of the powers Mimic holds is of course Bobby Drake's command of ice. Much like Iceman, he can project and manipulate ice via control over temperature, though he isn't as powerful as Bobby Drake. This may be because his power is shared between several abilities, rather than one.


Martinex in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Martinex appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 alongside several other recognizable characters from the Marvel Comics Universe. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Martinex is one of the Reavers, a collective of space pirates that previously ran with Yondu before he was excommunicated for working with Ego.

In the comics, Martinex is a member of an incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy form the far future. He's a crystaline being, capable of generating extreme cold in the form of blasts and other ranged methods of attack. The crystaline compound of his skin, while visually similar to ice, is not so.


Crystal has been an ally to a lot of Earth's superteams for years. Most notably she worked alongside the Fantastic Four, even joining their roster for a short period. She has also shared a romance with Johnny Storm, even after leaving the team.

Crystal is a member of the Inhuman race and one of the Inhuman Royal Family at that. Like most of her people, she has undergone the Terrigenesis, an event in an Inhuman's life when they realize their true form. With that change, comes an Inhuman's powers and Crystal was given command of the elements, which includes ice.


Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat X

Alongside Scorpion, Sub-Zero is one of the most instantly recognizable ninjas in the Mortal Kombat Universe, heck, in the entire fighting game spectrum. His mixture of martial arts prowess and freezing abilities make for some stunning and visceral visuals. Sub-Zero is a member of the Lin Kuei alongside Cyrax, Sektor, Smoke and Frost.

The first Sub-Zero fell to Scorpion in the first Mortal Kombat tournament, and the title fell to his younger brother. It turns out that Scorpion's taking of the original's life was the result of deception and as repayment for taking the man's life, Scorpion vowed to protect the new Sub-Zero.


Storm in a Snowstorm

Ororo Munroe is one of the X-Men's most adept and trusted leaders. She has held a high position in the X-Men ever since her first appearance, proving herself to be a responsible and motherly figure to her fellow mutants. Once worshiped as a goddess, her ability to control the weather affords her many wondrous abilities.

With her weather manipulation, she has been known to generate large snow storms when the situation calls for it. Her powers are also tied to her emotions and snow storms, along with rain, can occur when she is feeling, for lack of a better term, under the weather.


Victor Fries is a bit of an unfortunate character. His aptitude for sub-zero temperatures and the manipulation of ice comes from his want to preserve the life of his terminally ill wife, Nora. Though he is often found in contention with Batman, he's not as villainous as he appears.

Whenever he has needed to delve into criminal activity, it is usually with a purpose. That purpose is always linked to the preservation of his wife. Whether he needs funds to sustain his research or a facility to keep his true love safe in, crime almost always pays his bills. He's not unreasonable, however, having worked alongside Batman on numerous occasions, for the greater good.


Once a firm antagonist to The Flash, Captain Cold has become somewhat of an anti-hero. Even in his criminal pursuits as part of The Rogues he still sticks to somewhat of a moral code. Though he himself has no superpowers, his patented Cold Gun is a marvel of engineering.

There was a brief period where an accident involving the gun gave him genuine ice powers, though. The contraption allows him to project ice, form constructs and it's stopped The Flash in the past. Captain Cold also plays a pivotal role in the CW series DC's Legends of Tomorrow, further cementing his anti-hero status.


Though she has quite an aggressive code name, Caitlin Snow is far from the villain she once was. Though there have been a few to use her code name, Caitlin is the most recent and, as it turns out, the most heroic. She currently holds a spot on the Justice League of America.

Her path to heroism began when she was drafted into the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller. Hoping to use her as she did with a lot of the members, Waller would lose her chilly new acquisition to morality. When the villain Eclipso tried to unlock her deepest darkest desires, he instead brought her want to do better to the surface.


Ice is an extremely powerful metahuman from the DC Universe, often shown to have to stay calm to ensure her powers do not go haywire. However, traumatic events are shown to overwhelm her, causing her powers to sometimes endanger everyone in the immediate vicinity. Her father was claimed by one of these instances of lost control.

A longtime member of the Justice League International, Ice was one of the few metahumans from the team who survived the decimation at the hands of Doomsday that claimed the life of Superman. Ice has also been shown to be able to absorb large amounts of energy.


Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Though Loki is usually in command of magic that deals in illusion and trickery, there is an icy under-layer to the God of Mischief. Yes, Loki has his Norn Stones and has a wealth of abilities that are derivatives of many forms of magic, but that's not all he has.

Loki is partly a frost giant, even if he doesn't entirely like the idea. This portion of himself gives him certain resistances that other creatures of the Nine Realms do not have. He is also technically the heir to the throne of the frost giants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



Kratos has had a real rough deal for the longest part of his existence. Losing his first family to the treachery of Ares, he had a lot to be angry about. Having further misgivings with the gods of Olympus, he would eventually destroy them entirely, with a rage unparalleled.

Seeking to start again, quietly, Kratos tried to make a new life for himself in Midgard. Like most things, however, it became complicated. His new wife perished and he inherited her weapon, the powerful Leviathan Axe. The axe exhibits ice powers, allowing Kratos to freeze his foes. A scary concept, the last thing you want to be in front of an angry Kratos, is frozen.


When you think about ice-based superheroes, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone as synonymous with the concept than Bobby Drake. Iceman has been the go-to for chilling power since he first appeared, looking like a snowman, in the initial X-Men roster.

He's also incredibly powerful, revealed to be an Omega-level mutant by Emma Frost. He has learned to control his powers in amazing ways, even having the ability to exist as vapor and reform. After finding out Bobby's potential Emma Frost advised monitoring the mutant closely, as if he lost control, he could trigger an extinction-level event across the planet.






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