Power Rangers: The 15 Most Powerful Green Rangers

Green Power Ranger

In the more than 20 years since “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” first debuted, there have been dozens of Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow and Red Rangers to grace the franchise. We’ve also seen Special Rangers of all colors, shapes and sizes. Despite the multitude of other Rangers out there, the Green Power Ranger has always held a special status among fans and within the show’s continuity.

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Because the Green Ranger is usually considered a Special Ranger, there are far fewer than the more common Reds, Blues and Blacks. That just means that when you see Green, you know they are going to be special. In celebration of the new “Power Rangers” movie, here are the franchise’s 15 most powerful Green Rangers ever.

WARNING: This list contains spoilers for the "Power Rangers" movie.

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Green Power Ranger RPM
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Green Power Ranger RPM

In the world of “Power Rangers: RPM,” the evil Venjix Computer Network took over the world and forced civilization to survive in the domed city of Corinth. There, Doctor K was able to create Ranger Series technology to help combat an attacking machine army. She initially released Series Red, Blue, and Yellow before attempting to find a user for Series Green. Ziggy was never supposed to be a Power Ranger, but he was forced to use the morpher to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

As a result, Ziggy was unskilled as a Ranger Operator and needed to be trained in how to wield his new power. While Ziggy must learn to use his teleportation abilities, he wields a Nitro Blaster and the Turbo Axe as the Green Ranger. During his time on the team, Ziggy also pilots the Tail Spinner Zord and has access to the Croc Carrier, a secondary Zord he shares with Ranger Black. Due to the limitations of the technology, all Ranger Series Operators must charge their morphers in order to use them. This significantly limits Ziggy’s capabilities as a Power Ranger.


Green Power Ranger Dino Charge

In “Power Rangers Dino Charge,” the alien Keeper entrusted the powerful Energems to 10 dinosaurs millions of years ago. After the location of these powerful items are lost to antiquity, they are discovered in modern times for the Dino Charge Rangers to come together and fight against evil. Riley Griffin discovers the Green Energem while living on his ranch and is able to command the awesome power of the Dino Charge Green Ranger.

The Green Ranger embodies the power of the velociraptor and has access to the Raptor Zord and his Dino Cycle. Riley also wields his Dino Saber and the Raptor Claw in his fight against Sledge, Heckyl, Snide and Lord Arcanon. The Dino Charge Rangers can increase their power with the Dino Super Charge Saber to obtain Dino Super Drive Mode, however, Riley is the only member of the six main Rangers who never directly wields the sword.


Green Power Ranger Lightspeed

When demons threaten the city of Mariner Bay, the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers are recruited in “Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue” to protect the innocent. In this series, the Rangers and their arsenal of Zords and weapons are all man-made by the Lightspeed organization, instead of having magical origins. Recruiting people with special skills, Joel Rawlings is reluctant to join at first but is ultimately brought in as the team’s pilot. He is initially arrogant and frequently disobeys orders to take unnecessary risks and get his kicks in.

As the Green Rescue Ranger, Joel wields his Rescue Blaster, Thermo Blaster, and V-Lancer. He also possesses the Rescue Cutter, which can be combined with the other Rangers’ weapons to form the Rescue Bird. His Battle Booster allows him to gain Megabattle Armor, which greatly increases his defensive capabilities. Joel pilots his Lightspeed Cycle, the Aero Rescue 3, Rail Rescue 3 and Omegazord 3.


Green Power Ranger Lost Galaxy

When the space colony Terra Venture is endangered by the forces of Scorpius and Trakeena in “Power Rangers Lost Galaxy,” the Lost Galaxy Rangers are chosen to fight against evil. Damon Henderson is the senior mechanic on Terra Venture and is eventually chosen to become the Green Power Ranger after meeting up with the other Rangers. His skills with machines come in handy on multiple occasions, especially when they start using the Astro Megaship as their base of operations during their adventures.

As the Green Ranger, Damon taps into the elemental powers of wind. He uses a Quasar Saber and Quasar Launcher in his arsenal. When the team recovers their Transdaggers, his manifests as the crossbow-like Trans Blaster. He pilots his Jet Jammer and Astro Cycle, and has access to the Condor Galactabeast. He also gains an upgrade from the Lights of Orion to increase his abilities in a fight.


Green Power Ranger Turbo

After “Power Rangers Zeo,” Zordon upgrades the power of the Rangers to face a new evil in “Power Rangers Turbo.” In time, several of the former Zeo Rangers decide to move on, and they choose their successors. Long-time Ranger Adam Park picks Carlos Vallerte to become the next Green Ranger. He helps prepare Carlos for life as a Power Ranger and trains him in the fight against evil.

Carlos inherits the Desert Thunder Turbozord and uses his standard issue Auto Blaster, Turbo Blade, and Turbo Cart. His personal weapon is the Turbo Thunder Cannon. He also gains control of the Thunder Loader Rescuezord. Later on, when the show becomes “Power Rangers in Space,” the Power Rangers discover that Zordon’s homeworld is under attack. Carlos joins T.J. Johnson, Ashley Hammond and Cassie Chen in space, and when the team upgrades to the Space Rangers, he becomes the new Black Ranger, ending his career as the Green Ranger.


Green Power Ranger Time Force

When the evil Ransik escapes the year 3000 and travels to 2001, the Time Force Rangers follow him to modern day in order to recapture him and prevent him from doing any damage. Trip is a native of Xybria and would go on to become the Green Time Force Ranger in “Power Rangers Time Force.” Given the nature of his people, Trip is far more naive and gullible than his fellow Rangers, however, his skills with technology make him an important asset.

When the team is stranded in the 21st century, Trip designs the Electro Booster to enhance their abilities. As the Green Ranger, he uses his Chrono Blaster, Chrono Saber, and Vortex Blaster to fight against the monsters that Ransik unleashes. He pilots his Green Vector Cycle and the Time Flyer 3 Zord. Using his innate abilities, Trip can also read minds and even see the future in some instances.


Green Power Ranger SPD

In “Power Rangers S.P.D.,” Space Patrol Delta is the first line of defense against troublemaking aliens who wish to disrupt the harmony mankind has established with many alien races. When the A-Squad Rangers go missing, it’s up to the B-Squad to step up and defend all peaceful life. One of the B-Squad members is Bridge Carson who serves as the Green Ranger of his team. He pilots Delta Runner 3, his Patrol Cycle and Delta Max Striker. When they discover their S.W.A.T. Mode power up, Bridge gains additional power.

Throughout the series, Bridge is shown to possess psychometric abilities, allowing him to read auras. He is also shown to be telepathic, and he has the unique genetic ability of super strength. He is eventually promoted to the S.P.D. Blue Ranger after Jack Landors retires as the Red Ranger. In “Once A Ranger,” he is shown to have been further promoted to S.P.D. Red Ranger.


Green Power Ranger Super Samurai

In “Power Rangers Samurai” and “Power Rangers Super Samurai,” Mike becomes the Green Samurai Ranger to help fight against the forces of the Netherworld. He is usually depicted as the comic relief of the group, preferring to slack off and eat food over training, which gets him in trouble during fights. Mike taps into the power of the forest element and eventually proves himself to be a very capable warrior in his own right.

As a member of Samurai and Super Samurai, Mike has access to several different battle modes. In standard Samurai Mode, he uses his Forest Spear Spin Sword and pilots the Bear FoldingZord. In Mega Mode, he uses the Mega Blade and gains access to the BeetleZord. Mike uses the Black Box to gain Super Samurai Mode. The Shogun Buckle also gives him Battlizer armor that he uses with his Shogun Spear. In Shark Attack Mode, he gains the Shark Sword and can pilot the SharkZord.


Green Power Ranger Ninja Storm

In “Power Rangers Ninja Storm,” Sensei Kanoi Watanabe trains three individuals to become the Red Wind Ranger, Blue Wind Ranger and Yellow Wind Ranger. Hoping to protect his son from danger, he doesn’t allow Cam Watanabe to train at the Wind Ninja Academy or become a Power Ranger in his own right. It isn’t until Cam travels back in time and meets with his mother that he receives the amulet that transforms him into the Green Samurai Ranger.

With the power of the Green Ranger, Cam uses the Samurai Saber and Lightning Riff Blaster. He pilots the Samurai Star Chopper, which can either form with the other Zords or transform into the Samurai Star Megazord on it’s own. He was the only Power Ranger who could automatically enter Super Samurai Mode without any need to unlock his power. This mode increases his abilities and turns him into a powerful ninja warrior.


Elephant Spirit Power Ranger Jungle Fury

The Green Ranger in “Power Rangers Jungle Fury” isn’t actually a person but the animal spirit of Master Phant. The Elephant Spirit Ranger, Bat Spirit Ranger and Shark Spirit Ranger are initially used by the Phantom Beasts to fight the Jungle Fury Rangers. When the spirits are freed, the Spirit Rangers become allies in the fight against Dai Shi and his evil minions. As a Spirit Ranger, the Elephant Animal Spirit is summoned by Master Phant in order to fight alongside him. It can also be summoned by the Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger.

The Elephant Spirit Ranger uses the Jungle Mace in battle and actually transforms into the Elephant Zord, instead of piloting it. This Zord can then be combined with the Jungle Pride Megazord to create an even more powerful Megazord. It already comes in Jungle Master Mode and channels the strength of an elephant, making the Elephant Spirit Ranger a powerful ally for the Rangers.


Green Power Ranger Zeo

Introduced in the second season of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” Adam Park is one of the longest tenured Rangers in the franchise. He joined the team as the second Black Power Ranger and Black Ninja Ranger before becoming the Green Ranger in “Power Rangers Zeo” and “Power Rangers Turbo.”

As the Green Zeo Ranger, Adam used his Zeo Laser Blade, Zeo Laser Pistol, along with the Zeo Power Hatchets as his personal weapon. He piloted his Zeo Jet Cycle and the Zeozord 4 Taurus before it was upgraded to the Super Zeozord 4. He was also able to use the Red Battlezord on one occasion, which was reserved for the Red Ranger. When the team upgrades their powers and become the Turbo Rangers, Adam uses his Auto Blaster, Turbo Blade and Turbo Thunder Cannon. He also pilots the Desert Thunder Turbozord. He eventually passes his power onto Carlos Vallerte before the team is sent into space.


Green Power Ranger Mystic

In “Power Rangers Mystic Force,” the Mystic Force Power Rangers are the successors to the ancient Mystic Wizards who long ago sealed the Underworld to rid the world of evil. When Octomus the Master returns, Xander Bly is recruited to be the Green Mystic Ranger in the Mystic Force Power Rangers. While he displays overconfidence and a bit of an ego that can get in the way of his training, Xander proves to be one of the more powerful members of the team.

Harnessing the power of Earth, Xander wields his Magi Staff Axe and Mystic Racer. He also receives the spell code to use Mystic Muscles, which greatly increase his strength, and he is the first Power Ranger to unlock the Mystic Force Fighters. His Titan, the Mystic Minotaur, is the largest and strongest on the team, and he can combine with Yellow, Pink and Blue to create the Mystic Dragon. When the team becomes Mystic Force Legend Warriors, he obtains powerful battle armor, a Mystic Lion Staff, and can combine to form the Mystic Lion.


Green Power Ranger Super Megaforce

Introduced in “Power Rangers Megaforce” as the Black Ranger, Jake Holling becomes the Green Ranger when the team upgrades to Super Megaforce in order to face a coming alien invasion. As the new Green Ranger, Jake uses his Super Mega Blaster and Super Mega Saber in battle. He pilots the Super Mega Racer Zord, which provides the Legendary Megazord with a powerful arm cannon.

Of course, the most powerful aspect of the Mega Rangers is their ability to use Super Mega Mode to morph into past incarnations of fellow Rangers. In Legendary Mode, Jake is shown to be able to channel Zeo Green, Turbo Green, Galaxy Green, SPD Green, Mystic Green, Samurai Green and Ranger Operator Series Green. He can also morph into previous Black Ranger incarnations, like the Mighty Morphin Black Ranger and a few other colors as well. As a team, the Mega Rangers can even access several Megazords from the past.


Green Power Ranger Mighty Morphin

It’s no surprise that the original is also one of the best Green Rangers of all time. Tommy Oliver began his career as a Power Ranger on the wrong side of the fight between good and evil. As a brainwashed puppet of Rita Repulsa, the Green Ranger proved far too powerful for his counterparts to defeat. He even managed to raid the Command Center and put Zordon and Alpha 5 out of commission.

The Green Power Ranger also had access to the coolest arsenal in the series, wielding the Sword of Darkness, wearing the Dragon Shield, and using the Dragon Dagger to command the Dragon Zord. Using these items, he proved to be far more than a match to the Megazord itself. Sometimes he didn’t even have to be inside the Zord to pilot it! Tommy eventually joined the side of good and would go on to become one of the greatest Power Rangers ever, serving as the White Ranger, the White Ninja Ranger, the Zeo Red Ranger, the Red Turbo Ranger and the Black Dino Ranger.


Rita Repulsa Power Rangers Movie

A familiar foe is reimagined in the 2017 “Power Rangers” movie. In this new continuity, Rita is the former Green Power Ranger who served alongside Zordon, who in turn was the Red Ranger millions of years ago. After turning on her teammates, Rita attempted to take possession of the Zeo Crystal and end all life on Earth. Zordon and Alpha 5 are only able to stop her when they send an asteroid hurtling into the planet. The blast kills the dinosaurs, but sends Rita into hibernation.

When she reawakens in the present day, she is shown to still be in possession of the Green Power Coin, allowing her to tap into the abilities of a Power Ranger. She displayed super-strength, durability and all the incredible fighting skills she learned as a Ranger. Rita can also still morph into her armor, while her staff allowed her to manipulate rocks and gold in order to create Putties and monsters.

Which Green Power Ranger do you think is the strongest? Let us know in the comments!

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