10 Most Powerful Female Members of the Teen Titans

The Teen Titans are easily one of DC’s most popular superhero teams. Derived from a group of young heroes alike, the Teen Titans offer a younger, more innocent approach to crime fighting, giving the “sidekicks” a chance to shine on their own. Over the years, the team has undergone several changes in its lineup and faced a wide variety of challenges along the way.

However, when many people think of the iconic team, only a limited group of characters come to mind. For a group that has had a roster that is almost as big as the Justice League’s, characters like Robin, Cyborg, Kid Flash, Starfire, and Beast Boy are typically the people fans think of first. While the team has had an incredible number of female heroes on their side, only a few come to mind when people think of the team. To help shed some light on the more powerful women of the group, here is our list of the 10 most powerful female members of DC’s Teen Titans.

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10 Hawk/Dove

Though there have been many iterations of Hawk and Dove over the years, Holly and Dawn Granger are the main focus in this regard. The two of them are sisters with drastically different personality types. Like Hawk and Dove often are, Dawn is a much more peaceful person, only using violence when absolutely necessary.

Holly, on the other hand, is much more aggressive and violent by nature, serving as the antithesis to her own sister. However, despite their drastically different personalities, the two are both incredibly skilled fighters. Thanks to the abilities bestowed upon them by the Lords of Chaos and Order, the two are some of the most effective crime fighters around.

9 Ravager

Though Hawk and Dove are highly skilled fighters, there are both nowhere near the same level as Rose Wilson, or Ravager. Ravager is the daughter of the popular Teen Titans villain, Deathstroke, and was directly trained by him for practically her whole life. In being the daughter of deathstroke, Rose is not only an incredibly fighter, but familiar with several different fighting styles and techniques.

She is also a great tactician and one of the more brutal members of the team. Even without any enhanced abilities, Rose has proven to be incredibly deadly. Likewise, her complicated relationship with her father has made her and on-and-off villain for the young superhero team.

8 Bumblebee

Bumblebee is a mostly tech-based heroine whose powers strongly resemble that of Marvel’s Wasp. Karen Beecher has been and on-and-off member of the Teen Titans for quite some time, usually due to her complicated relationship with Mal Duncan.

Regardless, her ability to shrink has gotten her both in and out of several tricky situations and her ability to blast opponents makes her all the more useful. Though Bumblebee can’t kill anyone with the blasts she delivers, they still come in handy for stun purposes.

7 Omen

Lilith Clay is a lesser known member of the Teen Titans, yet one of the team’s oldest. Originally, Lilith only had the ability to read minds and glimpse into the future. These abilities made her a valuable member of the team, but kept her from being one of their heavy-hitters.

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Nowadays, however, Lilith’s powers have evolved to make her one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet. Recently,Lilith has been shown to cast illusions and attack people on a mental front, making her capable of doing extreme mental damage to an opponent. Though she isn’t as popular as some other Teen Titans, Lilith is still one of the most powerful.

6 Terra

Tara Markov is most known for betraying the Teen Titans during the popular The Judas Contract, storyline. Her upbringing and narcissistic attitude caught Deathstroke’s eye and he manipulated her into infiltrating the team.

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Terra’s abilities allow her to control and manipulate Earth, meaning that things made of rocks and dirt like, are subject to Terra’s abilities. Therefore, following the reveal that Terra was the team’s traitor, she proved to be all the greater the adversary. While her time on the team may have been insincere, Terra is still one of the more powerful members of the Teen Titans.

5 Djinn

Djinn is one of the newest members of the Teen Titans and a really new character all together. Debuting as part of Adam Glass’ run as part of the recent Rebirth line, Djinn is an ancient, all powerful genie. Strictly speaking, there are no limits to her magical powers. Djinn can accomplish anything so long as someone desires it who is also in possession of the ring that her spirit is tied to.

On her own, however, Djinn’s abilities are much more limited. As a relatively new character, not much else is known about her at the moment. While she has the potential to rank much higher on this list, the restrictions against her handicap her powers, causing her to fall a bit further.

4 Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)

Cassie Sandsmark is tied to Wonder Woman in a unique way. Having been chosen by Zeus himself, Cassie assumed the role of Wonder Girl, eventually leaving her own home to train with Wonder Woman and the Amazons.

Like Wonder Woman, Cassie possesses much of the same abilities, though she is nowhere near as experienced in combat as other Amazons are. Cassie also possesses a lasso that is tied to her emotions, generating Zeus’s lightning abilities the more angry Cassie gets.With her abilities and equipment at her side, Cassie is easily one of the most powerful members of the team, period.

3 Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)

Long before Cassie came along, Donna Troy held the title of Wonder Girl. As a founding member of the Teen Titans, Donna would come to inspire many generations of heroic youngsters. Also like Wonder Woman, Donna possesses nearly identical abilities. Diana is, however, more experienced, and far more dedicated to her mission than Donna is.

However, Donna also has significantly more experience than Cassie, giving her a slight edge over her younger “sister.” While she may not be as powerful as Wonder Woman herself, Donna Troy is, in fact, a close second.

2 Starfire

Starfire is easily one of the more recognizable members of the team, thanks to her role in shows like teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!, and Titans. As an alien from the planet Tamaran, Starfire’s unique biology gives her immense power. Similarly to Superman, Starfire’s body converts ultraviolet radiation into energy.

That energy is then used to allow her to fly, generate super strength and speed, or even dispel that energy in the form of powerful blasts. Because of her powers, Starfire has even been shown to take down Donna Troy. Starfire’s incredible powerset, combined with her popularity, have made her one of the most common members of the team over the years.

1 Raven

Of course, the most powerful female member, and arguably the most powerful member of all, is going to be Raven. Ravens powers are derived from her father’s bloodline. Since he is the demon, Trigon, Raven is able to tap into some of his own abilities and use them for herself.

The only drawback to Raven’s powers is through her emotions. If her emotions become too strong, her father will be able to access the mortal plane, using Raven as his vessel for transfer. Much like Djinn, Raven has the potential to be more powerful than audiences have ever witnessed. Thanks to her extensive character history though, readers are highly familiar with exactly what Raven is capable of.

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