• 20 Most Powerful Weapons In DC Comics That Aren't In the Arrowverse (Yet)
    Monitor in Arrowverse Elseworlds crossover

    The Arrowverse has become a massive, sprawling affair. What started with "The Hood" has evolved to include Green Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, The Atom, John Constantine, and now Batwoman. And, hey, Black Lightning is technically in there somewhere too, though he's still kept separate from the others. But for the overwhelming size of the Arrowverse in its current state, it still isn't anywhere near the scope of the source material. The DC Universe proper, even with its multiple reboots, is still a sprawling monstrosity the likes of which four CW shows could barely hope to capture.

    We've had a number of villains turn up, and they've brought with them their signature weapons. From Captain Cold's cold gun to Oliver's many trick arrows, the weapons of DC Comics have begun to filter through onto the small screen. But we've still only just begun to scratch the surface of potential for weapons to appear. The upcoming "Elseworlds" may introduce one of the most powerful, appearing to introduce the Book of Souls to the universe, and the addition of Batwoman definitely introduces some new elements, but there are still plenty of absurdly powerful weapons to come. We've dug through the pages of DC lore to identify some of the most powerful weapons yet to debut, from living supercomputers to candles that open the gates of Hell itself. Is there a chance we'll see some of these in the Arrowverse eventually? Definitely, but the odds are certainly better for some weapons than they are for others.

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    The Mother Box is one of the strangest devices in the DC Universe, a living supercomputer most commonly associated with The New Gods. These boxes have long been a staple of The Fourth World, though they have eventually found their way into DC's more grounded heroes, with Superman regularly being offered one, and Cyborg's New 52 origin establishing he was rebuilt from one.

    The Boxes are game-changing for the DC Universe. They enable the usage of Boom Tubes, allowing for transportation across the galaxy. They also provide an incredible omni-knowledge, informing and educating users on anything and everything related to their current dilemma.

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    Hawkman had a series of appearances across the Arrowverse, though both he and Hawkgirl have since faded into the sunset to be seemingly forgotten. Of the many aspects and weapons brought into the show though, one missing was the Claw of Horus.

    It's a fairly recent addition to his weapons, having first appeared in 2001's relaunched JSA and last being seen during Brightest Day. The claw is a unique weapon, using the Earth's magnetic core to power it. It gives the Hawks a heck of a punch, once allowing Hawkman to even layout Superman. It hasn't been seen in The New 52, though the recent Hawkman revival increases the odds we'll see this one again.

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    Black Hand

    Black Hand's Power Rod is a uniquely difficult device to feature in the Arrowverse, given the modern origin of the device is directly tied to a currently absentee Lantern corp. Originally a device Hand had developed to drain Green Lantern's Power Ring, the Power Rod made him one of Hal Jordan's more formidable foes throughout the years.

    With Infinite Crisis came retcons though, and the origin of the Rod changed. The Cosmic Divining Rod was now established as something created by Atrocitus during an early adventure on Earth, with the Rod falling into Hand's possession after Atrocitus was beaten by Jordan and his then-mentor, Sinestro.

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    Given their status as transcendental, galactic gods, it's no surprise that so many of the elements of The Fourth World appear on this list. A surprising entry may prove to be Kalibak's Beta Club though. Kalibak himself hasn't made many appearances since The New 52, despite being a regular front-line soldier of Darkseid pre-Flashpoint.

    Designed by the God of Torture Desaad, the Beta Club is a nigh-indestructible weapon that fires bolts said to inflict pain beyond mortal comprehension. In most media, Kalibak is the first to arrive when Darkseid sets his sights on a target. Should the Fourth World ever make its way to the Arrowverse, Kalibak and his Beta Club are surely not far behind.

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    Heaven and Hell are both known to exist in the DC Universe, and one of the more notable examples joined the JLA. Zauriel originally arrived on Earth to help the relatively recently reformed JLA against the King-Angel Asmodel. He carried with him an incredible artifact, Michael's Sword.

    Zauriel would claim the blade was that of the Archangel Michael. The blade was controlled by Zauriel's own willpower, making it incredibly powerful. It could cut through anything, no questions asked, including time and space itself. Curiously, the S.H.A.D.E. monster hunter Frankenstein carries a blade that he also claims is Michael's Sword.

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    jaime reyes' blue beetle

    The mantle of Blue Beetle was not one anyone expected to ever become a legacy character, and yet it managed to become incredibly notable. Dan Garrett would use it to become the Blue Beetle, passing it on to Ted Kord. Kord was never able to use it, though, and it wasn't utilized again until it came into possession of Jaime Reyes.

    The Scarab came alive under Reyes, identifying itself as Khaji Da and showing a much more violent side. The Blue Beetle is an incredibly powerful hero aided by the Scarab, but given his appearance on Smallville, it may be a while before they're ready to use him again for DC television.

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    Barry Allen would discover he could travel through time and to other dimensions by controlling his vibrations, but he would need help to do so. To that end, Barry created the Cosmic Treadmill. It allowed Barry to travel through time by running and maintaining his internal vibrations.

    While the Treadmill aided Barry, it's also what allowed Eobard Thawne to travel to the past and face Wally West, with an unstable Thawne later traveling back even further to become Barry's greatest nemesis, Professor Zoom. This one has been alluded to in the Arrowverse, as the STAR Labs treadmill is identical to the Cosmic Treadmill's design. However, given Arrowverse's Barry can already travel through time unaided, it's unlikely this one will ever truly show up.

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    Of all the weird things Grant Morrison has brought back from the dregs of continuity in order to tell a story, the Miracle Machine may be the weirdest. It's also clearly the most powerful. Miracle Machine is perhaps the most literal description one could come up with. Stand in its presence and wish for anything, no matter how briefly, and the machine will make it come true.

    The machine defies the laws of the universe. When the greatest minds of the multiverse built the machine in Final Crisis, Lex Luthor commented that it appeared capable of rewriting reality. The Machine has not been seen since 2009's Final Crisis finale, but it can be a literal game changer.

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    The mysterious God of Knowledge, Metron is rarely seen without his impressive Mobius Chair as he travels throughout the galaxy at large. Metron's chair is an iconic piece of DC Universe kit, making the character instantly recognizable. More than notable New Gods like Orion or Mister Miracle, Metron is the poster boy for The Fourth World.

    The Mobius Chair is an invention of Metron's own design, simulating or replacing many of the functions of a Mother Box. It grants him flight and interstellar travel, but also allows him life support to survive in the harsh environment of open space. The chair also bestows incredible knowledge to whoever sits in it, such as when it told Batman the identity of The Joker.

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    Though obviously never confirmed, Power Rings have to exist in the Arrowverse. There have been allusions to the Emotional Spectrum in the Arrowverse: The Flash's season 1 crossover "Flash Vs. Arrow" featured many of the color spectrums as Barry was kept under control by Rainbow Raider.

    Hal Jordan's disappearance was referenced in another instance of The Flash's first season, with Barry acknowledging a Ferris Air pilot who'd gone missing, but neither the Green Lanterns or any of their technicolor counterparts have arrived yet. With Crisis and Elseworlds being tackled as crossovers already, how much longer can they really put off casting a Green Lantern?

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    Aquaman Poseidon Trident

    Aquaman himself doesn't have much of a powerset, to be honest. He can breathe underwater, and his Atlantean nature has a much hardier build than a normal human. And, of course, he infamously talks to fish, which allows him to be both the butt of every joke and the most powerful DC hero there is.

    With the Trident of Neptune, Aquaman gets a serious upgrade. Not only does is it an open declaration that he is Atlantis' ruler, but it also allows him to manipulate forces of water, as well as produce energy bolts and force fields. The Trident appears to be a focal point of 2018's Aquaman film, but could it turn up in the Arrowverse soon?

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    Metron has his Mobius Chair, and the New Gods have their Motherbox, but Orion wields an impressive kit himself: the Astro-Harness. A trippy collection of golden rods, pipes, and harnesses, the Harness first appears alongside Orion and many major New Genesis characters in the pages of 1971's The New Gods #1.

    The Harness is impressive, sharing many similarities with other New Gods technology. It's capable of flight throughout the galaxy, and thanks to a degree of sentience it can repair itself. Most impressively, it works as a channel for the Astro-Force that Orion wields, not only firing it as blasts but also increasing Orion's natural physical abilities.

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    Sure, we got The Amazo in the form of Anthony Ivo's ship during Arrow's second season. But we've still not gotten a live-action iteration of Amazo in the Arrowverse, and with metahumans an explosive presence it feels like there's no time like now for it!

    The comics counterpart of Amazo is an android created by Ivo, built with the ability to duplicate the powers of the Justice League. Carrying power-sets belonging to the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and more made him a force to be reckoned with. Many incarnations of Amazo have proven to be nearly unstoppable, with one fight only ending because Superman cut off his power source by disbanding the League on the battlefield.

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    One night, dozens of the world's most notable villains received an odd gift. It was a small, wooden box with a black candle, and a note that lighting it at midnight would open the door to fame, power and riches. This is how the fallen angel Neron entered the DC Universe, and how he nearly destroyed the Earth.

    To be fair, the candles do exactly what they say they do. Of course, the catch is you also sell your soul to Neron. The candles have made a number of appearances through the DC Universe over the years, but Neron has been notably absent from DC for some time, making him ripe for an Arrowverse appearance.

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    Originally found on Apokolips, the Heart of Darkness is a small, black diamond which has been bound to Eclipso. Originally a component of God's Spirit of Wrath, the being was split in two so that The Spectre could serve as vengeance with a more steady hand, and the other half became Eclipso.

    Trapped inside the Heart of Darkness, whoever touches the diamond becomes Eclipso's host, possessing anyone who is enticed by the diamond while filled with rage. There have been plenty of hosts for Eclipso through the DC Universe, including Ray Palmer's ex-wife Jean Loring and the most common host, scientist Bruce Gordan.

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    With Ra's al Ghul soon to return, Talia al Ghul would give Batman a gift to help him face off against her father: the Suit of Sorrow. The Suit would make him stronger and faster, more vicious than ever. The suit's unique components were corrupting him every time he wore it.

    The Suit of Sorrows, it turns out, was a creation of The Order of St. Dumas, and designed to be worn by their champion, Azrael. The suit is a component of the mental conditioning typical of Azrael, and a major component of what eventually drove all Azraels mad. The Rebirth incarnation of Azrael wears a similar suit, which Lucas Fox determined also had the potential to drive him insane.

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    Robby Reed was exploring a cavern near his house when he discovered the H-Dial. It looked like a handheld rotary telephone dial, but with symbols that could not be interpreted and four which appeared to spell the modern word for hero. Dialing the word H-E-R-O turns Robby into a random hero each time.

    Though it only summons a random hero who is uniquely created, there have been occasions where Robby turned into a known hero. Though the H-Dial recently resurfacing in Action Comics was revealed to be a fake, its existence does mean the real H-Dial is somewhere out there in the current DC Universe.

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    Dr Fate

    Doctor Fate is more than just a title, it's an entity hailing from the ancient days and the Lords of Order, specifically Nabu the Wise. Doctor Fate is the bearer of the Helmet of Fate, which provides a connection to Nabu and allows him to function as one of the more powerful magic users in DC's storied history.

    It's not just the helmet, though. Fate also bears the Amulet of Anubis and the Cloak of Destiny, powerful items in their own right that allow Fate to harness Nabu's power and then some. Fate hasn't appeared in live-action since Smallville, though a battered version of his helm was seen in 2014's now in-continuity Constantine series.

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    You make Batman mad, you're gonna get a beating. And when a God makes Batman mad, well, they're going to get a god-sized beating. But Batman is still only one man, and to that end, he created the Hellbat armor alongside his Justice League teammates.

    The Hellbat armor was created to allow Batman to go toe-to-toe with Darkseid, so you know it's durable. It doesn't just let him fight at a higher level, it increases his strength and stamina, though it can prove fatal. The armor proved incredibly resilient against Darkseid when trying to recover Damian Wayne's body from Apokolips and later allowed Lois Lane to fight Eradicator.

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    For practically the entire life of the character, Darkseid has had but one ultimate goal: to possess the mythical Anti-Life Equation. It's exactly what it sounds like: a daunting mathematical equation that removes free will from whoever is afflicted by it.

    It is said the Equation can control any sentient species who succumbs to it, with their own beliefs overcome by a cold, calculated certainty that life is pointless, that freedom and hope are meaningless, and that only despair is reality. The Anti-Life Equation may be the most scary thing the DC Universe has ever concocted, with only heroes such as Mister Miracle being capable of knowing it without losing their minds.

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