Dat Axe: The 25 Most Powerful Axes Ever

When it comes to powerful weapons in fiction, it’s usually swords, hammer, and guns that everyone focuses on. He-Man has the Sword of Power, Thor has Mjolnir, and Judge Dredd has the Lawgiver. These are the kinds of weapons that pop culture pays the most attention to, but there is another class of weaponry that deserves some love because they can be just as dangerous, and in some cases, even more powerful than any sword. Between comics, television, film, literature, anime, and video games, there are amazingly powerful axes that characters have wielded and proven to be just as effective as any sword.

Some axes are magical in origin, some come from an alien world, and others are based on advanced technology. No matter how the weapon came to be, chances are it has been wielded by a powerful warrior who has managed to make themselves a serious threat in a fight. This list of powerful axes spans many different properties through several different mediums. We go from the Power Rangers to Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Warcraft to Naruto, and there is still more to explore. Without further ado, here are the 25 most powerful axes that ever existed.

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Powerful weapons come in all shapes and sizes, and in the world of Mouse Guard, they have to be small enough for a mouse to hold. Even so, a tiny weapon like the Black Axe can prove to be a reliable weapon in a fight, and as a result it has taken on a deeper meaning within the Territories. The legendary Black Axe was forged year ago by a mouse who lost his family to predators, so he brought this weapon to Lockhaven in order to bolster the force of the sacred order of warrior mice known as the Mouse Guard.

The wielder of the weapon takes the name Black Axe as their title; however, by the start of the story, both mouse and axe had disappeared. When he finally resurfaces, Celanawe is old and the fight has gone out of him. It is the young Lieam who helps him recover his spark before eventually passing the axe to him. The Black Axe is considered to be one of the strongest weapons among the armory of the Mouse Guard, but even more important is the axe’s status as a symbol of leadership. Mice will follow the wielder of this axe to victory or to doom.


The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were five teenagers recruited by Zordon to fight against the evil Rita Repulsa and defend Angel Grove from her minions. In order to do that, the Power Rangers were fitted with incredible weapons that gave them an advantage over the terrible monsters that attacked. We all know the Power Rangers had their Zords for when the bad guys got to be too tough, but they were also give Side Blasters and Thunder Sliders to shoot Putties with. While these weapons were all standard issue, each Ranger received their own personal weapon.

Black Ranger Zack Taylor was given the Power Axe, a powerful single-blade axe that could deliver a fair amount of damage on its own. While the Power Axe is primarily used in hand-to-hand combat, it also has the ability to transform into a gun, giving the Black Ranger some extra firepower. Together with the personal weapons of the other Power Rangers, Zack’s Power Axe becomes the main section of the Power Blaster. With this weapon, the team was able to take down some opponents without the need of the Megazord. Following Zack’s departure, the Power Axe has been used by Adam Park in Operation Overdrive and by Jake Holling in Super Megaforce.


Norman Osborn has always been a thorn in the side of Spider-Man, but he’s a gifted businessman and inventor when he isn’t being a villain. His company Oscorp created everything he needed to become the Green Goblin, and then he took it a step further by creating tech that other villains could use in their villainous escapades. One of these bad guys was Cleavon Twain, a man who would become known as the Headsman. He used a prototype Green Goblin glider to get around and a powerful high-tech axe as his weapon of choice. The axe was capable of firing concussion blasts, which he could charge with the power pack he wore on his back.

After falling into obscurity, the Headsman resurfaced as a member of Osborn’s Thunderbolts when he was put in charge of the country’s security. Over time, Cleavon began to yearn for redemption after years operating as a criminal has gotten him nowhere. Unfortunately, the Headman’s turn as a hero ended quickly when he lost his life as a member of the Thunderbolts. His hammer survived, though, and it was given to his brother Cody so that he may pick up where his brother left off in his attempt to do right.


The Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist from Naruto wield some of the greatest swords to ever come out of the hidden village of Kirigakure. Despite the group’s name, and the fact that the other six weapons are swords, Kabutowari is actually an axe and a hammer tied together by a leather strap. The two parts of the weapon form what is called a blunt sword and can be used individually or in combination with each other. It can be used as a wedge against even the toughest defenses by attacking with the axe and hitting the back of the weapon with the hammer in order to inflict even more damage. Both parts of Kabutowari have been able to send out devastating shock waves upon impact.

The blunt sword is first seen in the anime when it is summoned by Mangetsu Hōzuki and given to its rightful wielder Jinin Akebino. He proves to be incredibly skilled in the use of his weapon, and views offense as the only proper battle strategy, since his weapon can effectively break through just about any defense imaginable. It can even pierce an Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall, proving how powerful it really can be. Kabutowari is later used by Kyohō Fuefuki as part of the New Seven Ninja Swordsmen.


Every culture has needed powerful weapons in a time of chaos, and in the Elibe Series of the Fire Emblem franchise, the people were forced to rely on the power of eight divine weapons known as the Legendary Weapons of Elibe. Among them was Armads, the Axe of Heavenly Thunder. Along with its counterparts, this weapon was gifted with incredible power and proved to be strong enough to break through the tough scales of a dragon. It is with these weapons that the war against the dragons was won. Following that victory, the axe was sealed away.

During the events of the 2002 Game Boy Advance game The Binding Blade, the seal was broken and Hector was able to gain possession of the axe. The weapon proves to be even more powerful that Hector’s own mighty Wolf Beil, which proves to be a powerful axe on its own. Upon gaining ownership of Armads, Durban warns Hector that its power will lead to his undoing, however, the hero decides the risk is worth it if he can help eliminate the evil Bergal. In the end, turns out to be true as an older Hector loses his life in battle during the events of The Blazing Blade.


The world within Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one long ago destroyed by a great evil known as the Calamity Ganon. While most of the old world is lost and nature has mostly taken back what is left, there are some signs of an advanced civilization. The ancient Sheikah people left behind Guardian robots to protect the people of Hyrule; however, their technology was ultimately used by Ganon to bring about the world’s end. That doesn’t mean their handiwork has not survived the end of the world, though.

Throughout Link’s adventures in Breath of the Wild, he will come across the remnants of this lost civilization. One artifact is the Ancient Battle Axe, a type of weaponry that is easily distinguishable by its bright blue light and lightsaber sounds. The Ancient Battle Axe is a two-handed weapon that possesses two advanced forms that make it even stronger than the base version. Link can find these weapons inside shrines and are often wielded by Guardian Scouts. He can also create them by using the Ancient Oven at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Unfortunately, like every other weapon in the game, the Ancient Battle Axe will break after a set number of hits.


There are many ancient heroes who have turned into legends within the world of Skyrin. The legendary hero Ysgramor is remembered for leading 500 companions against the ancient Snow Elves who had previously massacred their people. His campaign signaled the return of men to the world of Tamriel and the domination of their species over the mer people. It is said in legend that Ysgramor weeped for the dead, and his tears were ebony, which his son used to forge Wuuthrad. While the hero is gone, his most famous weapon remains within Skyrim and can become a weapon in the Dragonborn’s armory.

The Companions from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can trace their lineage back to Ysgramor and his fellow warriors. Though Wuuthrad was long ago broken into pieces, the “Glory of the Death” questline with the Companions can bring the weapon back into working order. After gathering the pieces, blacksmith Eorlund Gray-Mane reforges Wuuthrad, allowing the player to wield the powerful two-handed battle axe. Long ago enchanted with ancient magic, the weapon is even more powerful against Altmer, Bosmer, Dunmer, and Falmer. Since this ability is not considered an actual enchantment, Wuuthrad can also be further enchanted using an Arcane Enchanter.


In a world where you must go out and fight giant monsters, a big and powerful weapon is the only thing that will do. In Monster Hunter World, the player can create and collect a large assortment of gigantic weapons to take on the huge monsters that infest the world. You can choose between swords, shields, lances, glaives, guns, and combinations of them all, but if you really want to get creative with your attacks, the use of Switch Axes are really recommended. Unlike the other weapons on this list, this is actually a class of weaponry that allows you to switch between sword mode and axe mode.

There are a multitude of different Switch Axes in the game that can be created and updated in order to offer some of the best offense in the game. Unlike other weapons in the game, Switch Axes offer an elemental bonus attack, a phial system that adds different effects, and offers both increased reach and mobility while on the attack. Though you can’t really go wrong with the weapon you choose to go with, each Switch Axe and their upgraded forms offer unique advantages and disadvantages that can really help you in your adventures. They also look really cool, if we’re being honest.


There are many weapons in the World of Warcraft universe, but few are as legendary as Gorehowl, the two-handed axe of the Hellscream family of orcs. The axe has been handed down through several generations of orc and originally received its great power after the hearts of six gronn were sealed within the blade. Grommash Hellscream is the most famous wielder of the mighty weapon, which he used to defeat several imposing enemies. With the help of Gorehowl, Grom nearly cut Nobundo in half. He did manage to slay the demigod Cenarius and the pit lord Mannoroth in battle before his ultimate fall.

The axe became one of the most feared and notorious weapons in all of Azeroth. Notches on the top of the blade allowed it to make a whistling sound when it was swung through the air. This sound was considered to be its own war cry, which is where Gorehowl received its name from in the first place. Garrosh, son of Grom, eventually came into possession of the weapon, which he used to eliminate Cairne Bloodhoof in battle. He used the weapon until abandoning it in the Vault of Y'Shaarj for an Old God replica known as Xal'atoh, Desecrated Image of Gorehowl.


Within the 52 universes of the DC Multiverse, the world of Angor is considered to be a dimension filled with Marvel Comics doppelgangers. It is the home of Lord Havok, and his band of Extremists, who are all alternate versions of the prominent Marvel villains, and the Retaliators, who are basically the Avengers. On this world is the hero known as Wundajin, who wields the powerful Lightning Axe. It’s pretty clear that this is the DC Universe equivalent of Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir. There’s even an Ultimate Marvel world where the Thunderer is supposed to be Ultimate Thor.

Unfortunately, the villains of Angor prove to be too powerful for the heroes to stop them, and the world is ultimately destroyed. In the limited amount of time that we have been able to see Wundajin and his axe in the heat of battle, he seems to have many of the same abilities as Thor. He can channel electricity through the Lightning Axe and also effortlessly deflect energy attacks with it. Despite the loss of Wundajin, the Justice League of America keeps his axe in their headquarters, waiting for another hero to pick it up. With the rebirth of Earth-8, perhaps we will see the Lightning Axe return to its rightful owner.


Kratos of the God of War franchise is no stranger to wielding powerful weapons. During his fight against the Olympian Gods, he primarily used swords to do the fighting. In the 2018 God of War, Kratos travels to the land of the Norse Gods, where he uses an axe called Leviathan as his primary weapon during his adventures through the wilderness with his son. The axe was previously created by the same dwarves who forged the mighty hammer Mjolnir, and feeling remorse for the destruction Thor has caused, gift the axe with significant power. The blade can be upgraded several times in order to significantly increase the weapon’s base power.

The blade has several runes that give it control over the ice elemental as well as the ability to summon the weapon from a great distance. Further upgrades are available to increase its power and give Kratos more abilities during his adventures. The blade is not the only part of Leviathan that factors into the power of the weapon. The pommel can be switched out in order to give it even more powers than before. There are different levels of handles that offer perks to Kratos that will help him in battle.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer has many ancient artifacts that are essential for keeping this world safe from evil supernatural forces. Forged in ancient Africa for Sineya, the first Slayer, the Scythe (also referred to as M?) is one of the most ancient and powerful weapons a Slayer can use. Buffy Summers has used the axe on many occasions to fight against evil and defeat some of her most powerful foes. After pulling M? from a rock, she used it to take out Caleb and defeat The First Evil. In the 23rd Century, the weapon is picked up by Melaka Fray, the Slayer of that time period, making it the ultimate tool against evil for multiple Slayers.

The Scythe also possesses an incredible amount of latent magical energy, which Willow has harnessed on numerous occasions. She channels the magic in the blade to activate every single Slayer in the world. Willow also uses it to restore magic to the world and can cut through dimensional barriers with ease. It is considered to be the counterpart of the legendary Excalibur from the Arthurian Legends of old. Since it was initially created to destroy the Old Ones, it can be considered just as powerful as these beings were.


In the world of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there are many weapons to be found out in the world, but there are also some that can be created. Smithing is a huge part of keeping your armory up to date in the world of Skyrim, but to get an axe as powerful as the Dragonbone Battleaxe, you have to gain a lot of skill and take out quite a few dragons in order to gain what you need. To create this two-handed weapon, your character must have a level of 100 in Smithing and also have the Dragon Armor perk. Then all you need is three Dragon Bones, two Ebony Ingots, and two Leather Strips.

Once you create your Dragonbone Battleaxe, it can be further upgraded with the use of a grindstone. The Dragon Armor perk will actually double the improvement of each upgrade on the axe. The only way to actually find this weapon out in the wilds of Skyrim is through the Dawnguard add-on. During the “Beyond Death” quest, the player will have to enter the Soul Cairn, where they will be confronted by creatures known as Keepers. These creatures can drop Dragonbone Battleaxes, but the only way to be sure is to actually make your own.


Everyone in the Soulcalibur video game franchise is on a quest to obtain the powerful Soul Edge sword. Each character is fitted with their own signature weapon, which informs their own personal fighting style. In his quest to obtain the sword to overthrow his father, the Greek God of War Ares has the Grand Priest of the heretical order Fygul Cestemus known as Kunpaetku create a soldier who obtain it. The golem known as Astaroth is fitted with the mighty axe Kulutues and sent out in search of the Soul Edge, ready to eliminate anyone who stands in his way.

While most of the other fighters rely on swords, Astaroth is one of the few fighters in the series who uses an axe. Kulutues is a two-handed axe that is said to be an incredibly well-balanced weapon for both offensive and defensive purposes. The blessings that the priests put on it prevent anyone other than Astaroth from using the weapon, otherwise it imbues the attempted user with a devastating curse. His move sets make him a powerful enemy, but he is best used from a distance where his long reach can be utilized to cause great damage. Kulutues can also be used to pick up opponents and drag them around the arena before finishing them off.


In the wide world of Warhammer 40K, Gorefather and Gorechild were the most feared and deadly pair of chainsaw axes in the universe. They were initially wielded by Primarch Angron of the World Eaters Space Marine Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy of the 30th and 32st millennia. Eventually the weapons were damaged beyond repair and Angron discarded them. However, Kharn the Betrayer, a trusted comrade of the Primarch at the time, decided to save Gorechild from its fate. Despite it being considered bad luck to pick up discarded weapons, Kharn could not bear to let it go. Gorechild was secretly restored to working order and used by Kharn as a tool of power.

Both weapons were created using some of the strongest material in the universe, including adamantium for the base and the unbreakable teeth of Mica Dragons on the Death World Luther Mcintyre. Gorechild has been proven to be capable of cut through the armor of a Space Marine with ease. With the use of this weapon, Kharn has managed to become one of the most powerful Chaos Space Mariners in the universe. According to legend, Kharn managed to cut through a million loyalists at the Imperial Palace before finally losing his grasp on the weapon.


The supervillain known as the Persuader is a recurring bad guy that seems to show up repeatedly between the 20th to 31st Century. The most memorable version of the character is Nyeun Chun Ti from the far future. This Persuader was a member of the Fatal Five and fought against the Legion of Super-Heroes. Modern day counterparts have shown up as well, with Cole Parker taking up the name before meeting his end and getting replaced by Elise Kimble as a member of the Terror Titans. One common denominator between all versions of the villain is the fact that they all wield a powerful weapon known as the Atomic Axe.

This incredible weapon is shown to have a massive amount of power outside the abilities of a normal axe. The Atomic Axe can cut through almost all different kinds of matter, allowing it to cut through oxygen itself and leave a victim without air supply. It has also shown capable of bending the laws of nature by cutting off gravity and slicing through reality itself in order to open rifts that can act as portals. In one instance the Atomic Axe displayed the ability to slice through the mystical superhero Raven’s soul self. The user of the weapon can control the movement of the axe with a mere thought, allowing it to return to its owner if it is ever dropped.


David Gemmell’s Drenai Series is set within a medieval fantasy world, but only a few of the weapons receive notoriety. Perhaps the most famous in the series is Snaga the Sender, an enchanted battle axe primarily wielded by the heroic Druss the Legend. The weapon receives great power from the soul of the demon that has been held inside the blade for ages. It has been used by several men within his family line, starting with his grandfather Bardan. After Snaga eventually drove him insane, Bress, the father of Druss, his it away and refused to use it.

Druss eventually took up the axe in order to rescue his wife Rowenna in The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend. He loses the weapon and it is found by a warlord who is corrupted by the demon inside Snaga. It then became Druss’ duty to keep the axe from falling into anyone else’s hands who might be corrupted by its power. At last he is able to expel the demon from Snaga and ensure that no one else will become a victim of the weapon’s evil. Druss continued to use the axe in battle right up until his ultimate end during the Siege of Dros Delnoch.


blood axe

True to tradition, the Asgardian weapon known as the Bloodaxe has latent magical powers just like Mjolnir. In the hands of the Executioner, it has been shown to be capable of cutting rifts into other dimensions, and having control over elemental forces like fire, ice, wind and lightning. Just like Mjolnir and Thunderstrike before it, the Bloodaxe in the hands of a mortal can imbue them with the powers of a god. Following the death of Skurge, the axe fell to Earth and came into the possession of a man who used it to become the superpowered villain Bloodaxe.

By wielding the weapon, he gained super strength, speed, durability and enhanced reflexes; however, unlike Mjolnir, the Bloodaxe is inherently evil and eventually twists those who use it into overly aggressive murderers with an insatiable lust for battle. The hero Thunderstrike came into possession of the axe after finally defeating its wielder. Eventually it proved to be too powerful for him to wield. Even Thor Odinson himself could not handle himself while in possession of the axe, and he turned into something of a monster. It just seems like this weapon needs to be locked up and never used again by anyone.


In the world of Bleach, Zanpakutō are the weapons of the most powerful Shinigami, Arrancar, and Visored in the world. While most of these weapons take the form of swords, the Zanpakutō Baraggan Louisenbairn uses is actually a giant dual-bladed battle axe he calls Arrogante. It is capable of handing out a great deal of damage in battle, which Baraggan holds with only one hand. He is able to use it well as a defensive weapon, conserving his power until the time to strike. These weapons are actually more like physical manifestations of their natural powers, so by using Arrogante, he is able to tap into his natural abilities as an Arrancar.

In the midst of battle, Baraggan’s raw power burns the skin right off his body revealing his true form to be that of a skeleton in robes. Using the power of his Resurrección, Baraggan can now endure powerful attacks and prevent them from even reaching him with an aura that will decay any object near him. Baraggan also has the ability to send out a gas cloud that targets his opponents for disintegration. Within his Resurrección form, he can also summon a new version of his axe which contains new powers within it.



A new entry into the DC Universe as part of the New Age of DC Heroes initiative is the hero Viking Judge. A descendant of the Viking Prince, Turid Goldenaxe has possessed the body of Agnes Allen in order to seek her sense of judge across the world. Her adventures will be told in The Unexpected, from Steve Orlando and Ryan Sook, but she made her first appearance in the pages of Supergirl. Together with her magical axe, Bright Marshall, she proved to be a handful for even the strength of Supergirl, and her attack proved to be a key part in the takedown of Director Bones.

The introduction did a lot to teach us about the power of her axe, which is said to be the reforged axe of Forseti, the god of justice in Norse mythology. Bright Marshall shows the reflection of a person’s worst crimes in the blade, allowing Turid to enact lethal justice upon them. The weapon is also powered by magic, which allows it to damage even the tough skin of a Kryptonian when Supergirl was injured in the fight. The Viking Judge will stop at nothing to ensure that her targets suffer for the crimes they have committed, and Bright Marshall is the perfect tool to help her.


Terrax Marvel Comics

The Silver Surfer served under Galactus as his Herald, but after the hero finally broke free from his master’s control, the Devourer of Worlds needed to find a new minion. The tyrannical dictator Tyros was chosen to become the next Herald of Galactus, and once he was enhanced by the Power Cosmic, he became known as Terrax the Tamer. Despite all his powers, and the alien’s natural ability to manipulate rock, Terrax also wields a powerful cosmic axe as his weapon of choice.

Using the power within the axe, he has proven to be able to cut entire planets in half with a single blow. The weapon also emits powerful energy waves and projects a force field powered by the Power Cosmic itself. The cosmic axe also greatly augments his ability to manipulate the earth itself, making him an even bigger threat than he as initially. Despite being a mortal enemy of the Silver Surfer, the two have banded together with the other former Heralds of Galactus at times when the cosmos was in big trouble. Though he has since lost the power Galactus had bestowed on him, Terrax and his axe remain a dangerous being in the Marvel universe.


There are dark corners of World of Warcraft that open doors the players were almost better off not exploring. That is exactly what the game did in 2006 when The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj 40-man raid dungeon event first debuted. It brought the player on a quest into the center of the Fallen Kingdom, where an ancient temple stood as a place of worship to unfathomable gods that made Cthulhu look pleasant. It is within this temple that the player must fight and defeat C'Thun, a godlike entity that proved to be the most difficult final boss for several years.

As a reward for finally defeating this monster, the Dark Edge of Insanity is dropped as an attainable item. This unique two-handed, dual-bladed axe is a level 84 weapon that possesses incredible raw power and also offers the ability to disorient opponents in battle, leaving them unable to fight for a few moments. The axe was considered to be one of the most powerful weapons in the game until the release of The Burning Crusade expansion. Dark Edge of Insanity also possesses an eye in the center that blinks and rolls in its socket, which is believed to be based on the Soul Edge sword from the Soul Calibur video game series.


Every member of the the Seven Deadly Sins were each gifted with a different sacred treasure by King Bartra Liones in order to defend the kingdom with. Each of them wield a unique personal weapon they bring into battle with them that has its own special powers and abilities. The Divine Axe Rhitta is a giant axe wielded by the Lion’s Sin of Pride Escanor, perhaps the only being actually capable of using it. Rhitta’s distribution of weight is concentrated in the head, making it hard to balance in battle. Given Escanor’s incredible physique during the day, this weapon is perfectly built for his use.

It also compliments him by absorbing all the heat he radiates from his body during the day. Escanor can then channel that energy through his axe and unleash it with a precise blast. Instead of releasing the power as an attack, he can release the energy in a wave of light and heat that people often confuse for the sun. Since he can’t carry the axe around at night in his weakened state, it’s a good thing Escanor can also summon it to him even at great distances. Once he is able to transform again, he can then pick it up and enter into battle.


Before Thor Odinson was deemed to be worthy to wield the power of the magical hammer Mjolnir, he brought another weapon into battle instead. In Thor: God of Thunder, it was revealed that a young Thor used a battle axe forged by the dwarves by the name of Jarnbjorn. After wielding the weapon for centuries, the Odinson blessed the weapon with his blood to make it far more powerful than it already was. With this weapon he took on Apocalypse and won, though he eventually lost the weapon and finally picked up Mjolnir. For years the axe was left in Asgard’s armory, but when the Odinson was deemed to be unworthy to use Mjolnir, he returned to using his old axe.

The blessing Thor anointed the axe with allowed it to pierce Celestial armor, which the Apocalypse Twins later used to destroy the Celestial Gardener and set up the Earth for complete destruction. After the Avengers Unity Squad is able to reverse time and save Earth, Thor finally uses the weapon once again to annihilate the Celestial Exitar in one mighty strike. With Odinson set to take back his identity as Thor from Jane Foster and reforge Mjolnir, it would be a shame for Jarnbjorn to not gain a new permanent wielder to fight evil with.


Within the Golden Axe video game series, the Golden Axe itself is seen as the ultimate weapon in the entire series. Think of it as the equivalent to the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda series. Good and evil usually fight over the ownership of the axe because of its ability to imbue the wielder with the power needed to either create lasting peace or ultimate destruction. Most of the series’ conflict involves defeating a villainous warlord, usually the evil Death Adder, who is in possession of the Golden Axe before he can take over the entire world.

The actual powers of the axe are numerous, making the wielder invincible to damage and far more powerful. It also allows the user to bring inanimate objects to life, like suits of armors and statues, and possess humans. The Golden Axe was forged from the soul of a god, which gives it the incredible power to change forms into that of golden armor, as well as having effect over the undead. The user of the axe can also be granted whatever wish they desire, making it the most desirable artifacts in the world, and the most powerful axe in all of pop culture.

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