10 Most Powerful Alternate Versions Of Wonder Woman

It is safe to say that when it comes to DC Comics, the “Trinity” is the most powerful collection of heroes in the universe. From Superman and his nearly god-like power from another world to Batman and his unmatched intellect, martial arts and tactician mind, the Trinity is incredibly powerful. The most powerful of all is Wonder Woman.

The Amazon Princess and demigod has lived and protected humanity for decades in DC Comics, challenging not only the gods themselves but alien threats and invaders from other dimensions. Let’s look at ten alternate versions of Wonder Woman throughout DC Comics.

10 Earth-2 Wonder Woman

One of the first alternate versions of Wonder Woman has to be her Earth-2 counterpart. Originally showcasing the Golden Age version of the hero, Diana’s journey shows that after the events of the storyline 52, and into the New 52 era, Earth-2 was it’s own separate universe mirroring our own.

In that universe, Wonder Woman rode a pegasus and lived on Paradise Island. She also had a daughter with the evil Steppenwolf, whom she named Fury. Later on she, alongside Superman and Batman, fell in battle during a powerful invasion of Earth-2, ending her long, heroic career.

9 Amazon

During one of the few times that Marvel and DC Comics partnered up together to bring their universes together, a new version of Wonder Woman was created. During the comics known as the Amalgam Universe, the two universes were briefly merged to create new heroes, including the merging of Wonder Woman and the X-Men’s Storm.

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This new version of Wonder Woman, named Amazon, was known as Princess Ororo of Themyscira. However the events of the universe that led to the merge didn’t last, as the merged heroes fought to separate the entities responsible and maintain their separate, equal universes.

8 Nubia

Another hero who has a connection to Wonder Woman and in other universes has become the Wonder Woman of that said universe has to be Nubia. Originally conceived as Diana’s twin sister, her history was later retconned and she was introduced as one of the first black woman to become a superhero in comics, although some argue that title belongs to Teen Titans member Bumblebee.

Her history was retconned to show she was an Amazon who was assigned to guard to door to Tartarus, living on that side to stop intruders and prevent escapes, who eventually met with Wonder Woman.

7 Wonderous Man

Exploring alternate Earth versions of Wonder Woman, it is shocking to see that one of her counterparts is actually a man. The Earth-11 version of Wonder Woman is Wonder Man, not to be confused with Marvel Comics hero and Avenger of the same name.

Real name Dane, the hero of that universe is far more violent and aggressive than Wonder Woman, who was kicked out of the JLA for his stance on wanting to execute Maxwell Lord. He later led his Amazonian’s against the modern world, until Flashpoint rebooted his universe and changed him into the hero Wondrous Man.

6 DC’s Bombshells Wonder Woman

One very popular alternate version of Wonder Woman has to be the WWII centric female led heroic universe, DC’s Bombshells. This version of Diana isn’t as different as her original story, as she sets off with Steve Trevor to help stop the war before it is too late, leaving behind her home and becoming Wonder Woman.

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However the modern day heroes and antiheroes we all know are now in the same era as Diana, and this version is recruited into Amanda Waller’s secret female led hero group known as Bombshells, alongside Diana’s best friend and ally, Mera Princess of Atlantis.

5 Valkyrie Brunhilde

Most versions of Wonder Woman in DC Comics tend to be heroes, as it is in her fundamental nature to protect the world and be the hero the universe needs her to be. Yet with all that power, there are some versions of herself that are pushed too far to the side of evil.

One such side happens to be her Earth-10 counterpart, a universe that has seen many versions of heroes turned into villainous, Nazi versions of themselves. This Wonder Woman is a Nazi-themed villain named Valkyrie Brunhilde, who serves Overman’s Reichsmen in in Multiversity DC Storyline.

4 Cassandra Sandsmark

Alternate universes are not the only ways to find alternate Wonder Woman’s. The main DC Continuity has plenty of heroes who have taken up Wonder Woman’s mantle in a variety of ways. One such hero is her second sidekick, the Wonder Girl Cassandra Sandsmark.

There have been various versions of Cassandra’s history. Typically she has been shown to be the daughter of Zeus himself, a demigoddess, although some versions have shown her to be the granddaughter of Zeus and niece of Wonder Woman. She is powerful, and is described by Zeus to be the future of the pantheon of gods.

3 Flashpoint Wonder Woman

One alternate universe version of Diana that was truly haunting to see come to life was the Flashpoint universe version of the character. In the world created by Barry Allen’s attempt to save his mother’s life, Wonder Woman and Aquaman became friends as children, and agreed to marry one another to allow their respected kingdoms to be revealed to the world in unity.

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However a plot was hatched by Ocean Master and Diana’s aunt Penthesileia, having Queen Hippolyta assassinated and making Wonder Woman believe Atlantis is behind it. She declares war on Atlantis, seizes the United Kingdom and brings war.

2 Superwoman

One of the most villainous versions of Wonder Woman has to be Superwoman of Earth-3. A founding member of the Crime Syndicate, she is an Amazon warrior similar to Diana, who uses her lasso to form any shape she wants, including winged serpents. Married to Ultraman but having a romantic relationship with Owlman, she helps lead the Crime Syndicate to attack Earth-1 on several occasions.

After the Syndicate nearly destroys the New 52 era of heroes during the Forever Evil storyline, she is revealed to be carrying Earth-3’s Alexander Luthor’s child, who may well destroy Earth.

1 Donna Troy

The most powerful of all the heroes to take up the legacy of Wonder Woman has to be Donna Troy, the first and original Wonder Girl. This hero has had many different origins, from Wonder Woman’s “teen sister” to a clone of Wonder Woman and even the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta.

More recent histories show she is the clay formed being meant to destroy Wonder Woman and be a living weapon by Derinoe. The Amazons gave her false memories to help her have a healthy life and become a hero rather than the weapon she was made to be.

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