The 10 Most Powerful Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Villains, Ranked

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has just entered its sixth season and it's still delighting fans around the world. The Marvel Cinematic Universe spin-off started off slowly but has really picked up in recent seasons. Its strength has always been when it's able to move away from the films and continue on its own original stories.

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Over the years the show has found great success in adapting villains straight from the comics, which have never been seen on the screen before. Alternatively, they've also had a lot of fun creating their own evil doers, loosely based on the source material. The results of this great writing, are 10 extremely powerful villains which have threatened the very existence of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Here are the top 10 most powerful, ranked!

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Grant Ward is incredibly powerful, although not quite in the same way as the rest of the villains on this list. While the others have their own especially brutal and menacing abilities, Ward is just a man. But he's a man whose skill set means he is incredibly dangerous and versatile.

His true power comes from his manipulation though. No matter how good he is with a gun, he's even better with his mouth. Able to turn Agents against S.H.I.E.L.D. including Agent 33 who met an untimely demise, his shock turn to Hydra and subsequent loyalty to the organization took many by surprise although made him an extremely deadly enemy.


A surprise addition to the rogues gallery for the secret organization, since he was a recent addition to the comics, Lash had a big secret to hide! The ex-husband of May, turned psychologist, had a mission to hunt down and kill other Inhumans. The former Dr. Garner was permanently turned into Lash following complete terrigenesis.

Although he ultimately died a hero, warding off Hive and falling to Hellfire, he was a prominent and powerful villain throughout season 3 of the show. One of the most dangerous opponents, Garner's Inhuman abilities allowed him to self-heal and disintegrate anything with his hands.



Another powered Inhuman, without any eyes, Gordon was Jiaying's right-hand man and one of her best fighters. With the ability to teleport, Gordon was like S.H.I.E.L.D.'s version of  Nightcrawler. The protector of his species was no stranger to combat and was one of the toughest opponents for the Agents to defeat.

Gordon ultimately met his demise by accident, after he teleported into a pole that Fitz was holding. He was also partially responsible for Coulson losing his hand though and went down as one of the most interesting villains due to his genuine intentions for the good of his people. Wise, loyal and always ready to do what was needed of him, Gordon died fighting the odds, three on one, a fitting ending for a powerful villain.


Season 5 of the show saw the team go to space for the first time, to face some familiar threats. Having been villains in previous episodes and in the films, the Kree finally re-emerged to cause havoc for the Agents. Led by Kasius, this spoilt and entitled ruler was incredibly powerful because of his money and resources.

His right-hand woman, Sinara, was his best warrior and served him to the best of her abilities, to her dying breath. Whilst Kasius himself was no fighter, with the Kree Empire backing him he seemed almost invincible. Ironically he went out fighting after using a special liquid which granted him increased strength and rage, before eventually dying.


Ruby Hale Agents of SHIELD

The daughter of the General and trainee from a very young age, Ruby believed she was destined for greatness. She'd lost her way very quickly though and had certainly lost her mercy. With a cool costume and formidable weaponry, Ruby was trained to be a killer.

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Her ambition eventually got the better of her though as she tried to take on the power of Graviton. This was too much for her though as the power began to kill her. When the gravity powers were eventually passed on to someone who could handle them a little better, she perished from a slice to the throat courtesy of Yo-Yo.




The leader of the Inhumans and mother of Daisy, Jiaying wanted to protect her people. After living a tough life of experimentation and prosecution it was clear why she had a hatred for mankind. With the ability to regenerate and live for extended periods of time, she didn't seem to age for quite a while and healed very quickly.

She had the power of the rest of the Inhumans behind her which was a great force to utilize, especially is she needed to manipulate her people into doing something sinister. Her greatest weapon was her mind, for she was a brilliant tactician and planner. Her power source is something quite ominous as she is able to regenerate by killing others and stealing their life source. She was killed by her ex-husband Zabo, who is next on this list.


Calvin Zabo and Daisy Johnson on Agents of SHIELD

Slightly more powerful than his late wife due to the fact he was the only person able to kill her, Calvin Zabo is the definition of a mad scientist. The father of Quake and based loosely on the Dr. Jekyll book; using his experiments Calvin is able to turn into the supervillain, Mr. Hyde.

Granted increased strength and a more volatile emotional state, Zabo was intelligent but unpredictable and so dangerous. The only way to beat him was, essentially, with compassion, as his strength would have been too much to physically face. The only villain on this list not to be killed, his memory has been wiped and he is living a happy life after being redeemed.


The life model decoy turned killing machine, Aida wanted a brand new start for herself and to build more androids. Much like any other robot story Aida wished to have freedom or to have some fantasy of it. Eventually, she created an alternate reality where she was in charge of Hydra as Madame Hydra.

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With the heroes thrust into this new world Aida was lethal, being able to manipulate events to her own advantage. Even in the real world, she managed to literally build new allies, especially in the Russian who's brain was kept in a bowl somewhere. Aida finally came to rest after she had even killed her own creator; taking the power of the Ghost Rider to defeat her.


An ancient alien being that had been woven into the fabric of Hydra law, Hive was an incredibly wise and omnipotent creature. Technically an Inhuman and perhaps one of the first, he'd been exiled on a baron planet before eventually finding his way into the body of Ward.

There was no way of stopping Hive, he was too intelligent and had amazing parasitic capabilities as well as everything from increased strength and endurance or healing. The end came when he was trapped in a spacecraft heading towards annihilation. The only way to end him was for Lincoln to sacrifice himself. As the creature that inspired Hydra, he really was one of cruelty and malice.


The most powerful being on this list has to be a man that cannot control nor understand his own abilities. Although Talbot was trying to save the Earth from Thanos, by taking on these gravity powers, he was ultimately doing more damage than good. Almost godlike in nature, Graviton would have split the world in half had he not been stopped.

In order to continue gaining power he absorbed other sources of Gravitonium including the Absorbing Man, but this only drove him more insane, with multiple voices in his head crowding his mind, as the trapped souls of the substance lived inside him. He died doing what he thought was right, which makes him the most dangerous on this list because of the sheer power and the inability to use it without causing harm to everyone, including himself.

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