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Shock And Pause: The 15 Most Paused MCU Moments

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Shock And Pause: The 15 Most Paused MCU Moments

When comic book fans head out to see the latest MCU movie, they are likely looking closely to catch all the Easter eggs harkening to their favorite comic book characters. However, the problem with seeing the superhero movie in theaters is that the moments can often fly by and there are many things that fans miss as the action roars on. Luckily, that is why buying the latest DVD or Blu-ray is almost a necessity for Marvel Comics fans because they can sit in front of their television and pause the movie every time one of those “blink-and-you-miss-it” scenes pop up in the film.

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There are plenty of fun moments that fans love to pause to admire or investigate. Whether it’s a classic scene from comic books replicated perfectly on the screen, a special character included as a cameo appearance, or Easter eggs that hurry by in the movie, there is something in the MCU movies for all comic book fans. Here is a look at some of the most paused MCU movie moments for Marvel Comics fans to explore and breakdown for clues once the DVD or Blu-ray is in the player.


Howard the Duck in Guardians of the Galaxy

Of course, everyone who watched Guardians of the Galaxy saw Howard the Duck plain as day in the post-credit scenes where Cosmo licked The Collector and Howard, drinking his tasty beverage, proclaimed how disgusting that was. His attitude at that moment made many long-time Marvel fans wonder about a possible future meeting with Rocket Raccoon – or at least something to wash away the bad taste of his infamous ‘80s solo film.

However, one of the most paused moments in Guardians of the Galaxy came in the scene where Star-Lord and Gamora enter the Collector’s museum. Cosmo was there. A Chitauri was there. However, the one moment that people were pointing out before realizing that he was in the end credits was Howard the Duck sitting in a container, one of the biggest geek-out moments in the film to that point.


Captain America list

After Captain America thawed, he started to reintegrate into society and had a lot of catching up to do. In Captain America: Winter Soldier, there were some interesting scenes in the movie that showed Steve Rogers trying to get a grasp on things. There was also a quick shot of a list that Steve was using, writing down new things he learned to help him remember and understand the new world.

When the DVD arrived, it gave Marvel fans a chance to pause the film and read what Steve had written on his list. There is one interesting piece of trivia about this list. It changes based on the region of the DVD. In North America, there are items like “Disco,” “Star Wars,” “Rocky (Rocky II?)” and “Moon Landing.” In the U.K., “The Beatles” and “Sean Connery” are listed while Korea has “Oldboy,” Spain has “Rafa Nadal,” Austrailia has “AC/DC,” Germany has “Octoberfest,” and much more.


Thor infinity gauntlet

In the first Thor movie, there was a scene where the characters were walking through Odin’s Trophy Room, and there was a ton of stuff in there for eagle-eyed Marvel fans to try to pick out. That is what made the Thor DVD and Blu-ray so great, because these same fans could pause the movie and explore what is in the room. This included items like The Eternal Flame, The Tablet of Life and The Orb of Agamotto.

However, the most prized possession in the room was The Infinity Gauntlet. When Thanos showed up in the end credits of The Avengers, it was even better to see the gauntlet because Thanos proved a war was coming. However, there was mass confusion when Thanos showed up with the Infinity Gauntlet at the end of Age of Ultron. Marvel just explained this by saying there was a gauntlet for each hand, and that Odin had the right-handed gauntlet.


Iron Man 2 shield hotspot map

One moment that many people completely missed when Iron Man 2 was in theaters was the hotspots map at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. The best thing about this map is that it had so much stuff on it that was a mystery to audiences at the time. However, it is something people can look at now and decipher things that make more sense as the MCU has moved on. There is also a spot on the map that is an obvious Easter eggs that will never come true.

There is a spot in the Atlantic Ocean that likely concerns Namor, who Marvel does not have the rights to. There is a place in New Mexico that was all about Thor’s hammer. There is one located in Africa, which likely foreshadowed the arrival of The Black Panther. Another hotspot is in South America where Bruce Banner was hiding out.


Captain America shield

One thing Marvel added to a scene as an Easter egg that most people missed the first time around came in the very first Marvel release, Iron Man. The scene had Tony Stark in his lab, experimenting in his armor as Pepper Potts walks in. On the left side of the screen, on a work table behind Stark, is what looks to be Captain America’s shield.

As the first MCU movie, there were debates about what Tony Stark having this shield meant for the future. It turns out, Stark having the shield made perfect sense. In Captain America: The First Avenger, Howard Stark creates the shield for Steve Rogers. With that in mind, it made plenty of sense that Tony would have either the actual shield or a prototype of the shield. At the end of Civil War, Tony demanded the shield from Steve, so there is a good chance it is the same shield seen on that table in Iron Man.


Captain America In Ice Hulk

This scene did not happen in the regular Incredible Hulk movie but was instead one of the deleted scenes on the DVD and Blu-ray version of the film. In the deleted scene, Bruce Banner heads to the Arctic Circle and tries to commit suicide. He fails when the bullet fires into his head but The Hulk just spits it back out. Well, that scene had something huge that fans could only see if they paused this MCU movie.

Before the movie hit theaters, director Louis Leterrier said that Captain America had a cameo in the movie. He wasn’t in the film, but it turns out Leterrier cut it, and the cameo was in this scene. Pause The Incredible Hulk and Captain America and his shield become visible in the distance, buried under the ice. With the scene cut, Captain America: The First Avenger was able to move the body to a more remote location.


Thanos Reveal Avengers

Not all of the most paused scenes in MCU movies had to do with Easter eggs. When it comes to the end of The Avengers, Marvel used one of its legendary post-credit scenes to reveal an upcoming big bad for The Avengers in Thanos. As anyone who has watched all the movies in the first three phases of Marvel knows, Thanos pulled the strings for a lot of the incidents that have happened on earth.

In the post-credit scene from The Avengers, fans got their first real chance to see Thanos in all his glory. Portrayed by Josh Brolin, Thanos turned, looked at the camera and smiled. It was an awesome moment as fans finally got a great look at the mad Titan. When the movie hit DVD and Blu-ray, fans could pause the film and see Thanos in all his glory, and it inevitably became a screen saver for many Marvel maniac’s computers.


Black Widow male stunt double

In the case of Black Widow in The Avengers, there are plenty of places in the movie to pause it and either watch her being interrogated by gangsters or flying through the air battling invading aliens with determined grimaces on her face. However, there is one other scene in the movie that fans all over the internet started searching for and pausing their DVDs, to see an instance where the editors didn’t do a great job fixing in post.

That came in the scene mentioned above where Natasha is tied up in a chair before she gets a call that S.H.I.E.L.D. needs her to go track down Bruce Banner. She then attacks her captors, while still tied up in the chair. She does a front flip while in the chair and fans quickly pointed out that, when pausing the movie, it is clear that it isn’t Scarlett Johansson in that action sequence – but a male stunt double.


Incredible Hulk Reinstein nameplate

The Incredible Hulk is the one Marvel movie that doesn’t fit into the rest of the entries of the franchise. The only person in the film that is still around today is General Thunderbolt Ross, who is the Secretary of State by the time Civil War rolls around. Edward Norton was replaced by Mark Ruffalo the rest of the movie remains ignored thanks to Universal refusing to release its death grip on Hulk.

However, outside of the deleted scene that showed a glimpse of Captain America, there was another cool moment that gave a wink to the existence of Cap in the MCU. At one point in the movie, there is a canister that has a nameplate that audiences can only read if they paused the film. It has the name Dr. Reinstein on it — Reinstein, of course, was the man who injected Steve Rogers with the Super Soldier Serum.


Ant Man Ten Rings

In another deleted scene, this one from the Ant-Man DVD and Blu-ray, there is a great must-pause moment for fans who might still be stinging over the Iron Man 3 twist ending. One thing that made many MCU fans mad was when it turned out The Mandarin was just an actor paid to portray the role while Aldrich Killian was the puppet master and the real villain of the movie. Marvel tried to appease fans with a short film that showed Mandarin was, in fact, real after all.

Marvel also threw in an Easter egg for Ant-Man that ended up on the cutting room floor. In the scene, Darren Cross is talking to potential buyers about the shrinking tech. If viewers pause the DVD when the camera focuses on one of the potential buyers, the man has a Ten Rings tattoo on his neck. It is possible the Mandarin is still in the game and might be in the market for the Pym technology.


Avengers Tower Blueprints

At the end of The Avengers, Tony Stark is working on a blueprint for a new Avengers headquarters to replace the tower destroyed in the alien attack of New York City. While watching this MCU movie in theaters only allowed a person to catch a glimpse of the blueprints as he was looking at them, owning the DVD allowed a closer inspection at the floor plan.

When pausing the DVD, there is a perfect chance to check out what Tony has planned for the new headquarters. What is awesome is that there are codes for each member of The Avengers, showing where each will sleep as well as the location of a training room. A lot of work went into this design by the filmmakers. In an interesting bit of foreshadowing of a brewing Civil War, Iron Man gave Captain America the smallest room.


Thor The Dark World

After the events of The Avengers, one of the characters affected the worst was Dr. Erik Selvig. The brilliant astrophysicist was controlled by Loki and ended up mentally unbalanced, even at one-point racing naked away from authorities. He spent time in a mental asylum where he tried to explain to anyone who would listen what he knew about the expanded Marvel universe. In Thor: The Dark World, he even used a chalkboard to demonstrate his theories.

Pause the DVD, and you can see a lot of fun stuff written on the board. There is a call-out to the Marvel 616 Universe (the mainstream one). There is mention of The Fault, paying homage to The Inhumans and the Crossroads, which is a call out to Doctor Strange. There are so many more Easter eggs, but only hardcore Marvel fans might catch as well.


Avengers Age of Ultron

If there is one scene in any MCU movie that fans can pause and admire over any other, it comes at the start of Avengers: Age of Ultron. The movie starts out at the onset of a giant battle. The camera moves quickly through the characters as they fight and take out HYDRA agents and move in on a base to capture and bring Baron Von Strucker to justice. Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Hulk are all on hand.

The shot to pause on is when the entire scene cuts to slow motion and all six members of The Avengers leap into the air, all lined up in the same shot, to go into battle. It is a perfect shot that encompasses what this team is all about. If there is one screenshot all Marvel fans should want, this is it.


Captain America Vs Iron Man

Another fun thing that some comic book movie directors like to throw into a movie for fans is a shot straight out of the comic books themselves. Taking an actual panel from a beloved comic book story and recreating it with the actors and then framing perfectly is something that is really fun for fans when they see it. For most moviegoers, it might just be a cool shot, but for comic book fans, it is recreating something they love.

That happened in Captain America: Civil War when the Russo Brothers recreated one of the iconic scenes from the Civil War comic book storyline. That shot was Iron Man firing his repulsors at close range at Captain America, as they sparked off his shield. The film’s depiction was almost perfect and is a great shot to pause the movie and admire in all its splendor.


Guardians of the Galaxy cocoon

While the Collector’s museum had a ton of fun Easter eggs, one of them stood out above the rest. Many fans pointed out that they saw the Sovereign cocoon and rumors started to flow that this meant Adam Warlock was coming to the MCU. Director James Gunn shot that rumor down immediately, saying that what fans saw was not Adam Warlock’s cocoon. However, he left it at that and fans kept speculating.

In one of the post-credit scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy 2, there was another cocoon, this one held by Ayesha, who looked at it and said she would call it “Adam.” When asked, Gunn revealed the cocoon that caused so many people to pause Guardians of the Galaxy to investigate was a “primitive version” of the Sovereign cocoons. Maybe now, Adam Warlock will finally show up in the MCU.

Which MCU moment did you pause the most? Let us know in the comments!

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