In A Flash: The 15 Most Paused Moments In The Arrowverse

Watching the Arrowverse shows at times requires us to stare attentively and tirelessly at the screen in order to catch all the easter eggs, cameos, references, hidden clues and all that other stuff. Whether it’s a moment lifted directly from comic book pages or a brief cameo appearance of an iconic DC Comics character, there’s always something in the episode to keep the fans on high alert. But sometimes merely watching carefully doesn’t cut it and you must pause and analyze the scene over and over again for those blink-and-you-miss-it moments.

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Every now and then, the Arrowverse also gives us steamy moments, which also make us want to hit pause to better appreciate the view. Over the years, all four shows, Arrow, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, have had some pretty pause-worthy moments. This year's season doesn't fall short and promises even more to come in the upcoming crossover at the end of November, which will reportedly unite a total of 20 heroes in one scene. Who needs DCEU, right? So, in anticipation of "Crisis on Earth-X", we have compiled a list of the greatest moments, easter eggs and cameos the Arrowverse has to offer. Here are 15 most paused moments in the Arrowverse.


Dropping names and making subtle and not-so-subtle references has become an Arrowverse specialty. Recently, Oliver Queen became the biggest name dropper by calling out Bruce Wayne while addressing the press. However, Batman is not the only prominent DC Comics character to get a shout-out on Arrow.

In season five, episode "Bratva", one of Oliver’s flashbacks revealed how Oliver came into possession of his green suit. In the scene where Talia al Ghul tells Oliver to take the fight to Starling City and punish the people on his father’s list, a rather peculiar object caught the eye of vigilant viewers. Sitting on the table between them is what appears to be Green Lantern’s Power Battery. Naturally, the fans took note and started discussing whether this announces the arrival of Hal Jordan.


The Flash’s "Welcome to Earth-2" episode featured a number of easter eggs and cameos. The episode sees Barry and Cisco experiencing the wonders of Earth-2 while attempting to save Wells’ daughter Jessie. A much-discussed moment from "Welcome to Earth-2" was Barry Allen’s phone speed dial. Right under mom and dad, Barry has written down some pretty interesting names.

In an amazing Justice League cameo, the names Bruce, Hal and Diana appear on Barry’s speed dial. It was a brief moment and definitely not easy to catch. While, Green Lantern and Batman were referenced before, this marked the first cameo appearance of Wonder Woman in the Arrowverse. It is doubtful that any of these characters will ever actually appear in the Arrowverse, so we’ll have to make do with easter eggs.


The Flash’s season two episode "Gorilla Warfare", yes, the pun was most certainly intended, saw the return of everyone’s favorite ape, Gorilla Grodd. In a high-stakes game of hide and seek, the Scarlet Speedster rushes to save Caitlin, who has been kidnapped by Grodd. In order to make sure Gorilla Grodd doesn’t return, Team Flash decides to send Grodd to Earth-2.

They start developing a plan of action and Harry Wells shows off an Earth-2 map of the world. At first look, there doesn’t seem to be anything of importance on it, however, upon a closer examination a sizable island can be spotted between North America and Europe. To an untrained eye this little detail could have easily gone unnoticed, but true fans quickly caught this Aquaman reference.


The Flash’s pilot episode was a thrilling ride from start to finish. However, the ending has to be one of the most exciting parts. Barry’s new mentor, Dr. Harrison Wells enters his secret lair, gets on his feet and opens a newspaper dated April 25, 2024. The central title states "Flash Missing, Vanishes in Crisis." And while this alone was enough to get us on our feet, the writers gave us a cool Easter egg as bonus.

Below the article about The Flash, a rather interesting title reads "Wayne Tech/Queen Inc. Merger Complete". The Flash kicked things off with style, making a clear reference to Gotham’s Caped Crusader in one jaw-dropping scene. It's moments like this that make us all love this show so much.


The Flash’s second season was filled with surprises and excitements of all shapes and sizes. In "Welcome to Earth-2" we got to see all kinds of freaky stuff when our heroes visited one of the many infinite Earths. The entire episode was one crazy adventure and at the very end we were treated to a huge teaser.

Attempting to rescue Jessie, The Flash goes up against Zoom. However, Zoom is much faster than the Scarlet Speedster and manages to trap him in his prison together with Jessie Wells and one other mysterious prisoner, a man in the iron mask, who seems to be attempting to communicate something to Barry. The scene was paused, replayed, analyzed and theories about who this man might be spread faster than a speeding bullet.


Arrow kicked off its season four with an emotionally charged episode that saw Oliver’s transformation from Arrow into Green Arrow, announced the arrival of Damien Darhk and a death in the family. The season premiere promised a great deal, however, the rest of the season did not quite deliver. Nevertheless, "Green Arrow" was an awesome season starter and an overall interesting episode.

After coming back to the team, Oliver has one of his flashbacks, but this time of a recent memory. In the flashback scene, Oliver and A.R.G.U.S. Director Amanda Waller are having drinks at a bar somewhere in Coast City when a man in green bomber jacket walks past them. If you pause the scene at the right moment, you’ll see that the man’s name tag reads "Jordan".


Ever since the very beginning, Legends of Tomorrow has been absolutely packed with easter eggs, cameos and all sorts of awesome moments. It’s safe to say that no one expected Legends to be such a huge hit. But against all odds, Legends of Tomorrow is often the Arrowverse’s most entertaining show.

So far, the third season doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint. In the second episode of the season titled "Freakshow", the show fully embraced its silliness and told a very entertaining story. The Legends managed to botch another "easy" assignment and ended up becoming part of P.T. Barnum’s Circus. Observant fans took note of the balls from the Dragon Ball anime lying around the ring at one of Barnum’s events. A very surprising, but pleasant Easter egg for us nostalgic anime fans.


The Flash’s third season big bad proved to a formidable foe starting with his very first appearance. By dragging the Flash all around the multiverse and beating the living hell out of him, Savitar quickly showed Barry who’s boss. Throughout the entire season the fans were developing theories about who is the man in the shiny armor. The predictions included characters such as Jay Garrick, Eddie Thawne and Ronnie Raymond. Among others.

While some also suspected a future Barry Allen, everyone was absolutely stunned when future Barry Allen finally emerged from his shiny armor and revealed himself to the present Barry. By this time Barry had already figured it out, as had the audience, but the moment Savitar’s true face was finally revealed was still rather chilling.


The lighter shade of red, the yellow lightning details and Cisco’s insane upgrades make this Flash suit the best one yet. Speaking of Flash’s new suit, did you catch all the easter eggs the writers have been dropping this season? The malfunctioning inflated suit was clearly a reference to a comic book storyline where Barry becomes the fattest man alive. But there’s more.

In the same episode, The Flash dropped a huge Batman easter egg. If you pause on the control screen of Barry’s new suit you'll see a bunch of categories and features. A particularly interesting one is the Babel Protocol, a reference to the "Tower of Babel" storyline, where Batman’s notes on how to neutralize his teammates get in the hands of Ra’s al Ghul, who takes down the Justice League. A dark allusion or a feature that gives Barry hints? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


One of the many awesome things about the Arrowverse are the crossover episodes. Yes, even the corny The Flash and Supergirl musical crossover. But the absolute winners have to be the four-way crossovers when all of our heroes come together. This year’s crossover title "Crisis on Earth-X" promises a whole lot and hopefully it will deliver.

Last season’s big crossover titled "Invasion" was a fun and exhilarating ride. The first four-way crossover was a huge success, pulling in big numbers. The episode was full of awesome fight scenes, humor and cool moments. The Legends of Tomorrow episode "Invasion!" had the best screencap-worthy moment. For the first time, our heroes stood united and ready to fend off the Dominators. The scene itself was possibly a nod the famous parking lot fight scene from Captain America: Civil War.


The Flash’s origin story easily ranks among the most tragic origin stories in comics. Barry Allen’s mother Nora was killed by the Flash's arch nemesis Reverse-Flash and Barry’s father Henry was charged, prosecuted and found guilty for the murder of his wife. Barry never believed his father was a killer and kept investigating the night of his mother’s death, convinced that’s she was murdered by something extraordinary.

It turns out Barry was right all along and once he becomes the Flash he visits the night of Nora’s murder a number of times to either save his mother or stop himself from saving her. The fans have been attempting to count how many Flashes there were on the night of Nora’s death, which is why this particular moment is often paused and replayed.


"Eleven-Fifty-Nine" is perhaps the most controversial episode of Arrow. Damien Darhk orchestrates a prison break and sets out to get vengeance on Captain Lance. Team Arrow attempts to stop Darhk, but Darhk stabs Black Canary in the chest taking revenge on Oliver, Captain Lance and the entire team. Laurel Lance is pronounced dead in her hospital bed at exactly 11:59.

Laurel’s death received almost universal backlash from the fans and has caused a lot of controversy among critics. The moment Darhk stabs Laurel came as a shock and the realization that the person in the grave is Laurel was excruciating. Laurel’s death was a pivotal moment for the show and arguably the moment Arrow was irreparably ruined. Too bad all we can do is pause and watch in horror as the writers kill off a beloved comic book character for naught.


After one season spent on CBS, Supergirl moved to The CW and officially became part of the Arrowverse. The hopes were high for the second season and, as far as we’re concerned, Supergirl knocked it out of the park. In the very first episode, the show welcomed Supergirl’s cousin Clark Kent into the fold. Superman’s introductory episode was appropriately titled "The Adventures of Supergirl" and while we may not always be big fans of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman, his introduction was nevertheless very cool.

In a scene ripped directly from comic book pages, Clark Kent takes off his glasses, unbuttons his shirt and Superman takes to the skies. An introduction worthy of the Man of Steel, despite the fact that Superman’s costume turned out to be quite the disappointment.


If we’re being honest, shirtless Oliver Queen is one of the main reasons we’re still watching Arrow. Although, given that he’s decided to give up the vigilante life we’re afraid we might have to say goodbye to the little joy Arrow still has to offer. Let’s face it, Stephen Amell is a very attractive man and Felicity is most certainly not the only one who enjoys watching him workout.

Oliver’s shirtless workouts have become a matter-of-course occurrence on Arrow with very few exceptions of episodes that go full length without a shirtless Oliver. In order to savor these precious moments, we sometimes have to hit pause and enjoy the view. Let's just hope Oliver comes back to being the Green Arrow sooner rather than later.


There are plenty reasons we enjoy watching superhero movies and TV shows. The cool action scenes, the witty one-liners, the inspiring heroes and of course the attractive people that portray them. Over the years, the Arrowverse has accumulated a group of incredibly handsome men and women, who occasionally get together. The couple whose on-again-off again relationship has divided the fandom shared some of the steamiest moments across all four shows.

Oliver and Felicity’s first time during the team’s stay at Nanda Parbat was deemed by many as the hottest moment in the Arrowverse. Pressured by Ra’s al Ghul to take up his mantle, Oliver decided to take his mind off things by engaging in steamy lovemaking with Felicity. The scene did not hold back and it was definitely worth the wait.

Do you have a favorite pause-worthy Arrowverse moment? Let us know in the comments!

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