The 10 Most Important Multiverses In Marvel Comics, Ranked

SPOILER WARNING! If you haven’t seen Spider-Man: Far From Home yet, then skip ahead to our rankings of the various Marvel Multiverses. If you have seen the movie, then read on, True Believers!

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, the movie-going audience is introduced to a concept that they the comic book fans have known about for years now. Quentin Beck, Mysterio, claims that he’s from an alternate Earth (Earth-833, to be exact), where Spider-UK was that world’s resident Spider-Man. Introduced during the Spiderverse event, Spider-UK was a mix between Peter Parker and Captain Britain. Mysterio claimed that he came from that world to help save Earth-616.

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Obviously, he was just a lying liar whose nose would have cracked his fishbowl had he kept lying. But he wasn’t wrong about the Multiverse. In fact, those are only two of them, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is another one. There are plenty of epic Marvel events and comics over the years that have played with continuity, splintered off, and become their own part of the Multiverse. Here are The 10 Most Important Multiverses in Marvel Comics, Ranked.

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10 Earth-616: The Main Universe

Everything the Merry Marvel Marching Society knows and loves begins and ends with Earth-616. It is the designated prime universe of all of the Marvel Universes.

The term was coined by none other than Alan Moore to differentiate Captain Britains, but it was also established that this world had been around since 1939, making it the original Marvel Universe. Spidey, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Cap... you name the character and the main version of them hails from this universe.

9 Earth-811: Days Of Future Past

Earth-811 was introduced to the world via Rachel Summers in the iconic Days Of Future Past. The timeline of 616 diverged and really went downhill when Xavier, Senator Kelly, and Moira McTaggert were killed by the Brotherhood Of Mutants in Washington DC.

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In 1984, an anti-mutant President was elected, and the Mutant Registration Act was passed. The mutants were hunted down by the Sentinels, who hunted down all supers, not just mutants. Kitty Pryde’s conscience was sent back and across the Multiverse to her body from 1980 to warn the X-Men of this bleak future.

8 Earth-295: The Age Of Apocalypse

David Haller had all of his mental faculties in place, making him in full control of his powers. He decided that it would be a good idea to travel back in time to rid the world of Magneto before he and Charles’ schism, therefore leaving the way for Xavier’s dream to be fully realized.

But Legion wound up murdering his own father when Xavier took the psi-blade meant for his friend. The result became Earth-295, a world ruled by Apocalypse, who attacked years earlier. With Xavier’s death, Magneto believes more in Xavier’s dream than ever before and does his best to stand in Apocalypse’s way, alongside the X-Men.

7 Earth-19999: Marvel Cinematic Universe

All of those wonderful Marvel movies and TV shows that have come out of the pipeline since 2008’s Iron Man don’t take place in 616. The MCU’s designation is Earth-19999.

One of the main differences is that a lot of the magic that happens in 616 (Asgardian, for example) is explained more scientifically in the MCU. The X-Men and Fantastic Four have yet to be introduced, and the dawn of the superhero doesn’t happen until the 21st century, whereas in Earth-616, supers have been around since the '50s and '60s.

6 Earth-2149: Marvel Zombies

While Robert Kirkman was in the middle of his saga, The Walking Dead, he was infecting the Marvel Universe with his Marvel Zombies comics. All of our favorite superheroes have been infected by The Hunger and have completely consumed their world.

Since these zombies retain their intelligence and powers, Zombie Reed Richards convinces Reed to open a portal so the Undead MCU can come through. Not satisfied with just our planet, they devourer Galactus, each gaining The Power Cosmic in order to traverse the cosmos, consuming everything in sight.

5 Earth-9602: Amalgam

The Amalgam Universe was created when the Brothers pitted the DC and Marvel Universes against each other. The resulting altercation combines both worlds for a time. Heroes like Cap and Superman became the Super-Soldier, Zatanna and Wanda became the White Witch, Batman and Wolverine became Dark Claw, and so on.

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The long-awaited crossover took place over four issues in 1996, and one half of the Amalgam world was introduced between the final two issues, with the second set debuting a year later. Marvel has designated this world as Earth-9602; meanwhile, DC hasn’t made this world any of their 52 worlds.

4 Earth-1610: Ultimate Marvel

By the end of the nineties, with so many decades of history and continuity, it was becoming increasingly more difficult for new readers to dive right into comics. The result was what would become the Ultimate Marvel Universe. New, modern takes on all of our favorites without any history constraints. The project worked and brought new readers in.

It also helped to create new characters like Miles Morales, who would become Spider-Man. The 2015 Secret Wars event effectively ended Earth 1610, but some of those characters would wind up crossing over to 616.

3 Earth-65: Spider-Gwen

Named after 1965, the year that Gwen Stacy first debuted, Earth-65 is home to Spider-Gwen. This version of Spider-Man has Gwen get the bite and become a hero.

Her best friend, Peter Parker would try to recreate the process and become the Lizard instead, forcing Gwen to stop him. After Spiderverse, she has been part of the 616 world as Ghost Spider.

2 Earth-10005 / TRN414: X-Movies

Due to which movie studio owned what, the X-Men movies weren’t able to be part of 616 or 19999 universes. Instead, the Marvel Mutant Movie House has not one, but two distinct Multiverse designations.

The first is 10005, where the original X-Men movies take place. But when the original and First Class teams got together to save Mutantkind in Days Of Future Past, the timeline split and became another Multiverse designation: TRN414.

1 Earth-92131 / 12041: Animated Worlds

In the mid-nineties, The X-Men, Spider-Man, and several other Marvel superheroes each had fairly successfully afternoon and Saturday morning cartoons. Disney XD has a bunch of their own Marvel comics cartoons that have been big hits for the Mouse House.

While plenty of the storylines explored mirror some of 616’s greatest storylines, both of these Animated Eras also have their own Multiverse designations, 92131 and 12041 respectively.

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