The 10 Most Important Marvel “Wars” Ranked

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When it comes to Marvel Comics, the company loves its wars. There are tons of wars in the various event comics over the years, from Avengers V. X-Men to Inhumans vs. X-Men to the Infinity Gauntlet epic story. However, to prove that Marvel loves wars more than just about any universe-altering event, there are also a ton of stories that include the word "war" in the titles.

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These include battles in the cosmos that threaten Earth, fighting on Earth between heroes and villains, battles in other worlds, and in some cases, conflicts that involve the multiverse. With so many reality-altering wars, here is a look at the 10 most important Marvel wars that includes the word "war" in the titles.


The 10 Most Important Marvel “Wars”, Ranked

Infinity Wars might go down in time as the Marvel wars series that showed what the universe might look like if it contained all Amalgam heroes, with highlights being Soldier Supreme (Captain America and Doctor Strange), Iron Hammer (Thor and Iron Man) and Ghost Panther (Black Panther and Ghost Rider).

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The story had Gamora wanting to find the piece of her lost in the soul stone, so she killed Thanos and set out to capture all the Infinity Stones, causing almost more damage than Thanos himself did years before. This war saw the sacrifice of Drax and a hint that Adam Warlock's soul could be in danger as well.

9 CHAOS WAR (2010)

The 10 Most Important Marvel “Wars”, Ranked

When it comes to Marvel wars, Chaos War is a series that spun off from the Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente Incredible Hercules series. This war occurred due to the arrival of the Chaos King and his plans to unravel all life in the universe. The only way to stop him was for a God Squad to form with Thor and Hercules working together to lead the team.

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Not too much happened here outside of the return of some of the dead Avengers members (and Bruce Banner) but this was still an important battle and showed the true power of Amatsu-Mikaboshi.

8 CIVIL WAR II (2016)

The 10 Most Important Marvel “Wars”, Ranked

Marvel Comics loves to repeat success stories, so with Civil War one of its biggest storylines and the movie making it even more notable, they went back to the well for Civil War II. This time around, Iron Man played the Captain America role, and Captain Marvel took on the part of the single-minded militaristic antagonist that Iron Man held before.

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The second Marvel Civil War saw Captain Marvel wanting to use an Inhuman known as Ulysses Cain to see crimes and disasters before they happened so they could stop them ahead of time. Iron Man was against this because he believed all fate could be changed, his desire stronger when it resulted in the deaths of both War Machine and Bruce Banner. When Marvel set her sights on Miles Morales, Iron Man set out to stop her.

7 WAR OF KINGS (2009)

The Secret Invasion storyline resulted in a massive defeat for the Skrull Empire and an uneasy tension between the Shi'ar and Kree, which all ended up leading to the War of Kings storyline. With the Inhuman Royal Family joining the fray, this was a story that involved more political intrigue than typical Marvel wars.

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Actually, the involvement of The Inhumans was significant here, as it was one of the first times that the Royal Family took part in a large-scale war taking place in the Marvel Universe. Add in the cosmic battles that brought in the Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, and Blastaar of the Negative Zone, and this was a battle that put the entire universe in peril.


The 10 Most Important Marvel “Wars”, Ranked

Planet Hulk was a great series. The Illuminati banished Hulk from Earth, and he ended up on what was supposed to be an empty, desolate planet but one that turned out to have life. Forced into Gladiatorial battle on Sakaar, Hulk freed the slaves, gained a level of intelligence, fell in love with a princess, and settled down to live in peace.

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When a bomb killed his wife and many of his people, Hulk took a small army back to Earth, blaming the Illuminati for the deaths, and set out to beat the hell out of every superhero on Earth who stood in his way. Hulk was looking for justice against those who hurt him, and it only ended when Hulk decided he was finished fighting.

5 SECRET WARS (2015)

The 10 Most Important Marvel “Wars”, Ranked

Not to be confused with the comic book series of the same name that came out 30 years earlier, this Secret Wars arrived in 2015 and followed the incursion with parallel Earths were destroyed and the final two -- Earth 616 and the Ultimates world of Earth 1610 -- were set to collide. Once the incursion took place, the universe changed.

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Doctor Doom is the God of this world, and he has the Thor Corps serving as his police force, Stephen Strange as his sheriff, and a small number of survivors from the incursion as the only hope to stop Doom and revert the world into some semblance of normalcy.


The 10 Most Important Marvel “Wars”, Ranked

The first war for Marvel Comics came way back in 1971 when the planet Earth ended up in the middle of the Kree-Skrull War. Earth had a little invested in this war thanks to Mar-Vell being a hero of Earth and the Inhumans existing due directly to the Kree. While the Skrull Empire had proven enemies of Earth for years, the Kree were just as bad.

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Unlike crossover Marvel war events in later years, the Kree-Skrull War played out mostly in the pages of The Avengers (#89-97) over the course of a year. This war was Marvel's most significant attempt to break open the cosmic universe and is a true masterpiece from the minds of Roy Thomas and Neal Adams.


The 10 Most Important Marvel “Wars”, Ranked

The Infinity Gauntlet was easily one of Marvel's best crossover storylines, but it did not include "war" in the title. However, its sequel The Infinity War went all the way. Thanos was living happily ever after on the farm after Gauntlet when Adam Warlock's evil half, Magus, showed up and attacked with a bunch of Earth's doppelgangers.

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This war had it all. Thanos teamed up with Adam Warlock. Doctor Doom and Kang the Conqueror joined forces. Galactus even came to Doctor Strange for help. These pairings were because a victory for Magus meant the end of pretty much everything.

2 SECRET WARS (1984)

The 10 Most Important Marvel “Wars”, Ranked

The first Marvel crossover event and the one that proved giant event series could be profitable and enjoyable was Secret Wars. It was a vast undertaking as all of Earth's main heroes and villains disappeared in the pages of their own comics and returned the next month very different (Spider-man had a new black costume, She-Hulk replaced Thing in Fantastic Four). Secret Wars then showed what happened.

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Everyone was whisked away to Battleworld by The Beyonder where they are told to fight to the death, and all they desire will be theirs. This war has some incredible moments, and the changes completely shook up the Marvel Universe. If there is one word to describe Secret Wars, it is fun.

1 CIVIL WAR (2006)

The 10 Most Important Marvel “Wars”, Ranked

The biggest, and in some cases, most polarizing war in Marvel Comics history was Civil War. This series saw a tragic event occur when the New Warriors fought some criminals, and it caused a nuclear blast killing 300 people, including school children. Due to the New Warriors being untrained, the government ordered all superheroes to register with the government.

Iron Man supported the act, and Captain America was against it, knowing that the control of the government could weaponize the heroes. The superheroes chose sides, and a giant war broke out that resulted in deaths and friendships forever ruined. This Marvel war changed the comic book line more than any other event in history.

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