The 10 Most Evil Families In DC Comics, Ranked

The Kents gives us two of the universe’s most inspiring heroes and its most celebrated reporter. The Wayne family provides us with the world’s greatest detectives and pure athletes. The Allen/West family gives us the fastest men and women alive. The Shazam family harnesses the world of magic into a team of powerful beings. These families in the DC Universe are here to protect those that need protecting. However, where good appears, so does evil. For some, an idea of “family day” includes trying to rule the world, if not the universe. Here are the ten most corrupt families in the DC Universe.

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Black Adam
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10 The Black Adam Family

Black Adam

If the goal were to rank the most powerful families in DC Comics, then the Black Adam family would be higher up on this list. Black Adam, his wife Isis, and her brother Osiris made up the royal family of Kandaq. Initially ruling the country with an iron fist, the love of Isis brought about a different side of Adam. After the murder of Osiris, An attack by the Four Horsemen leaves Isis mortally wounded. In her dying words, she tells Adam he was wrong to give up on his evil ways and to avenge them. While not so much evil in life, in death, the Black Adam family showed their true colors.

9 The Snarts

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Leonard and Lisa Snart did not grow up in the most stable of households. Their father was a hardened criminal and was abusive to the siblings throughout their childhood. This unfortunate upbringing led them both to a life of crime. Leonard became Captain Cold, and Lisa became the Golden Glider. As Cold, Leonard became one of the Flash’s greatest enemies. Both Snarts are members of the Rogues, the team made up of all Flash’s enemies, with Leonard leading them. While they are formidable foes to the fastest man alive, they are low on the list because of the code they follow — no killing unless it's necessary, and no taking of innocent lives.

8 The Falcone Crime Family

Gotham Carmine Falcone

Before villains like the Joker, the Penguin, and Mr. Freeze took over Gotham’s crime for themselves, Carmine Falcone and his family ran the city. If you were conducting shady business in Gotham, from peddling drugs to being a cop on the take, it went through Falcone. Along with his children Mario, Alberto, and Sofia, Carmine ruled over the city. The arrival of Batman changed everything for Falcone. The escalation in Gotham occurred, and the “super-villain” pushed aside the once-feared leader Even though he became obsolete, Falcone and his family were the first real tests for the Dark Knight Detective.

7 The Sivana Family

As most fans saw in this spring’s blockbuster hit, Dr. Thaddeus Sivana has been a thorn in Shazam’s side since Billy Batson first uttered the magic word. He wasn’t the only Sivana that wanted to rid the world of “The Big Red Cheese.”

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His son Thaddeus, Jr., and daughter Georgia were with him almost every step of the way when it came to defeating Shazam, Lady Shazam, and Shazam, Jr. (We know when they initially fought they went by their Marvel Family names, but we need some sense of continuity here).

6 The Nuclear Family

They may look like the ideal All-American family, but don’t let looks deceive you (we mean, a guy dressed as a menacing bat is here to help people). Dr. Eric Shanner created the Android family to show the world what can happen when you try to harness nuclear radiation. Resembling his own family who died via radiation poisoning, Dad, Mom, Biff, Sis, Brat, and Dog had a mission to show the world the dangers of nuclear power in the most extreme ways necessary. Initially, they were enemies of the first incarnation of Outsiders. You can see the Nuclear Family in live-action on the DC Universe show Titans.

5 The Luthors

Lex Luthor Young Justice Outsiders

Lex Luthor is a complex character. He is out only for himself. He will do what is necessary to suit his own needs. On rare occasions, it means fighting for the side of good. Most of the time, it means trying to acquire as much power as possible, not caring about who stands in his way. One Luthor is enough of a burden on the heroes of DC. Lena Luthor, Lex’s sister, has shown she has taken inspiration from her brother’s attitude, even at his own expense. Not only does Lena crave the same power as Lex does, but she also wants to destroy him while obtaining it. Lex loves his sister, but not at the expense of losing, so this battle is far from ending.

4 The Wilsons

Slade Wilson in Arrow

Even though the last name suggests they are the quirky neighbors on a sitcom, the Wilsons are one of the most lethal families within the DC Universe. Slade Wilson met his future ex-wife Adeline when they were in special forces together. They had two sons, Grant and Joseph. Slade is, of course, the assassin known as Deathstroke the Terminator (one would THINK you could have just stopped at “Deathstroke”).

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Grant followed in his footsteps as the ruthless Ravager. After Grant died attempting to fulfill a contract to kill the Teen Titans, his father took over the deal, starting one of the greatest rivalries in comics history. Rose Wilson, the illegitimate daughter of Slade, would take the Ravager name for herself, becoming an accomplished assassin in her own right. When it comes to killing, the Wilsons make it a family affair.

3 Family of the Demon

Ra’s al Ghul isn’t the most powerful of Batman’s Rogues Gallery. He’s not even the craziest. He certainly isn’t the dumbest (Sorry, Killer Moth, but, come on). However, he is the most dangerous opponent the Dark Knight has ever faced. Known as the Demon’s Head, he has been the leader of the League of Assassins for centuries, using the Lazarus Pit to maintain his immortality. Joining him are his daughters Talia and Nyssa. Their loyalties are always in flux, moving from helping their father to helping his enemies, to merely taking the world for their own. Even then, the real black sheep of the family is Ra’s grandson, Damian Wayne. The son of Batman, Damian has gone against everything his grandfather stood for and was raised to believe. He now fights alongside his father as the latest incarnation of Robin, the Boy Wonder.

2 House of Zod

Lex Luthor may be known as Superman’s greatest enemy, but an extremely close second is another survivor of Krypton, General Zod. Wanting to rule Krypton in his image, Zod and his wife Ursa, sentenced to the Phantom Zone, avoided the planet’s destruction. During their time, they gave birth to their son, Lor-Zod. After escaping the Phantom Zone, the family has taken control of an entire planet and its population, dubbing it New Krypton. Facing down both Superman and the Green Lantern Corps, it is only a matter of time before the House of Zod makes a play for the rest of the universe.

1 Apokolips

The DC Universe has cities that are full of villains. Those same cities have heroes to protect them. The planet Apokolips does not have that luxury. It is ruled by Darkseid, who most consider the most powerful villain ever in the DC Universe. His power is so high that it took the creation of the Justice League to push him back, not entirely defeat him. Add to that his sons Kalibak and Grayven and his Uncle Steppenwolf, and you have an entire family of pure evil. Every time they make a play for the planet; it takes the whole roster of DC heroes (and sometimes its other villains) to defeat them. The question remains, will they be able to hold off Apokolips forever, or will they eventually succumb to the anti-life equation?

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