Superfreaks: The 15 Most DEPRAVED Superheroes Ever!

Depraved Heroes

For a long time, comic books were perceived as a medium aimed mostly at kids. Even these days, a large part of the population would probably be shocked to find out that most superheroes and supervillains are regularly engaged in physical relationships with each other, and just like real life, there's nothing to be ashamed of about that. It's art imitating life. Those same people would probably be even more shocked to find out that some superheroes take their sexual exploits to the next level, to the point where sometimes things can get... a little creepy.

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After all, there's nothing wrong with a little bit of fun here and there, even if it's outside the traditional bounds of what's considered "normal," but what about those kinks that go way, WAY outside the realm of normal? Like you might actually be breaking a few laws. Well, it's not just real people who like to get down and kinky. Superheroes like to get weird too. Thankfully, finding out a superhero does it is a lot more fun than finding out your parents do it. Grab a glass of wine and leave your judgment at the door while you check out 15 of the most depraved superheroes of all time!

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Come on. You knew Deadpool was going to be on this list. Even casual fans who have only seen the Deadpool movie remember the year-long sex scene and the special hiding place for his engagement ring pops. That's actually pretty vanilla for Deadpool, though.

Over the years, he's had a pretty sexy off-and-on relationship with the literal personification of Death in the Marvel universe (who's basically just a wormy skeleton in a cloak), and he's married to a polyamorous demon queen. Plus, it's just always on his mind. Even in the early Deadpool comics, you can hardly go a few pages without Wade making an overt sex joke or flirting with both allies and enemies, whether they be man, woman, alien, god, skeleton or Bea Arthur.


DC's Lobo was originally conceived as a parody of the extremely violent, overly macho characters that had started to become extremely popular in the '90s, especially those of Marvel like Wolverine, The Punisher and Cable. The only problem was that fans loved him, and he became popular for the very thing he was created to make fun of.

Riding that popularity, DC decided to push that character as far as they could and still get away with it, which led to more than a few sexual exploits with various heroes, villains, criminals, aliens and anything that has a pulse. For one season, he even had his own adult cartoon show (albeit of webtoon shorts) created as part of the DCAU. It only lasted 10 episodes, but they managed to pack every three-minute episode with more sex, gore and nudity than had even been seen in a cartoon before.



Though most female superheroes have gone through phases of skimpy costumes over the years, Vampirella is well known for her costume choice. Even after subsequent redesigns and artist transitions, she still typically only wears her signature red sling. The only comic book character that comes to mind with less clothing is Namor, the Submariner. However, there's nothing depraved about a skimpy costume. If there were, every superhero ever would make this list.

It's more her supernatural powers of seduction that call her depravity into question. Since the earliest issues of Vampirella, she's consistently been shown to have hypnotic powers of seduction over human beings. Her stare and her voice are usually the carriers of her power, but she's even been shown to have the ability to induce sexual arousal in men simply by being in their presence, which probably has nothing to do with the tiny red sling.


Starfox with She-hulk

Starfox is yet another character whose power is to make other people really, really attracted to him. In fact, he got the name Starfox from the Wasp, simply because she thought he was super foxy, and his original name, Eros, didn't seem appropriate. His ability to manipulate the emotions of the people around him with his psychic abilities eventually led to his being put on trial for sexual assault, accused of using his powers to seduce a happily married woman.

Though he has always claimed not to use his powers in this manner, it's a telling sign that he's always surrounded by beautiful women that want his time. Eventually, it was revealed that due to a false memory planted by Thanos, Starfox became mentally unbalanced for a time, which caused him to use his powers in less-than-moral ways.



Miranda Leevald, more commonly known as Stacy X, was a mutant prostitute briefly associated with the X-Men and later with the New Warriors. You read that right, folks: prostitution exists in the Marvel universe too. And Stacy X probably made a pretty good living in that occupation before she joined the X-Men, because her main mutant power is the ability to control pheromones through skin contact.

To put it bluntly, her superpower is turning people on by touching them. During her brief time with the X-Men, she tried to seduce Archangel, Nightcrawler and Iceman with her powers, before deciding to leave. When she did put in her resignation from the X-Men, she left behind a video for Archangel of her naked and jump roping, because that's a totally normal parting gift.



To be fair, anyone who's read a single issue of The Boys by writer Garth Ennis and penciler Darick Robertson knows that the whole point is that all the "superheroes" are twisted, depraved, sex maniacs who don't care who their actions hurt. That's why The Boys exist, to take out the supes who have let their hedonistic ways get out of control. Actually, even if you hadn't read it, Garth Ennis' name should be enough to tip you off.

No one fits that bill more than The Homelander. He's essentially the Captain America/Superman equivalent of the Boys universe, you know, besides being a sociopath and a sexual predator. Throughout most of the series, it's implied that Homelander is the super that raped the main character's wife, and while he eventually learns this isn't true, Homelander is confirmed to have raped hundreds of other people, believing himself above reproach.


Dr. Manhattan

Doctor Manhattan from Alan Moore's Watchmen isn't the type you'd see as depraved at first glance. He's cold, robotic and disconnected from humanity. Then again, so is The Vision, but he still doesn't walk around naked all the time. To be clear, there's no reason Doctor Manhattan can't wear clothes, as evidenced by his suit during a tv interview, so the guy just really likes being naked.

That's not the weirdest thing in the world though. There are plenty of nudist colonies in the Unites States and all over the world, so who are we to judge? He does get a particularly awkward sex scene though. He and Silk Spectre are heating things up, when she realizes there are six hands on her and she freaks out, finding three Doctor Manhattans in the bedroom. That's the superhero equivalent of inviting your brothers over for a foursome without your girlfriend's permission.



Lorelei is the younger sister of Amora the Enchantress, and while both sisters share an interest in using their beauty and wiles to dominate any male that they desire, Lorelei has no interest in mastering the other aspects of sorcery and devotes her powers almost exclusively to those of seduction. She can persuade nearly any male, god or mortal, to do whatever she wants.

That would be pretty manipulative on its own, but it gets worse. In Thor #358 by writer and artist Walt Simonson, Lorelei has Thor drugged and held captive. He wakes up confused with his head swimming, and Lorelei uses her powers to rape the God of Thunder. She goes beyond just using her seductive powers and literally drugs Thor to have her way with him. Even for a comic released in 1985, it's pretty unsettling to read.


15 Daken

It should come as no surprise that any offspring of Wolverine would be somewhat of a deviant. It just so happens that for Daken, it's hardwired into his DNA, in more ways than one. Aside from his retractable claws and accelerated healing factor, Daken is another mutant with pheromone manipulation, meaning he can seduce basically anyone he wants, which he does, including members of the Avengers, the Dark Avengers and the Dark X-Men, during the Siege storyline.

Daken isn't one to use these powers for the good of humanity though. He uses sex as a weapon of manipulation. He's been seen using his powers on male and female characters alike, but even his creator, Daniel Way, has said, "He's no more homosexual than he is heterosexual. It's about control." Writer Marjorie Liu had similar comments, saying, "Daken will do anyone and anything to achieve his goals."


Jesse Custer's best friend Cassidy is an irreverent, hard-drinking bastard. He's also over 100 years old and a vampire, so it's no wonder his desires would start to stray to what some would call promiscuity. It's up to the individual reader though, if they can forgive him for what was probably the worst thing he ever did in Preacher by writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon.

When Jesse and his girlfriend Tulip met up with Cassidy in New York after a brief separation, it didn't take long before Cassidy got his best friend's girl alone and drunkenly confessed his love for her. It wouldn't have been so bad if it ended there, but after apologizing and blaming the alcohol, he did it again, sober this time. Even worse, when Cassidy and Tulip thought Jesse dead, it wasn't long before he and his best mate's girl started shacking up.


When Dick Grayson decided to get out from under the batwing of Bruce Wayne and become his own superhero, it was only natural that he would eventually decide to get a sidekick of his own. Wisely, or maybe not so wisely, instead of creepily recruiting a young boy to fight crime with, he found an up-and-coming hero-in-training called Tarantula and decided to be her mentor.

Not such a bad idea, except that in Nightwing #93 by writer Devin Grayson and penciler Mike Lilly, Nightwing is bruised and beaten after a fight, lying immobile in the street, and Tarantula climbs on top and rapes him in the street. Writer Devin Grayson came under heavy fire for the scene, as one would expect, to which he replied, "I never used the word 'rape,' I just said it was nonconsensual." That's not gonna hold up in court, buddy.


She Hulk has sex with Hercules She Hulk 30

Marvel's version of Hercules can't really be held to the same standard as us mere mortals. He's an ancient Greek god after all. You know the kind of kinky shenanigans the ancient Greeks got up to, but that doesn't stop him from getting basically everyone he encounters on Earth to join him.

Over the years, it has been confirmed that Hercules has been with dozens of men and women in the Marvel universe including Nova, Black Widow, She-Hulk, Namor the Atlantean Princess and Psylocke. It's also speculated that Hercules has been with Amora the Enchantress, Scarlet Witch, Black Mamba and more. In Xtreme X-Men,  the alternate world counterparts of Hercules and Wolverine are even lovers. That's not counting the thousands of years he spent on Olympus.


It doesn't get much more depraved than being a professional super-powered prostitute for superheroes. Well, maybe it does. Like if during one of your... business meetings, you use your client's... uh, "super stamina"... to accidentally shoot down a passenger airplane. After a brief stint as a regular superhero with the League of Honor, a parody of the Justice League, she goes back to prostitution.

Using her superpowers, she's able to perform at her job with supernatural speed, which often leaves her clients complaining that by the time they relax enough to enjoy themselves, the session is over. The Pro was only a single-issue special from writer Garth Ennis and penciler Amanda Conner, but it's exactly the kind of thing comic readers have grown to expect from Ennis' works.


If you've only seen the Sean Connery version of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, then you have no idea what the graphic novel was like. Mr. Hyde, for example, isn't just a Victorian-era Hulk. While Dr. Jeckyll is a shy and reserved man who's friendly to the rest of the team, when he becomes Edward Hyde, he turns into a rude, sarcastic and remorseless beastly man.

Hyde was enthusiastic to join the League, but later admitted that he only did it because he wanted someone to slaughter. Although he grows to work with and feel loyal to many of his team members over the course of the story, after Griffin (the Invisible Man) betrays his team members and assaults Mina (the vampire lady whom Hyde has grown to respect), Hyde swears revenge and, in true Alan Moore style, tracks down the Invisible Man to rape him to death.



Just so we're clear here, we're referring specifically to the Ultimate Universe versions of Quicksilver and Scarlet Widow. They still have the same backgrounds and the same powers. They're still brother and sister, but in this universe, they take the brother-sister love way over the line and Wolverine catches them doing it... and kind of stays to watch.

The Ultimate universe was intended from the beginning to be the "adults only" version of Marvel-616, so when they were just starting the universe out with The Ultimates, writer Mark Millar and artist Bryan Hitch made a few pretty extreme character decisions to make sure that readers understood just how mature things were going to be here. Although to be fair, even in the mainstream 616-universe, Scarlet Witch has babies with a robot, so who knows?

Let us know in the comments who you think is the most depraved superhero of them all!

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