10 Most Anticipated Anime Arriving In Spring 2019

No matter how terrible things get, no matter if your life is in utter shambles and the world seems to be crashing down around you, at least there's new anime to look forward to. Every year a bevy of big-eyed beaus and beauties arrive to take away our pain with plenty of titillating fanservice, dramatic flashbacks, and the ostentatious names of attack moves shouted very, very loudly. Still, jokes aside, there's nothing quite like anime, is there? Strap on your twelve-foot sword, weebs and otakus, it's time to get your fix. Here are ten of the most anticipated anime debuting in Spring 2019.

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10 Fairy Gone

Boasting an intriguingly high-concept premise, Fairy Gone conjures up a tale brimming with gothic, fantasy-action. The series follows the exploits of "Fairy Soldiers," lethal, government warriors implanted with organs from fairy-possessed animals. These organs allow Fairy Soldiers to summon mythical alter-egos (think Dungeons and Dragons-flavored Jojo Stands) and use them as weapons. Originally, Fairy Soldiers were employed in a devastating war. Now that the conflict is over, these magically altered individuals are forced to make their own way in a world that no longer needs them. Many of them become lawbreakers and terrorists. The protagonist however, a female Fairy Soldier named Mariya, joins a special organization known as Dorothea to use her abilities in the fight against rampant, fairy-related crime. If the word "fairy" makes you think of Tinkerbell, then this series is going to be cold, yet invigorating, splash of water!

9 7Seeds

Part of anime's appeal is that there is literally something for everyone. It explores untouched niches and cross-breeds ideas that might seem antithetical at first. Embodying that creative ingenuity comes 7Seeds, a psychological horror romance about a group of young people struggling to rebuild humanity after a meteor has wiped out mankind. It appears to be a Shoujo-style reimagining of the post-apocalyptic genre, merging relationship matters with existential dread.

8 We Never Learn

While the harem genre has many detractors, it can't be denied that it's a reliable source of heartwarming comedy. It's the anime equivalent of comfort food. We Never Learn seems like it will be rife with gut-busting moments. It stars an ambitious student whose academic plans get partially derailed when he's saddled with the task of tutoring a pair of otherwise brilliant girls in their worst subjects. One of the girls is awful at mathematics but a literary genius, and vice versa. Also, to make matters worse, the subjects they're horrible at are the ones they want to pursue professionally!

7 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

If you're someone who thinks cutesy schmaltz has overridden the world of anime, Demon Slayer might just be a breath of fresh air. After a demon attack leaves the majority of his family slaughtered, young Tanjirou sets off to get revenge and find a cure for his sister, Nezuko, who survived the massacre but was turned into a demon herself.

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Monster hunting is a proud anime tradition. With any luck, Tanjirou will prove to be a worthy heir to all the slayers that came before him.

6 Fruits Basket (2019)

This is a reboot of perhaps the most famous and beloved Shoujo of all time. Fruits Basket centers on plucky school-girl Tohru Honda, who ends up moving in with her mysterious, and very attractive schoolmates: Kyo and Yuki Soma, after a family tragedy. As it turns out, every member of the prestigious Soma family suffers from a curse that causes them to transform into an animal from the Chinese Zodiac when shown affection by the opposite sex. T

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herefore, Tohru makes it her mission to break the Soma family's curse once and for all. The original 1998 run of Fruits Basket was plagued with internal issues, because the manga creator and anime director frequently disagreed on how the story should progress. As a result, it diverged from the source material in many places. The 2019 reboot is purported to be a faithful adaptation of the entire manga series.

5 Midnight Occult Civil Servants

"A group of people clash with paranormal forces" is probably the most overused premise in media at this point. However, if fifteen seasons of Supernatural is anything to go by, it's a concept that never gets old. After all, spirits and ghosts have fascinated mankind since the dawn of time. Midnight Occult Civil Servants seems more than ready to meet our unending need to watch people mix it up with things that go "bump in the night." Hopefully it can fill the void for Supernatural fans when the series ends in 2020.

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Don't cry because it's over, laugh because there's plenty of anime to watch!

4 Carole and Tuesday

When people think of sci-fi they usually think of techno-babble and laser battles, a la Star Trek. Carole and Tuesday is set to show us a more thoughtful and lowkey vision of the future. Two idealistic girls meet by chance on a Martian colony and resolve to become musicians even though they live in a soulless, technological era where most art is produced by AI. You might want to get the tissues ready for this one. The trailer alone looks like it could make someone happy-cry. Sure, lightsabers are cool, but feelings can be pretty awesome too.

3 Sarazanmai

Sarazanmai seems to promise what most people want from anime: a ludicrously bonkers good time. After accidently breaking the guardian Kappa (Japanese turtle-demon) statue of their town, three boys are transformed into that same creature by the heir to the Kappa Kingdom's throne. In order to regain their humanity, they'll have to serve the would-be king and battle the Kappa-zombies being sent after him by his enemies. Frankly there's a lot more to it than that, but comprehending the full synopsis is like trying to give a book report on Finnegan's WakeIf that's not a resounding recommendation, then what is?

2 Attack on Titan: Season 3, Part 2

This next entry really needs no introduction. Since its debut in 2013, Attack on Titan has become a worldwide phenomenon, joining the ranks of beloved classics like Cowboy Bebop and Fullmetal Alchemist. It's the timeless story of man versus giant, man turning into a giant to fight giants better, and wanton mastication. A lot of peeps get eaten alive. A LOT.

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Although the manga is nearing its conclusion, the anime shows no sign of letting up with the second half of season three as our heroes prepare to retake Wall Maria; the outermost defense that was breached in episode one. On that day humanity may have received a grim reminder, but anime fans received a splatterpunk thrill-ride.

1 One Punch Man: Season 2

It's been a grueling, four year wait, but it's finally here! Out of all the entries so far, One Punch Man is probably the most anticipated and for once the profound hype isn't hard to understand. The show is truly original. One Punch Man flipped the superhero genre on it's head by presenting an extremely relatable protagonist whose main obstacle isn't villains (after all, he can literally destroy anyone with a single punch) but the mundane problems of everyday life. What's also notable is that One Punch Man has managed to find wide appeal with non-anime fans. That's the power of an engaging, well-written story. If you're one of the people this series brought into the fold, then welcome, and don't worry, we're not all as crazy as we look. We're just crazy devoted!

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