'Mortal Kombat: Legacy' Season 2 Trailer Launches

Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and Machinima have shouted "Get over here" at Mortal Kombat fans this week by unleashing the first full trailer for the new season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

The webseries adaptation of the popular video game returns for a second season on September 26, exclusively on Machinima. Unlike last season, the entire run of season two will be released in one binge-worthy batch, ala the Netflix original series model. New actors joining the cast of Mortal Kombat: Legacy this season include Casper Van Dien as Hollywood superstar Johnny Cage and Mark Dacascos as the mysterious Kung Lao, pictured above. Cary Tagawa reprises his role as Shang Tsung from the original Mortal Kombat movie. Kevin Tancharoen returns as director.

Watch the full trailer below:

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