Mortal Kombat 11's 3rd Variations Could Really Open Up the Game

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Some new features are coming to Mortal Kombat 11! The recent Kombat Kast, the video podcast where developer NetherRealm Studios makes announcements for Mortal Kombat 11, revealed a new third variation for each character. Each character can be customized to your liking but there are only two variations that are approved for tournament and professional play. That number has now increased to three and this has the potential to open up the game further and change how Mortal Kombat 11 is played professionally.

More Variety

This was needed as unfortunately, the two variations that most of the cast got had moves that didn't see to work well. Many of the variations felt restrictive and didn't allow you to use the characters to their full potential. All of this was done in the name of balance but it resulted in many characters feeling a bit blander and one-dimensional than they actually were. Locked behind custom variations were often inventive and useful moves that were also enjoyable to use.

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Unused Skills

This was another issue as well. Many characters had more skills than two variations could handle. This meant that many skills that weren't used at all. It would be frustrating at times because some of these moves would be shown off in that character's trailer. Only later would you come to find that no tournament variations had the moves you liked the most from that character's trailer. Shang Tsung is a good example of this as his ability to transform into Rain, Smoke, Ermac, and Reptile was front and center but none of the ninja morphs were included in any of his tournament variations. It's now already been confirmed that his third variation will now have them all.

Tier Lists

Arguably the biggest change this could have on the game is the character tier list. Tier lists don't necessarily matter for most people who play the game as it requires both players to be playing at their peak efficiency. However, for professionals... well, it still doesn't matter, but they like to pretend as though it does. Ultimately, many characters have been deemed bad, such as Kotal Khan, Frost, and D'Vorah. However, with another variation, that could change this and make some fighters better now that they have access to skills they previously didn't have that are more useful.

We'll know for sure how much of an impact these changes will have when the update goes live on October 8, 2019, alongside the Terminator character and a new tower mode called Team Raids.

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