Mortal Kombat 11: Everything We Learned From the Story Trailer

When the first trailer for Mortal Kombat 11 arrived, fans noticed the franchise's hints that the game would embrace time travel in a big way. As the official description for the game emerged, along with various game-play trailers, it became abundantly clear that following Raiden manipulating time in MK9 and then taking Shinnok's amulet in MKX, the time stream is broken and someone needs to fix it.

The first story trailer for MK11 finally reveals just who intends to do so by introducing the temporal goddess known as Kronika. But as she lays out her plan, we realize she may just as evil as the overlords who preceded her, and to protect the fabric of time and space, Raiden will be copying her actions and enlisting his own help from the past. Here, we'll break down the key parts of the trailer and look at exactly how the two sides stack up as they look to undo the Thunder God's past mistakes.

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The trailer kicks off with Kronika revealing that in order to rectify what Raiden did, she needs help from various timelines. We already had an idea of who she was from Jade's ending in MK9, and now we witness Kronika's main pact with Shao Kahn, former Emperor of Outworld. We're not sure which timeline he's from, as he's wearing new gear, but he's back from the dead and badder than ever.

Kronika seems to be leaning towards villains plucked from the Sands of Time as she promises "a greater empire in the new era." In addition to Shao Kahn, she's allying with villains such as the Revenant versions of Liu Kang and Kitana, Skarlet, Erron Black, Skarlet, a young Kano, the bug queen D'Vorah, and Baraka and Kahn's rumored right-hand man, a four-handed monster called the Kollector. Kronika also has her time-travel lackeys at her side, Geras and a white-hooded character game leaks are calling Cetrion.


It remains to be seen how Raiden will attempt to fix his tampering with the timestream, but we know he'll turn to trusted friends for help. The classic versions of Liu Kang, Kung Lao and Raiden himself are seen in Kronika's recruitment drive, but later they're siding with the older Thunder God, apparently realizing Kronika's the new villain on the block. It's basically the Thunder God enlisting the tournament's former champions and folks he considers family.

Raiden 2.0 wants to ensure Outworld, NetherRealm and EarthRealm are protected once more, so he also rallies the classic version of Scorpion to his cause, which leads to an epic shot of the yellow ninja going up against an evil version of himself. The returning Jade and another former Outworld ruler in Kotal Kahn are also joining Raiden's crusade, which we know will also have Sub-Zero as part of the resistance. How and why all these personalities are chosen, well, that remains to be seen.


The trailer doesn't hide how important Cassie Cage, her dad Johnny and mother Sonya Blade will be in the war to come. Their Elite Special Forces Unit has always been integral in safeguarding EarthRealm, and Raiden makes it clear Johnny and Sonya are going to be close members of his inner council -- which reiterates they haven't lost faith in each other since the first game.

What's intriguing is that they'll be going up against an army that's as grounded and ruthless as they are in Kronika's very own elite assassin outfit. The Cage family will be facing an upgraded Black Dragon army including the likes of Kano, Kabal and Erron Black, along with all sorts of slashers, gunslingers and gangsters. Given both sides have such bad blood in their history, expect nothing short of a personal, bloody and revenge-fuelled vendetta when they all collide.

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