Mortal Kombat 11's Main Villain May Have Been Revealed Years Ago

When the Mortal Kombat 11 trailer arrived last week, fans were left to wonder about the identity of the game's main villain. We saw Dark Raiden in his aggressive and bloodthirsty mode beat down Scorpion, another Scorpion from the MK1 era return for vengeance, and Shao Kahn make an appearance as a preorder character.

There a lot of combatants on the board to make this new chapter intriguing, but considering the game involves time travel, it's difficult to predict who the main antagonist is. If you look deeper into the trailer, however, there's a big clue that it's a certain mysterious woman. But some of the shroud of secrecy is removed if you're a fan of 2011's Mortal Kombat 9, which may have revealed who she really is.

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After Dark Raiden kills present-day Scorpion in the MK11 trailer, the yellow-clad ninja from the first game appears and kills the thunder god. He signs off with his signature "Get over here!" spear move, and harpoons Raiden's head, before the scene cuts to a huge hourglass, with the sands of time flowing up, and not as they sould. We see a bald woman next to the artifact, with white energy surrounding her, and her eyes glowing white. Her regal wear and white coloration suggest she's an Elder God, but upon closer inspection, her secret may already have been revealed in Jade's ending in MK9.

After Jade defeated Shao Kahn, she fell unconscious, and her mind was transported to an ethereal realm. She wandered and met a woman who was surrounded by a similar white light. She told Jade that beating Kahn was an outcome that had to be reimagined, as she watched the tournament through the eyes of several mortals. Knowing what needed to occur (that is, Kahn had to win), she possessed Jade and returned to the land of the living.

In the 2011 clip, the woman's face resembles the person we see in MK11. Also, their missions can be interpreted to be the same: reimagining what goes on in the tournament. In MK9, Jade's mystery woman had the same motivations as Raiden, as he sent word back to his younger self in the first tournament that Shao Kahn needed to win, all so the Elder Gods would power up the thunder god to kill Emperor Kahn for using illegal tactics and breaking the rules.

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Ed Boon, the game's co-creator and creative director of NetherRealm Studios, never named the character, but touted her as someone to keep an eye on. Fans forgot about the character, though, as neither Jade nor the mystery woman was involved in MKX. But now that she's resurfaced, some things come to mind.

It seems the possessed Jade was waiting in the shadows to see how Raiden would handle the new MKX tyrants, not realizing he'd become a villain himself. What's interesting is that he's made attacks on Outworld, threatened the new Netherrealm rulers -- the zombie couple of Liu Kang and Kitana -- and is no longer playing defense when it comes to protecting Earthrealm. Jade did have a cameo in Kitana's MKX ending, in a vision to the former princess turned revenant of Hell, who expressed her hatred of Raiden for sacrificing her and Liu Kang. Speculation now has it this was a possessed Jade seeking to enlist her to take on Dark Raiden, which could also mean Kahn is a recruit from the past as well.

It's likely the character is looking to reimagine history once again, as Raiden has turned into the very thing he hated. Maybe she's the person who will bring back heroes from the past to stop the thunder god. But until the curtain is lifted all we know is the franchise definitely won't be the same again, and MK9 seems to hold the key as it was where the course of history was first altered.

Mortal Kombat XI will release on April 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch.

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