Morrissey smash! Post-punk icons reimagined as Marvel heroes

In a long overdue followup to his 2013 series "Post-Punk/New Wave Super Friends," Brazilian artist Butcher Billy delivers the fantastic "All-New Superpowered Post-Punk Marvels," which mashes together some of your favorite Marvel heroes with '70s and '80s music icons.

"While people still debate on what really makes a pop culture icon," Billy explains, "now it's time for good old Earth 616 to host a gang of All-New, Almighty Post-Punk Heroes we know and love."

Those would include Morrissey as the Incredible Hulk, Ian Curtis as Spider-Man, Siouxie Sioux as the Scarlet Witch, and Robert Smith as Nightcrawler (which may be a bit on the nose?).

Check out some of the mashups below, and more at Behance.

(via ShortList)

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