Morrison's "Sinatoro" Heads to Black Mask Studios

Grant Morrison is set to bring his film project "Sinatoro" to comics, courtesy of Black Mask Studios. "Sinatoro," about a man with no past and no memories who is the sole survivor of a car crash in the American desert, has been gestating since 2010. The "Sinatoro" comic will be an adaptation of Morrison's screenplay for the film. According to THR, the writer decided to bring it to comics while he "figure[s] out how to work a manageable take for an adaptation" given the massive scope of the world and characters. Morrison will work with artist Vanessa Del Ray for the series, which will debut April 2015.

Shortly after the film was announced at Comic-Con International 2010 with Adam Egypt Mortimer attached to direct, Morrison spoke with CBR's Jonah Weiland about "Sinatoro" and the idea behind the plot of the film.

"It's basically the story of a young guy who survives a car crash in the desert and this girl drives up -- the most beautiful girl in the world, of course with her hair [pulled] back and she's wearing glasses," Morrison said. "She's the daughter of a cult leader and she says, 'I was told to meet you here. You're the one. You're going to save everything.' He says. 'I don't even remember who I am.' He's carrying a suitcase and in his pocket, he has an ace of spades with a bullet hole in it and it says, 'The lonesome cowboy has the key.' That basically sets up this quest. But there's more to it than that. What we wanted to do was a modern version of 'The Tibetan Book of the Dead.'"

"Sinatoro" is part of Black Mask's second phase of comics that includes:

  • "The Disciples" by Steve Niles and artist Christopher Mitten
  • Digital series "Godkiller"
  • "Young Terrorists" by Matt Pizzolo and artist Amancay Nahuelpan
  • "Space Riders" by Fabian Rangel Jr. and artist Alexis Ziritt
  • "Our Work Fills the Pews" by Vita A and Matthew Rosenberg and artist Yasmin Liang
  • X-'ED by Tony Patrick and artist Ayhan Hayrula
  • "Last Song" by Holly Interlandi and artist Zoe Chevat
  • "Mayday" by Curt Pires and artist Chris Peterson
  • "Toe Tag Riot" by Matt Miner and artist Sean von Gorman
  • "We Can Never Go Home" by an unspecified creative team
  • "Transference" by Michael Moreci and artist Ron Salas.

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