Morrison, Paquette Working on "Wonder Woman: Earth One" Sequel(s)

Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette's "Wonder Woman: Earth One" graphic hit shelves earlier this month, but the creators don't plan on stopping there. According to Morrison, he has two sequel graphic novels in the works.

In a profile for Publishers Weekly, Morrison revealed that he is currently writing the second book in the "Wonder Woman: Earth One" trilogy. "[Queen Hippolyta] is my favorite character. I'm onto the second book, and she's the one I'm more interested in," he shared.

Over the course of the interview, he discussed his plans to make a trilogy out of the graphic novel as well as his progress on the sequel, adding that he hopes to bring in the evolution of feminist comics critique and more about queer and trans issues. "I hope to [bring some of that in]. The first one set things up," he explained.

"When I first took this approach to Wonder Woman there wasn't quite as much heavy debate along these lines," he continued. "So it was only as we got closer to [publication] that it began to seem this could be quite controversial for a lot of different reasons... I think we've been very faithful to the original, but our version is quite matter-of-fact about things, whereas [co-creator William Moulton] Marston's version is quite feverish. I would say ['Wonder Woman: Earth One'] is a cool, cerebral take on sexuality. Of course people get irritated, but that's a mark of something that's making an impact."

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"Unlike Superman or Batman, where other people seem to be able to write the character, once Marston stopped, [Wonder Woman] lost a kind of charge. I'm convinced that it lost the sense of alternative culture, queer culture, polyamorous culture, and early feminism. No one was able to do that again," he explained.

"I actually don't have any dream projects now. I've done all the characters that intrigued me, apart from Wonder Woman," he concluded. "This series has really got me excited. It's a whole new storytelling method and a whole new way of thinking."

Paquette later confirmed to ComicsBeat that he, too, would be returning to work on the followups to "Wonder Woman: Earth One" with Morrison.

Morrison and Paquette's "Wonder Woman: Earth One" is now on sale.

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