Morrison on <i>Batman Inc.</i>, team-ups and that yellow circle

In an "art imitates life" kinda way, when Bruce Wayne returns to the present after his trip through time in Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, he's appropriately going into the franchise business.

As we learned in San Diego, Batman Inc., set to kick off in November, will see Bat-scribe Grant Morrison and artist Yanick Paquette chronicle Bruce Wayne's attempts to recruit other heroes to wear the costume. Talking to the L.A. Times' Geoff Boucher, Morrison reveals more details about the book -- which will feature Dick Grayson, Knight and Squire, and El Gaucho.

"A lot of the experiences that he's been through now, the way I want to play it is that they have changed his focus and his view of what his mission is and what he can accomplish. He starts to bring in more people. The first 12 issues of the book will be team-ups with Batman and different characters as he traveling the world and kind of training people," Morrison told Boucher.

The article also includes a look at David Finch's cover to Batman: The Return #1 (right) and his cover to Batman: The Dark Knight #1, both of which feature a "tweaked" costume design that includes the return of the yellow circle around the bat. Morrison and Finch's Batman: The Return mini-series kicks off in October, while Batman Inc. and Finch's Batman: The Dark Knight both start in November.

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