Morrison, Finch, Cornell, Paquette, Snyder, Daniel, Tomasi, Gleason, Scott...Larroca?: A Batman news round-up

Not since Bane broke all the lunatics out of Arkham Asylum has Batman had this eventful a week. Perhaps to avoid the avalanche of news coming out of San Diego next week, DC has spent the past few days announcing a slew of new Batman projects and creative teams. And heck, even Marvel got in on the act, sorta...

We already reported that Grant Morrison and David Finch are doing an October one-shot called Batman: The Return, which will lead into an all-new ongoing Bat-series called Batman: The Dark Knight, written and illustrated by Finch (a first for the artist) and sounding supernatural in nature. Meanwhile, newly DC-exclusive writer Paul Cornell will be teaming up with frequent Morrison collaborator and Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne pirate purveyor Yanick Paquette to chronicle the adventures of Batman and Robin's English analogues in a six-issue Knight and Squire miniseries.

Batman's traditional core titles are getting a makeover as well. DC has announced an exclusive contract with American Vampire writer Scott Snyder, who'll be taking over Detective Comics. And Batman will be the line's second writer/artist-driven title, as Tony Daniel resumes script and art chores on the book.

What of the line's ersatz flagship, Batman and Robin? Grant Morrison's leaving the book after issue #18, at which point former Green Lantern Corps team Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason will be doing the Dynamic Duo. Now, given that Bruce Wayne is returning, it's unclear which Dynamic Duo we're talking about here. But you can definitely get your Damian Wayne fix in J.T. Krul's Teen Titans: the young and restless Robin is joining the team at the same time as new artist Nicola Scott.

Yes, everything's coming up Batman this week -- even at Marvel. In a bit of inspired voice casting, Batman TV star Adam West will be playing the Marvel Universe's Bat-knockoff Nighthawk in the second season of Marvel Super Hero Squad. And finally, the Batmobile made a cameo of sorts in this week's Invincible Iron Man #28 courtesy of artist Salvador Larocca, who, as Kirk Warren at The Weekly Crisis points out, appears to have inserted blueprints for Batman's ride into the book as the car of the future Tony Stark is trying to get his company to build. It's not quite the Armored Avenger/Dark Knight crossover I've hoped for, but it'll do...

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