"Morning Glories" Welcomes The "Truants" In Issue #21

In its first two years on the stands, Nick Spencer, Joe Eisma and Rodin Esquejo's Image Comics series "Morning Glories" has earned a reputation for deadly twists amidst a deep, involved mystery. And this August, the cast of teens driving that mystery at Morning Glory Academy will expand event wider.

Today, the publisher revealed the as yet unseen cover to issue #21, featuring a new group of students referred to as "Truants" striking a familiar pose from the series' very first issue:

Three of the new students made a brief, shocking appearance at the end of issue #19. For the spoilery details on the actions taken by the military focused girl, the awkward young man and a third, potentially convict young lady, check out CBR's recent "Morning Glory Days" column with Spencer.

There, the writer noted of the new cast members coming in the next major arc of the series, "These characters that you see on this page are key parts of the fourth arc. We're a long way from having seen all of the cast of the book, but these are some big, important additions. Beyond that, it's exciting because some of these are characters I've had in mind since the series started. So to get to finally bring them into the open is a big deal for me. We've laid some groundwork for them in past issues that I think will make it even more exciting."

The fourth arc is expected to ramp up the revelations for "Morning Glories" as the new cast members take the core crew of misplaced students into a finale of sorts for the books first major "season."

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on these kids as it becomes available, and in the meantime check out our exclusive preview of this Wednesday's issue #20, focusing on the teacher side of the Academy equation.

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