Morning Glories Artist Joe Eisma Joins Archie Team

From one prestigious academy to another, Archie Comics has confirmed "Morning Glories" artist Joe Eisma will enroll at Riverdale High and and illustrate a story arc for the ongoing "Archie" comic book series.

The announcement comes via an interview at ComicBook.com with Mike Pellerito, president and editor of Archie Comics. Pellerito said Eisma was tapped for the role not for his star value or his status as a "name" in the comic book industry, but rather for his artistic ability and knowledge of the "Archie" franchise -- a statement which extends to all of the talent working on "Archie."

"'Archie' #11 and #12 will feature Thomas Pitilli and Ryan Jampole stepping in to handle art chores, and after that we’ll see frequent variant cover artist and 'Morning Glories' artist Joe Eisma team with [writer] Mark [Waid] for a very special story arc," said Pellerito. "It’s gonna be a fun ride, and we’ll continue to team up with the best and brightest in the business."

Eisma is known for his work on Image Comics' "Morning Glories," an ongoing series about a group of students attending the secretive, deadly Morning Glory Academy. The series has been running since 2010, and was nominated for Eisner Awards in the Best Continuing Series and Best New Series categories for 2011.

"Archie" #13 interior artwork by Joe Eisma
"Archie" #13 interior artwork by Joe Eisma
"Archie" #14 cover by Joe Eisma
"Jughead" #11 variant by Joe Eisma
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