Morgan Freeman Options Film Rights for Garing's "Planetoid"

Indiewire reports that Morgan Freeman's production company Revelations Entertainment has optioned the film rights to adapt Ken Garing's Image Comics series "Planetoid."

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First published in 2012, the series revolves around a journey into uncharted space as protagonist Silas crash-lands on a strange alien world. "Planetoid" was Garing's first comic book series, and he went on to partner with writer Joe Keatinge for "Intergalactic," another space-related adventure published by Monkeybrain Comics.

"Silas was an orphan in a planet-wide refugee camp who enlisted in the infantry as a way out," Garing told CBR in 2012. "Then he went AWOL and got into smuggling. His whole life he's had to fight to survive, so he's both tough and resourceful. He's been through a lot but he's not a mean-spirited guy. He has his own sense of right and wrong. He'll have to make some moral decisions in addition to fighting giant robots."

No further details about the film adaptation were revealed, including what kind of active role Freeman might take in production.

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