Morgan Freeman Joins The Cast Of "Wanted"

It's a big day for comic book news, as The Comic Reel has now learned about the newest cast member of "Wanted": Morgan Freeman. Based on Mark Millar & J.G Jones' popular Top Cow Comics mini-series about a young man who is brought into the high-stakes world of murder, mayhem and crime after learning that his recently deceased father was a famous assassin. As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Freeman will play Sloan, who will train the aforementioned young man, played by James McAvoy.

In addition to be extremely popular with comic book fans, "Wanted" has drawn extra attention in the past due to the resemblance of some characters to popular celebrities such an Marshall "Eminem" Mathers and Halle Berry. Mathers' involvement in the project was once rumored, though his representatives denied any such participation in a film version of "Wanted."

As many comic fans know, this isn't Freeman's first time getting involved with comic book adaptations. His role as Lucius Fox in "Batman Begins" was well-received and is expected to reprise the role in the sequel film, "The Dark Knight."

CBR News recently spoke with "Wanted" scriptwriter Chris Morgan, whose excitement about the film was palpable, and is a true fan of the comic. "You know, everyone who reads it has something different that they love about it," he told CBR. "And that's kind of my job, to figure out which moments will service the story and which moments are just fun throwaway things. That said, I think we squeeze most of them in."

There are still lots of roles to cast in this film, which has a home at Universal, and has no solid release date yet. For more news on this developing story, stay tuned to CBR News and Hannibal Tabu's daily Comic Reel Wrap, where he brings you the latest superhero news from the realms of film and television.

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