More 'Superman' creative news, Oeming and Wheatley 'Hammer' it out and 'Isotope' wins Best of the Bay: July 29th Comic Wire Wrap

Monday you learned that Jim Lee and Brian Azzarello would be taking over "Superman" beginning in 2004. And for those of you who read Rich Johnston's "Lying In The Gutters" column on Monday you also learned of other rumoured changes to the Superman family of books in 2004. Today, DC Comics confirmed some of those rumors, stating that in March of 2004 Chuck Austen would be taking over "Action Comics" and Greg Rucka would handle "Adventure Comics" for the publisher. DC promised more news would be coming out of WizardWorld Chicago next week and CBR News will be there to cover it.

But wait, there's more! Kurt Busiek and Ron Garney will be taking a stab at the Superman mythos as well. Tuesday on the Geoff Johns forum artist Howard Porter confirmed Busiek and Garney will be working on a Superman project together, but gave few details.

"… I was supposed to do a supes book after 'JLA,' but life got in the way. My studio-mate Ron Garney has a Supes book in the works with Busiek... that will be awesome!"

No further details were available at press time.

In his most recent mailer, Michael Avon Oeming revealed that future editions of his "Hammer of the Gods" series will be abandoning the mini-series format in favor of occasional 48 to 56 page one-shots, featuring self-contained stories. Additionally, series co-creator Mark Wheatley was featured on NPR's Marketplace radio show where he talked about Hollywood interest in "Hammer of the Gods." Bring your Real Player along to listen to this clip.

Every year that alternative weekly newspaper the San Francisco Bay Guardian publishes a "Best of the Bay" issue, spotlighting, well, obviously the best the City by the Bay has to offer. Wanna know the best food and drink type places? They've got it. How about Entertainment and Nightlife? Covered. Sex and Romance? Ohhhhh la la, those Guardian folks got the low down. Under the category of Best Shopping to be found in San Francisco is a little category titled "Best Comic Book Store," which this year was bestowed upon James Simes' Isotope Comics. Here's what the Guardian had to say:

"It's unlikely you'll find another comic book store like Isotope, whose owner calls it a comic book lounge. Dedicated to the preservation of self-published comics, Isotope is home to the annual minicomic awards. And with good lighting, ample seating, and an original-art gallery, it'll even make fans of the comic ignorant. 1653 Noriega, S.F. (415) 753-3037."

Congratulations go out to James and the Isotope crew.

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