More Rumors Arise On <i>The Dark Knight Rises</i>

Must be a Monday — or any day of the week for that matter — because new speculative details about director Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises emerged from the Internets, this time from an alleged leaked script to the upcoming film.

According to io9, the current rumored script reveals a Batcave full of details about characters and plot for the movie and comes to us via Script Flags. Highlights include the assassin Deadshot breaking out of prison, the possible appearance of a Bat-Plane known as "The Wraith," a mish-mash of the Riddler and Hugo Strange for a character named Edward Nashton as a villain, the crime lord the Black Mask, and an appearance by Talia al Ghul.

Let's break these latest rumors down one by one. Deadshot makes sense for a character in the Nolanverse. As a sharp-shooting assassin, he fits right into the tone of the world so long as he's not too over the top. Deadshot even appeared in the Batman: Gotham Knight animated film, which credited itself as a tie-in to Nolan's Bat-world. So, check this one off as possible.

Next up we have "the Wraith." Granted, Nolan took full advantage of making awesome use of the Batmobile in his previous two films, but something about Batman taking to the skies in a tricked out Batwing feels a little off. Nolan does enjoy steeping his films in realism, and once Batman starts breaking federal air laws, things begin crossing that ever-delicate line.

Nolan already confirmed that he wasn't using the Riddler in this film. However, he never said anything about someone with the Riddler's name but has Hugo Strange's story, right? This seems highly unlikely for a few reasons. One, Nolan definitely seems to respect the mythos enough not to screw with any of the characters. It seems unusual for him to use the Riddler solely in name for no particular reason at all. Why not just go with Hugo Strange outright? After all, the villain will be getting a lot of attention this year from the "Arkham City" video game.

As for the Black Mask, long rumored to play a role in the Nolanverse pre-The Dark Knight, this seems the most plausible. And he fits with the context of the films following TDK. With Batman on the run from the police and the criminal empire in shambles thanks to the Joker, Black Mask could easily come in and clean up the gangs and take control.

So, are these latest batch of potential details real? Maybe, maybe not. A big missing point from this latest leaked script is the two female leads that Nolan has been searching for, and a brief appearance by Talia hardly seems noteworthy as a female lead. Only time — or Chris Nolan himself — can tell. The one thing that we all can get from this is that it's going to take the World's Greatest Detective to piece together the puzzle that is the rumor mill surrounding The Dark Knight Rise.

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