More Responses to CCI News

As expected, lots more news for us to talk about!!

Including the super cool news of Grant Morrison and JG Jones doing Final Crisis, which gives us all hope that it may actually be a good comic book (shockingly).

First off, the Morrison and Jones news. That is just really cool. I can't even recall the last time I saw interiors from Jones. And Morrison wrote DC One Million, which is probably the greatest company-wide crossover ever. So this is good news.

Plus, I love Morrison's line when someone comments on Bill Willingham using Zauriel in Shadowpact, ""Yeah, it's cool! Usually I create things and then they disappear forever!"

Hehe...they do, indeed. They do, indeed.

Mark Waid becoming Editor in Chief of Boom! Studios was interesting news. It's interesting to look back at Rich Johnston's rumors about Waid, and see how they were correct...just a bit askance. He said Waid was taking on an editorial position, but Johnston thought it was at DC Comics. In any event, this is a good move on Boom!'s part. Nice pick up.

While Indiana Jones has had success as a licensed comic, most licensed comics are awful, so I wasn't TOO excited to read about a new Dr. Who comic book, but I will allow that perhaps Bill Reed is right, and the idea may, indeed, be cool.

And the news of DC collecting the Heroes online comics didn't seem that interesting to me, at all, as they're just collecting previously published comics, right? I mean, it's a smart move on DC Comics' part, but it also doesn't seem like all that interesting news to us readers. If it was NEW comics, then perhaps...

JMS' "The Twelve" story sounds good, and Chris Weston is obviously awesome. The idea of taking Golden Age heroes to the present and seeing them react to the present is a neat idea. And making it a murder mystery? Top notch idea, JMS!!

How freaking awesome are these upcoming Casanova covers!?!

Meanwhile, check out this covers of Image's Golden Age comic project...totally cool...

Butch Guice is an interesting exclusive choice for Marvel, as he (and Immonen) seem to represent a different artistic approach to the Ultimate titles by Marvel.

Greg Rucka's Stumptown from Oni sounds really cool.

I remember when Rucka started doing comics. He was so awesome. It'd be cool if we saw that awesomeness again (granted, Checkmate IS pretty good).

But really, stay away from superheroes, Rucka!

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