More Original Power Rangers Respond to Gritty Fan Film

After some controversy led to it being pulled from YouTube and Vimeo, the ultra-bleak Power Rangers fan film Power/Rangers from producer Adi Shankar and director Joseph Kahn is back online. Prior to the initial takedown, original Green Ranger Jason David Frank had spoken out against the film, saying, "The cuss words, the drugs, all this other stuff — it doesn’t fly with me." Since then, many of the other original Rangers have voiced opinions, and most of them have been positive.

Amy Jo Johnson, the original Pink Ranger, praised both the clip and Katee Sackhoff's take on her character.

cheers @kateesackhoff YOU rocked Kimberly... well so we thought ;-) Awesome/sexy JOB!! You make me want to be her! http://t.co/VbBZt45hdz

— Amy Jo Johnson (@_amyjojohnson) February 26, 2015

Okay @adishankarbrand & @vanderjames that was pretty amazing. Certainly not for kids! BUT satisfying. http://t.co/VbBZt4mS57#PowerRangers — Amy Jo Johnson (@_amyjojohnson) February 25, 2015

Walter Jones, who played Zack, the first Black Ranger, was a little more tempered in his response. He wrote on Facebook that he wouldn't share the video because "I still have fans that are kids." He added, "I thought it was very well done and entertaining. I am looking forward to other interpretations of this amazing show. I am bless to have had the pleasure of helping to create here in the states. It's Morphing Time!!"

In a video posted to his Facebook page, original Red Ranger Austin St. John spoke mostly about the technical aspects of the film, keeping his opinions strictly to the aesthetic. "It was like Star Trek ran into Power Rangers and added some slaughterhouse mentality," he said of the special effects. He also appeared to enjoy the character updates, adding, "Zack the Black Ranger was bad to the bone. That was pretty cool." Here's the full video:

Despite an active online presence and a clear love for the franchise, David Yost (Billy Cranston/the Blue Ranger) is the only surviving original Ranger to yet comment publicly on the film. (Sadly, Thuy Trang, who played the Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan, died in a car accident in 2001.)

As for the second wave of Rangers, Steven Cardenas had a good laugh about James Van Der Beek taking on his role as Rocky. "James VanDerBeek as evil Rock. LOL," Cardenas wrote on Instagram. "I kinda liked it. Even tho we all know I'd never betray my people like that." On Twitter, he responded to Johnson's original tweet by saying, "I like this parody. It's interesting. Thanks for not leaving out the second generation of MMP." Shankar actually wrote back, revealing his childhood crush on Johnson and giving Cardenas' generation credit.

@adishankarbrand tell @vanderjames i especially liked his take on me. LOL

— Steve Cardenas (@SteveCardenasPR) February 28, 2015

Another of the second generation rangers, Black Ranger Johnny Yong Bosch, said he'd be interesting in a sequel.

Loved your power ranger fan film @JosephKahn glad to see Adam was killed off. If there's a sequel hit me up haha

— Johnny Yong Bosch (@johnnyyongbosch) February 24, 2015

Finally, the second Yellow Ranger, Karen Ashley, posted a lengthy response via Instagram, saying, "I liked it. I hate Aisha was left out especially since Rocky and Adam were depicted. But I liked it a lot." She also suggested she understands Saban's viewpoint on the matter, adding, "This was not for kids and I think some of the edgy stuff could have been skipped and this still would have been amazing. I didn't really see it as a true depiction of what Saban/Lions Gate would do but if I took that out of the equation, I really liked it for what it was."

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