More on the Digital Manga print hiatus

Earlier this week Digital Manga announced it will put its print manga on hiatus for the first six months of 2013. At the same time, the publisher is beefing up its eManga digital manga site, and one of the big changes is that comics purchased on the site will now be downloadable; previously Digital Manga offered streaming only. Of course, the company also offers a wide array of downloadable manga via its iOS apps, iBooks, Kindle and Nook. If it's a digital platform, Digital is probably on it.

There are a few other changes, including a rewards program on eManga that gives the purchaser back 5 percent of the price paid in points, which can be applied toward future purchases or gifted to others. The revamped eManga site will be operational sometime before Nov. 30, according to Yoko Tanigaki, Digital's vice president for sales and distribution.

Still, the announcement of the delay in print publication gave us pause, and we had a few questions, which Tanigaki was kind enough to answer for us.

Robot 6: Will any of these books be published digitally while the print books are delayed?

Yoko Tanigaki: Yes. The ones we have the digital rights to, such as: Moon & Blood, vol. 4, Lies Are a Gentleman's Manners, and Vampire Hunter D, vol. 7 and few others, will be digitally released.

You have a couple of books that were scheduled for September and October that haven't been released yet. Will they come out before January?

Yes. Those are already printed and they’ve are in the hands of our distributor. They should be hitting the store shelves any day now.

Who is your distributor for print manga, and has that relationship changed recently?

We are distributed by Diamond Comics Distributors. So far nothing has changed and everything is same as it’s always been. We may have delayed DMP, June Manga, DokiDoki and 801Media imprints but we are still moving forward and on schedule with our Project-H Books (Hentai/Adults) imprint so both of us will be busy with that regardless.

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