More New Printing for the Luna's "Girls" at Image Comics

Official Press Release

width="127" height="190" alt="" border="0" align="right">"Girls #1" New Printing

BERKELEY, CA -- 26 September, 2005 -- With the momentum of the LunaBrothers' new series continuing to build and each issue out-sellingthe last, the third printing of "Girls #1" and the second printing of"Girls #2" have both officially sold out at Diamond!

"This is very, very exciting. It's always great to hear that newreaders are still picking up this book," said co-creator JonathanLuna. "I want to thank everyone for their support!"

Image is going back to press on both issues - the FOURTH printing of"Girls #1" will feature a inverted color version of the third printingcover while the THIRD printing of "Girls #2" will feature a sketchversion of the second printing cover - both covers are by Jonathan Luna.

"Fans love "Girls." We all love "Girls." "Girls" rocks. It's clear thatthis story has taken fandom by storm. The part of the equation Idon't quite get is how it is that there are still folks out there whohaven't caught on that this is the greatest thing since deliciousHomerun® pies," said Image Publisher, Erik Larsen. "I mean, forcryin' out loud - we're going back to press for the 4th time on 'Girls #1!' FOUR printings! That's insane! And we're going into a 3rdprinting on 'Girls #2.' Crazy. Clearly there's a huge demand for 'Girls!'Readers love Girls and they've made it pretty clear that they're notgetting enough 'Girls.' Do us all a favor and buy a boatload of 'Girls'comics. Don't make us do this again!"

"Girls" tells the story of an average guy named Ethan Daniels who'snever had much luck with women. Until he meets an unnamed mysterygirl, that is, and he soon discovers she is no ordinary girl. Likemost women, she holds secrets beyond his understanding. But in thiscase, those secrets might end up impacting not just Ethan's future,but that of the whole world. "Girls" is an ongoing monthly series formature readers with a definitive ending in mind

width="127" height="190" alt="" border="0" align="right">"Girls #2" New Printing

Added co-creator Joshua Luna, "Since we get asked about the length ofthe series so much, I want to take this opportunity to reiterate that'Girls' is an ongoing series with a definite ending and will last forat least two years. We're just having a blast working on 'Girls.'"

The new printings of "Girls #1" (AUG058158) and "Girls #2" (AUG058159)are available now for preorder and will be in-stores October 19th."Girls #3" (MAY051558) and "Girls #4" (JUN051781) are out now and "Girls #5" (JUL051654) is in stores October 12th. Your local retailer cancontact their Diamond Customer Service Representative for ordering.

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