20 More Mind-Blowing MCU Cosplays That Rival The Real Thing

more mind blowing mcu cosplays

Due to it having so many characters, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a beloved source of inspiration for cosplayers all around the world. Whether you want to fancy dress as a superhero or a villain, there's bound to be a figure that will suit everyone. During the preparations to attend a convention or the run-up to a themed party, dedicated fans across the globe can spend months stitching, gluing and painting elaborate outfits in order to look just like their favorite characters and sometimes, their creations are so great, it's a wonder they don't pursue costume-making as as a career.

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Okay, so some of them do! But most don't and there's no denying that many have the ability to do so. The more these talented individuals practice, the better they get at recreating some of the MCU’s most iconic looks from Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord and Thor: Ragnarok's Hela to Ant-Man's Yellowjacket. They get so good, in fact, that their finished costumes would look right at home in the films that inspired them to start sewing. So to celebrate some of the most impressive cosplay looks out there -- and give them the praise they deserve -- CBR lists 20 more MCU costumes that could rival the real thing...

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It's always exciting for comic book fans when a new Marvel movie is released. In November, Thor: Ragnarok will finally be seen in cinemas worldwide, but it doesn't take a film to actually be shown on the big screen for cosplayers to find their inspiration. Judging by this photo shoot by DTam, it's clear that superhero enthusiast Connor P Norris loved the God of Thunder's latest look, simply from seeing him in the Thor: Ragnarok trailers, and he did an awesome recreating his costume when he attended Comic Con Revolution 2017.

Teaming black leather pants with a graffiti-covered, metal-looking breastplate, red cape and a painted face, Norris certainly looks the part but it's his attention to detail that really caught CBR's eye. Not only are his props -- Thor's gladiator-style shield and matching mace -- perfect, but he also shaved his head to complete his cosplay. Now that's dedication!



Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff -- aka Black Widow -- is one of the MCU’s long-standing members and casual fans of the series often assume that her outfit hasn't really changed since she first appeared in Iron Man 2 back in 2010. While they're not necessarily wrong -- a black catsuit is a black catsuit at the end of the day -- those who have seen the movies multiple times are likely able to point out the subtle differences from each film to the next.

One way you can really distinguish between her looks is her hair, and seeing as cosplayer QueenBee opted for a deep-red, wavy bob, it appears as if she’s channeled The Avengers’ version of the character at Emerald City Comic Con 2017. Her costume’s utility belt, fingerless gloves and thigh holsters are all spot on and we love her attitude in the above photo by Albert Ng.


You don't see all that many Ant-Man cosplays, so when you do see one -- and it's awesome -- you can't help but be blown away. It's not so much his suit that makes him a particularly tricky character to dress up as; it's his helmet. Fortunately, Spe3dy Prints produce prop-perfect ones and Ant-Lord Cosplay recently got his hands on one.

The Scott Lang-enthusiast embodies the latest costume of the superhero, seen in Captain America: Civil War. The new helmet is more robotic-looking than the one Lang wore in his 2015 self-titled film, has bigger "ears" and is made of lighter chrome. It has differently-shaped eye panels and features less red accents. Meanwhile, the suit is slightly darker and less shiny. It's evident that Ant-Lord Cosplay noted all of these changes and implemented them to his look. That level of commitment is worthy of making this list!



In October 2017, it was announced that Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner/Hulk is soon to be the focus of his very own trilogy. But before he gets to appear in whatever that will end up being, he'll be making a splash -- or should we say 'smash'? -- in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

Hulk has featured heavily in the trailers and has therefore provided lots of visual material for those who want to cosplay as Planet Hulk-inspired version of the 'Big Guy'. Lawrence Grech is one of the more recent fans who decided to take on the challenge and we have to say, his final outcome is rather unbelievable. In this first-rate photo by Carl Hurst, Grech's entire costume is on display and because every inch of it is great, that's an absolute must. The majority of which was made using foam, before covering it in spray rubber and applying paint.



Seeing as she doesn't have a super-suit or any particularly distinctive features (aside from her bright red hair), it's not often that you see a cosplayer dressing up as Tony Stark's love interest Pepper Potts. But because she's such a rarity, when someone does work out a way to recreate her look successfully, it's impossible not to take notice.

Actress and self-proclaimed nerd Princess Natalie made her Pepper Potts cosplay recognizable by choosing an outfit the character wears in a very memorable scene from Iron Man 3. In said scene, Potts survives an apparently-fatal fall due to her previously being subjected to Extremis -- a virus that gives users superhuman strength, durability, speed and stamina -- and kills villain Killian. Most notable however, she wears an arm of one of Iron Man's suits... as does Natalie's cosplay look.


Many characters within the MCU are human or, in the case of several figures in the Guardians of the Galaxy films, human-looking at least. Thanos, the big bad that has been "pestering" the Avengers since being glimpsed in the first movie surrounding the heroes, is neither human nor particularly human-looking, which makes him a different character to cosplay as.

His purple skin, unusual facial features and huge build didn't stop Jerry Almond from dressing up as the Mad Titan for Emerald City Con back in 2016. In the above photo by Vida Magazine, Almond's handiwork can be celebrated from the wonderful armor and gauntlets he made from foam and thermoplastic, to the mask -- which, as stated on his Instagram page -- is a custom conversion by Immortal Masks.


When she was introduced in Marvel sequel Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, Mantis swiftly became a fan favorite. It's no wonder either, as her character was super-sweet, boasted awesome abilities and had a wonderfully unique look (as do most of the characters in the Guardians series).

Because of that reason, she became a popular figure to cosplay as but to do so is no easy feat. However, it doesn't seem like Russian cosplayer Mayomi had any difficulty, as her Mantis recreation is one of the best we've seen. In the above image, her handmade replicas of the character's delicate antennae are in perfect proportion and even more impressively, seem to defy gravity. We love the other intricacies of her costume too, such as the green highlights in her hair and black contact lenses, while her green-and-black suit looks just like the original.


Unlike a lot of characters that fans tend to cosplay as, Red Skull has only really appeared in one film throughout the entire MCU. He was glimpsed in video footage during Captain America: The Winter Soldier but it was in Captain America: The First Avenger that he really made an impact.

While his origins are somewhat different in the comics, anyone who's seen the film will know that this version of the character was Johann Shmidt. A Nazi officer who became Red Skull, in his pursuit to become more powerful than Hitler. How? Because he interjected himself with not-yet-perfected Super Soldier Serum. Yeah, big no-no. Red Skull Alliance absolutely nails the figure's look, shown off brilliantly in this photo by An Idiot's Array, Not only is his uniform perfect -- down to every detail -- his face is suitably horrifying and he's carrying a Tesseract. We couldn't ask for more.


Setting out to create a full-body Iron Man cosplay is a big commitment, considering he's completely covered from head-to-toe, but the challenges ahead didn't put Konrad Kudlaty off when he was contemplating who to enter as in a Polish cosplay competition. Good job it didn't either, as his efforts had him walking away with the main prize!

He made Tony Stark's iconic red and gold suit from foam, before smoothing it down and sealing parts of it with several layers of wood glue. He then painted every inch of it; first with gray car primer and then base color car paint before using a clear coat to give it its metallic sheen. And if all that doesn't sound admirable enough, he then installed the breastplate and helmet with electronics so that is lights up accordingly. Thankfully, his awesome work can be seen in all its glory in the above photo by World by Springman.


Guardians of the Galaxy's Peter Quill -- aka Star-Lord -- is a well-liked character to cosplay as and sees many creatives within the community spending weeks fashioning his light-up helmet and long PU leather coat in the run-up to convention season. Rob -- who actually goes by the username the_son_of_yondu on Instagram -- dresses as Quill frequently and has perfected his outfit over the years... even when it comes to the hero's facial hair and headphone preference.

Here, he teamed up for a photo with Tony Lawrence's take on The Collector, whose look is equally as impressive. At the event this image was taken, he wore an embellished, patterned waistcoat and fur-lined jacket. He completed his costume by spraying his hair gray and wearing steampunk loupe spectacles.



When crossplay is done right, it can often achieve some of the most extraordinary cosplay looks, and that can be said for Jane's take on Marvel big bad Loki. With her slicked-back black hair, high cheekbones and stand-offish expression, she looks exactly like the likable villain in this photo, which was taken by Alexander Chiu at Poland’s FotoCon 2017.

Just because she somewhat resembles actor Tom Hiddleston, doesn't mean Jane’s cosplay is easy to achieve, mind you. She handcrafts all of her costumes herself, putting in hours and hours of work before debuting each look so this one simply HAD to make this list due to its truly incredible detailing. While she may favor him over other characters, Loki isn't the only male character Jane has cosplayed as either. In the past, she has successfully dressed up as Thranduil from Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter's Draco Malfoy.



T’Challa’s costume from both Captain America: Civil War and the trailer for upcoming MCU outing Black Panther is pretty simple; a gray and black one-piece with claws and necklace detailing. But it takes a certain type of person to pull it off and it turns out that 3Rw|n is that person.

Not only should he be commended for fitting the bodysuit perfectly -- something that is essential when you're dressing as a character like this -- he also makes his costumes by hand which is very awe-inspiring. We particularly love his magnetic Black Panther helmet. Black Panther isn't the only Marvel character 3Rw|n enjoys cosplaying as either. He has previously recreated the looks of heroes such as Spider-Man, Star-Lord and Captain America, as well as characters like Punisher, Venom and Ghost Rider. He also makes costumes for his sons too -- what's better than a family that cosplays together?



Canadian cosplayer Jay McDougall absolutely nailed his Doctor Strange costume when he attended Portland's Rose City Comic Con back in September. His whole look is so spot-on, it's not impossible to wonder whether he would have been confused for Benedict Cumberbatch if he'd stumbled onto the set of Doctor Strange.

His handmade clothes are perfect and look exactly like Strange's blue robes and red patterned cape. But we really love that he took the time -- and so his Instagram tells us -- spent the money too, on all of the character's accessories as well. He had Strange's Eye of Agamotto medallion and magic symbols especially 3D printed! Other figures McDougall has previously cosplayed as include The Flash, Nightwing, Riverdale's Jughead and Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The above photo was taken by The Geek Desk.



Spider-Man is arguably one of the easiest Marvel Comics characters to cosplay as, considering how you can throw on an all-in-one lycra suit and be done with it. You'd think, anyway? It's essential to have the right body shape to compliment said suit however, in order to make sure you resemble Peter Parker exactly.

Luckily, Jamie Coatsworth needn't worry about that element as he definitely has the right kind of physique to cosplay as the web-slinging superhero. He also knows how to pose perfectly too, having himself look like he'd just walked off the Spider-Man: Homecoming set! The above photo was taken by Jamie Flack. Other characters Coatsworth enjoys cosplaying as include Thor, Junkrat from Overwatch, Blue Ranger from Power Rangers and Daredevil.



Hela has yet to be officially introduced within the Marvel Cinematic Universe but she has popped up in the numerous Thor: Ragnarok sneak peeks fans have been treated to in recent months and boy, does she steal the show. Brought to life by none other than Cate Blanchett, her looks are gothic, memorable and out-and-out fantasy so it’s understandable why cosplayer Princess Morgan was keen to recreate her look.

While attending a Rubber City Cosplay event, she donned Hela's metallic-looking green and black suit and paired it with a long black cape, platformed boots and sword. Instead of Hela's horns -- which have been popular within the cosplay community since fans first glimpsed her in the first trailer -- Princess Morgan opted to wear the character's long, dark hair instead.


Next up on our list is Raibeart Karlssen’s take on Captain America; a character who is arguably the most popular when it comes to MCU-inspired cosplay looks. Opting for a suit that is most reminiscent of Chris Evans’ get-up in Captain America: Civil War, this Steve Rogers appears brilliantly authentic, with his shield, helmet and battle pose.

You only have to take one look at Karlssen's Instagram page -- and see his mocked-up posters and all the awesome photo shoots he take part in -- to realize that Cap is undoubtedly his favorite hero to cosplay as but he's not the only one he has dressed up as, mind you. He's also fond of Link from Legend of Zelda, Steve Trevor from Wonder Woman, Iron Man and Fred from Scooby-Doo.



If you're looking to match your costume with a friend or partner, then couples within the MCU are always a good place to find inspiration. Michael Bonanno and Veronica Benanti clearly thought so when they went as Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, and Elektra to New York Comic Con in October 2017.

The pair went as early versions of the characters; Bonanno in Murdock's courtroom attire (rather than his combat-ready get-up) and Benanti in Elektra's more jersey-like one-piece and red cover over her face. The little extras they added really make their outfits pop too, Benanti's sai daggers and Bonanno's bloodied knuckles are real nice touches. Their costumes are perfect but it's Alv's edited photo that makes what they've put together look really slick. We particularly love how the couple pose their characters, particularly Benanti who has her Elektra ready to fight.



It's always impressive when cosplayers make their costumes themselves. It's even more impressive when they make a costume that extends beyond clothes or even a body-fitting suit. For that reason, Red-Pym Cosplay's Darren Cross, aka Yellowjacket, creation (and BERNINA Schweiz's photo) caught our eye immediately while we were on our hunt for MCU creations.

According to his Instagram bio, the Swiss cosplayer is the 'builder of the world's only functional Yellowjacket' and we've no reason to doubt him -- his costume does look terrific. While the suit and helmet -- complete with their luminescent panels and LED lights -- are brilliant, we really love the mechanical arms on the back of his suit. Red-Pym Cosplay doesn't just cosplay as Ant-Man villains either. He's also been known to recreate the titular hero's costume and is currently working on an Ultron helmet.


Both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage wear regular, everyday clothes in their respective Netflix shows as well as in team-up series The Defenders. For that reason, they're fairly easy to cosplay as because you're likely to have most of their "costumes" in your own wardrobe.

While you might think that it's as simple as throwing on a pair of jeans, boots and a scarf though, or ripping a few holes into a T-shirt, you have to be able to pull of the characters attitudes too. Fortunately, Claeris LaForet and Rashad Dauda do just that, standing back-to-back in the above image. What we really love about their looks though, are the details they've managed to weave into such simple costumes. Dauda draped a plastic chain over his shoulders -- nodding back to the original version of the hero -- while LaForet borrowed Dauda's camera for the snapshot.


Marvel Comics villain Adrian Toomes --aka Vulture -- was inducted into the MCU in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Played by Michael Keaton, the character is 100% human but owns a bird-like exo-suit -- made from Chitauri technology -- that allows him to fly and temporarily possess superhuman strength. It's an intricate yet imposing piece of machinery -- not to mention, it's enormous too -- but that didn't deter Australian cosplayer Jai D Evans from recreating the baddie's look for Oz Comic Con recently.

Evans constructed the suit's wings, clawed boots and helmet himself; all of which are fully functional and feature light-up and movable parts, and the results are incredible. The span on the wings is so wide that they stretch across Evans' double garage, he previously noted on his Instagram page. To say CBR are impressed doesn't cut it! The above photo was taken by Robert Holcombe.

Which of these MCU cosplays impresses you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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