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Following the sad news that comic creator Moebius passed away this weekend, creators and fans continued to mourn his loss, and celebrate his influential life and works. Here are some links of note:

And here are a few more posts from fellow creators and fans of his work:

J.H. Williams III: "I consider him one of my greatest influences, as I’m sure a lot of artists do. His work is highly revered around the world by many of his peers, or anyone that knows really great art when they see it. Some of my earliest exposure to his work was some of his science fiction works when I was a young boy, but what truly won me over for a lifetime was his work on Blueberry. Probably thee finest comics tales of the old west ever produced. Moebius was a true master and innovator of line, texture, and use of palettes. His work has impacted comics in so many ways its impossible to follow all of the roots. In my humble opinion, his art has affected our understanding of modern comics to the same level as Jack Kirby influence."

J.M. DeMatteis: "Giraud was a genre unto himself: his work was unique, inventive, mind-expanding and utterly magical. He broke down barriers through the sheer force and fearlessness of his imagination and inspired generations of creators. Looking at a Moebius graphic novel you weren't just reading a book: you were Alice falling down the rabbit hole; tumbling, head over heels, into a strange, and somehow truer, reality. What a loss."

Joe Keatinge: "Any career I personally have in any creative field I ever undertake is due entirely to seeing his work and seeing that not everything has been done. That there’s always more you can do. Infinite worlds to put to pen and paper, camera and screen."

Dave Taylor: "Jean was, in a way, a father figure to me. I became aware of his work only a few years before my Father passed away. His work spoke to me as only a father can. He once told me that we were brothers. I guess this explains my mixed emotions right now. I've lost another Father and a brother all in one day." (Taylor has a follow-up post that is also worth a read).

The Comics Journal has rounded up additional thoughts from Mike Allred, Dash Shaw and more.

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