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Hey, True Believer!

Okay, just one more magical message before the madness that is San Diego!

Like I said in an earlier message, some cover images -- for various reasons -- don't make it into Marvel's monthly catalog in Diamond's Previews. Sometimes the covers come in after our deadlines. Sometimes Lockjaw eats them. Whatever the reason, I always feel bad because a) the artists and editors work really hard on them, b) the pieces are usually great, and c) you fine folks deserve to see them!

Case in point, here's three images that we couldn't fit in to our August section...

[Captain Marvel #22]CAPTAIN MARVEL #22 (on sale August 15th) features an iconic -- and positively glowing -- cover by penciler Chriscross, inker Anibal Rodriguez, and colorist Chris Sotomayor!


Cover by Chriscross (p), Anibal Rodriguez (i), and Chris Sotomayor (c) Peter David (w), Chriscross (p), and Anibal Rodriguez (i)

In an attempt to restore Rick Jones to his proper state, Genis heads for Kree space to enlist the aid of... the Supreme Intelligence?! Gee, Rick, maybe you should have thought this one through! "Peter David writes another brilliant issue... this is still the jewel in Marvel's crown." - Comics International

[Hulk #31]INCREDIBLE HULK #31 (on sale August 15th) sports a wicked computer generated cover by Brian Haberlin with Avalon Studios! Say cheese, Hulk!


Cover by Brian Haberlin with Avalon Studios

Paul Jenkins & Sean McKeever (w), Joe Bennett (p), and Tom Palmer (i)

Bruce Banner is gone -- now only the Hulk remains! The descent into darkness brings the Hulk face-to-face with an old enemy, one with the solution to all of the gamma goliath's problems -- that is, if he's willing the pay the terrible cost! "Paul Jenkins is doing what he does best with this series: breathing new life, meaning and emotion into the character... Jenkins' Banner is a well-rounded, sympathetic character, both our focal point and our entry into this weird world of raging brutes and multiple personalities." - IGN.com

[Avengers: Ultron]The all-star jam that we call AVENGERS: THE ULTRON IMPERATIVE (on sale August 22) is graced with a cover by Barry Windsor-Smith!


* THE LOWDOWN: A brand-new follow-up to the recently collected, incredibly popular ULTRON UNLIMITED saga -- as told by an all-star list of creators, like Paul Smith, John Paul Leon, Tom Grummett, John McCrea, Pat Oliffe, Jorge Lucas, Klaus Janson, and Jim Starlin! And it's written by Kurt Busiek, Roy Thomas, Roger Stern, and Steve Englehart!

* THE STORY: Kang revealed the portents in AVENGERS #42 -- and now, a new form of robotic life walks the land, patterned after Earth's Mightiest Heroes! Does this herald the resurrection of the undying Utron -- or something even more sinister? Plus: a pin-up section by AVENGERS alumni, including a never-before-published piece by Barry Windsor-Smith... who also illustrates our cover!* THE FORMAT: 80-page one-shot.

That's it from me this week... I'm off to a wedding. Let's hope it's not crashed by super-villains!

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