More Marvel cover previews: Captain Marvel #23 and Hulk #32

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Look what just crossed my desk! That's right, more covers that have never before been seen outside the Hallowed Halls of The House! But now, thanks to the miracle of Stark Industries technology, I can bring you these two cool covers right now!

Cover by ChrisCross & Anibal Rodriguez

Peter David (w)/ChrisCross (p)/Anibal Rodriguez (i)

It was supposed to be a simple mission of mercy on behalf of the prematurely-aged Rick Jones. But that was before Genis discovered that his people had evolved into new and deadly forms! Now, to save both himself and the daughter of his father's greatest foe, Captain Marvel will be forced to undertake the most dangerous mission of all! "I've run out of pithy remarks to make about this book. It's very funny. It's very entertaining. It's probably Peter David's best work. It may be one of the 10 best comic books currently published. Go buy it, already, so I can stop thinking of clever new ways to recommend it every month." - CaptainComics.net

On Sale Sept. 12th $2.50

Cover by Avalon Studios' Brian Haberlin

Paul Jenkins & Sean McKeever(w)/Joe Bennett (p)/Tom Palmer(i)

Here it is, the climax to writer Paul Jenkins's run on INCREDIBLE HULK! In order to save him, why must Ant-Man take a fantastic voyage inside the gamma-powered behemoth known as the Hulk? And will his cure prove worse than the certain death that's crippled Bruce Banner?

On Sale Sept. 19th $2.25

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