More LPC fallout, Drawn & Quarterly needs your help

[Drawn and Quarterly]As most any on-line comics fan is aware, last week played host to a most dramatic event. LPC Group, the independent books distributor, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection which left a large handful of comics publishers in a real spot. Most notably, Top Shelf Comics found themselves in a position without cash, checks bouncing and a real possibility that they could shortly be out of business. They sent out a plea for help and consequently Internet fandom saved the day by purchasing mass quantities of their product.

Today another publisher affected by the LPC Group filing has put out a plea for help themselves. Although their situation doesn't appear to be quite as dire, publisher Drawn and Quarterly has announced they've put their product on sale through April 17th and as a special bonus, all orders over $150 will receive the Chris Ware sketchbook for free when published later this year.

Like Top Shelf, Drawn and Quarterly is another very fine publisher of some of the greatest comics has to offer. We've reprinted their entire press release below and highlighted books in the included list that we think will appeal to CBR visitors. If you've got the resources we highly recommend picking up any one of these books and helping Drawn and Quarterly through this difficult period.

Shortly after its book distributor filed for Chapter 11, Drawn & Quarterlyannounced it will be having an online sale to "fill in the gaps" left by theanticipated shortfall in cash. The sale runs until midnight April 17th andas a special bonus, orders of at least $150. USD will receive the new ChrisWare sketchbook for free when it is published in September. D&Q's onlinecatalogue features extensive descriptions and graphics of everything we havein print and a "shortlist" (title/author) is provided at the end of thise-mail (thanks to Jeff Mason!). D&Q's secure online orderingcatalogue can be accessed by going to our home page and clicking on the"order" icon at the bottom.


Although many people may be familiar with the core group of cartoonists wealready publish (Chester Brown, Adrian Tomine, Seth, Julie Doucet, etc)there are a number of exciting new projects planned for the next 12 monthsthat are just about to be announced:

  • D&Q will be co-publishing art books with esteemed Dutch publisher Oog &Blik. The first in this series will be the Chris Ware sketchbook, plannedfor autumn release, and a new art book by R. Crumb is in the works for laterthis year.

  • D&Q will also be co-publishing books with Italian publisher CoconinoPress, first with the Baru collection "Road To America" this June andfollowed by the book "5 is the Perfect Number" by great new Italiancartoonist Igort.

  • In perhaps its most ambitious plans ever, D&Q will soon begin publishing aseries of fifteen annual books collecting the comprehensive Frank King"Gasoline Alley" b/w newspaper dailies beginning with 1921 and running untilapproximately 1950. Each book edition will be about 320 pages and willcollect 2 years worth of strips (for example, Book One will collect 6 daysper week of the years 1921 and 1922; Book Two will collect 6 days per weekof the years 1923 and 1924, and so on). Joe Matt lent me photocopies of someof these years and I can attest that King's "Gasoline Alley" is truly one ofthe greatest (and until now, sadly undiscovered) strips of the 20th Century.Plans are also in the works to publish separate full-color editions of the"Gasoline Alley" Sundays.

  • D&Q will also publish the work of several promising new talents over thecoming year, including a new book by 21-year-old Quebec native GenevieveCastree, whose exquisite line drawings is somewhat reminiscent of ToveJannsen and Julie Doucet. As well, "Drawn & Quarterly Showcase", a newsemi-annual book focusing on the work of new talents, will be launched inearly 2003. D&Q commissioned three cartoonists to each write and draw anapproximately 40-page self-contained story for this 120 page book. The threecartoonists for the first edition are Kevin Huizenga (who self-publishes"Super Monster"), Anders Brekhus Nilson (who self-publishes"Asomatognosia"), and Nicolas Robel (published many books with Bulb Graphicsin Switzerland and has a new story in the recent Drawn & Quarterly Volume 4).

Here is a short list of books from Drawn and Quarterly. A full list of their available books can be found on the Drawn and Quarterly Web site.


Louis Riel #1-6; $2.95 ea

Underwater #1-11; $2.95 ea

Yummy Fur #25-32; $2.95 ea

Ed The Happy Clown (serialized in Yummy Fur #1-18); $12.95

The Playboy (serialized in Yummy Fur); $12.95

I Never Liked You (serialized in Yummy Fur); softcover $15.95

I Never Liked You (serialized in Yummy Fur); signed hardcover $27.00

The Little Man Short Strips 1980-1995; softcover $14.95

The Little Man Short Strips 1980-1995; hardcover $24.95

The Little Man Short Strips 1980-1995; hardcover signed $34.95


Surviving Saskatoon; $3.50

Just The Facts; $11.95

Portraits From Life; $12.95

Collier's Volume 2, #1; $3.50


Dirty Plotte #1-12; $2.95 ea

My New-York Diary; softcover $13.95

My New-York Diary; hardcover $24.95

My New-York Diary; hardcover signed $34.95

My Most Secret Desire; softcover $11.95

My Most Secret Desire; hardcover signed $34.95

Lift Your Leg, My Fish is Dead! (Leve Ta Jambe, Mon Poisson Est Mort); softcover $10.95

Lift Your Leg, My Fish is Dead! (Leve Ta Jambe, Mon Poisson Est Mort); softcover $27.00

The Madame Paul Affair; $7.95

Long Time Relationship; cloth edition $19.95

Long Time Relationship; signed cloth edition $29.95


The Extended Dream of Mr. D #1-3; $3.50 ea

The Extended Dream of Mr. D (book); $12.95


Nowhere #1-5; $3.75 ea

Daddy's Girl; softcover $9.95

Daddy's Girl; signed hardcover $29.95


Peepshow #1-6, 9, 11; $2.95

Peepshow #12; $3.50

Peepshow #13; $3.95

The Cartoon Diary of Joe Matt; $14.95

The Poor Bastard; signed hardcover $29.95


Berlin 3-color silk-screened poster; $19.95

Berlin #1, 3-8; $2.95

Jar of Fools; $13.95

The Fall; $3.95

Berlin: Book One; $15.95


Sof'Boy Econo-Combo (collects #1-2); $5.95

Sof'Boy 2001 Calendar; $6.95


Stories From Bosnia #1 (Soba); $3.95

Safe Area: Gorazde; hardcover $28.95


Palooka-Ville #1 (10th Anniversary Edition); $3.75

Palooka-Ville #3-9, 11-13; $2.95

Palooka-Ville #14-15; $3.75

It's A Good Life, If You Don't Weaken; cloth hardcover $29.95

It's A Good Life, If You Don't Weaken; cloth hardcover signed $39.95

Vernacular Drawings: The Collected

Sketchbook Drawings of Seth; hardcover $34.95

Vernacular Drawings: The Collected

Sketchbook Drawings of Seth; hardcover SIGNED $48.95

Clydes Fans Part One; $7.95


The Revival; $2.95

Hundreds of Feet Below Daylight; $3.95

The Golem's Mighty Swing; $19.95


Optic Nerve #1-7; $2.95

Optic Nerve #8; $3.50

Optic Nerve Poster; $8.95

Optic Nerve T-Shirt One (bullet logo); extra-small; small, medium,large, extra-large $12.95

Optic Nerve T-Shirt Two (photographer); extra-small, small, large,extra-large $14.95

32 Stories; $12.95

Sleepwalk and Other Stories; softcover $12.95


Hicksville; $19.95

Atlas #1; $3.95


Paul In The Country; $3.50

DRAWN & QUARTERLY (the anthology)

Drawn & Quarterly v1 #7-10 (magazine format); $3.95

Drawn & Quarterly v2 #1-3; $5.95

Drawn & Quarterly v2 #4-5; $6.95

Drawn & Quarterly v2 #6; $9.95

Drawn & Quarterly Volume 3; $24.95

Drawn & Quarterly Volume 4; $24.95

The Best of Drawn & Quarterly; $10.95

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